Wednesday, December 17, 2008

4 x Wheelchair - 4 x Christmas

Yeah. This band's Name is "Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair," and the album is named "Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas." Jesus....hahaha. Pretty good demo-like EP from these guys out of Glasgow, UK!!!

The file includes a lyrics sheet, so you can sing along this Holiday season, and thrash for retribution to these festive delights. Celebrate Christmas with this joyous jem.


1. Cataclysmic Yuletide Armageddon
2. Daytrip to Lapland New Forest
3. Christmas Dinner
4. Credit Crunch Christmas
5. Panto Massacre
6. Sexually Violent Santa
7. Holly Berries Are Poisonous

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Dice - Suffer EP

More of a demo than an EP, I'm pretty sure that these guys only recorded this one, single-sided 7" record. Bummer, too, since these guys have more energy packed into their songs than most other bands' recordings. Serious amounts of props to these folks, and to 625 for releasing it.


1. Asshole
2. Guilt
3. No Trust
4. Suffer

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Haymaker Demo

200th post! Whoo! This is the grand Haymaker demo. Don't really know where I got this, but I know a few people who are looking for it, so here you go. Pretty good for a shitty little tape. I guess these guys are supposed to be really fucking good live, is what I hear.


1. Wreck Shit
2. Spittin' Blood
3. Fencesitter
4. Seen This One Coming
5. Let God Sort 'Em Out
6. Could You Be So Stupid
7. They Breed So Fast [Human Filth]
8. Misery for A Living
9. Commodity 182
10. Ounce of Sympathy
11. Reagan Youth
12. Politicians For Fertilizer

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crow Dragon Tea - Happy Funny Life

Check these guys out. Sick thrashing hardcore. Yeah. Crazy shit.


1. Rocksteady
2. [Japanese Title]
3. State Of Mind
4. Good-Bye With A Smile
5. More Beer, Come On My Guitar
6. Fuck The Rainbow
7. Line
8. Thrash & Punk Soul
9. -Shining Sweet Magic Girl
10. Its Own Life And I Live Only Once
11. Happy & Funny Life

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ultimate Warriors

No artwork, again...(I Don't even know which album this is! FUCK!)

Awesome powerviolence band from Pennsylvania. They've done splits with Kung-Fu Rick and Daybreak, among others, and I've only been able to find this album. If anyone has any more of their shit, send it my way, yo!

Artwork too!


1. Dark Avenger
2. Kill Your Dog
3. The Glorious Senton
4. Bull Nakano
5. Southern Promoters Don't Get It
6. Many Failed Gimmicks Of Brian Ada
7. Nailed To The Ebay
8. What Do You Think Of The USA Now
9. Out With Thge Old
10. Biggest Bump Ever
11. Spirit Of 77
12. Getting Oldberg
13. O.W.N
14. Nazo Skate Anthem
15. Nazo Youth Crew 2
16. The Only Good Mark
17. Fighting The World
18. Not Listed
19. LIVE SET from a show

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fruit Salad - Buy Or Die

Sick powerviolence. Short album. Short review.


1. Land Of The Free
2. Apathy Is Death
3. It's A Threat
4. Earth Crisis
5. Class War Not Race War
6. Buy Or Die
7. State Deconstruction

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stack/Carol Split 7"

Stack is a powerviolence band from Germany that did a few splits with bands like Carol, Capitalist Casualties, and Seein' Red. Carol is some weird metal/crust style band, and only had a few releases. Great split, overall. Carol is kickass; let the song play.



1. Konstante Relativitaet
2. Life Is What You Make Of It (Hirax Cover)
3. Hate, Fear, And Power


4. Pandemonium

Monday, November 24, 2008

V/A Japanese Hardcore Compilation

Here's an awesome compilation I found a long time ago whilst searching the world wide web.I guess that this is just called "Japanese Hardcore Vol. 1," for lack of imagination. But be not fooled, ye lads, for a ton of great bands, like Flash Gordon, Romantic Gorilla, Vivisick, Dudman, Assfort, D.R.Y., etc. grace this compilation with their presence. Great shit, this is. Thanks to Pabst from Am I Mean? once again for the artwork and tracklist!


1. Totally Insane (Assfort)
2. No Skate No Thrash (Exclaim)
3. Shooting Punk Approach (Exclaim)
4. D.I.Y. (Exclaim)
5. Jerk Or Bullshit (Exclaim)
6. Soul Side (Exclaim)
7. Kill The Nuts (Exclaim)
8. Sold Out [Gang Green cover] (Exclaim)
9. Je Anis In (Stompede)
10. Anti-system (Power Of Idea)
11. Proud To Be Punx (Power Of Idea)
12. Slaves Of Western (Power Of Idea)
13. Shout (Power Of Idea)
14. Human Rights (Power Of Idea)
15. Isamination Kill The System (Power Of Idea)
16. For Resist (Power Of Idea)
17. Can't You Go Back (Less Haze)
18. Smash The Way (Less Haze)
19. United Thrash Night/Sk8 Song (Crucial Section)
20. Do as You Feel/Crucial Section (Crucial Section)
21. Born To Thrash (Flash Gordon)
22. Flash Til Death (Flash Gordon)
23. I Scream You Scream (Flash Gordon)
24. N.F. (Flash Gordon)
25. 7 And 7 Is (Flash Gordon)
26. Wacky Boy (Flash Gordon)
27. Legalize It (Lie)
28. Cops (Lie)
29. Fight (Lie)
30. Happytime (Lie)
31. Hardcore (Lie)
32. Nobody Needs True (Lie)
33. Enjoy Life (Lie)
34. Best Friends Are Punks (Lie)
35. Concussion/Poor Result/Pretense (Senseless Apocalypse)
36. Karma/Today Work/Against Drug Abuse (Senseless Apocalypse)
37. Negligence/_____ Of War/Crusty Dread (Senseless Apocalypse)
38. My Hope Your Hope (Crucial Section)
39. Faster (Freaks)
40. Nasty Bastard (D.R.Y.)
41. Triangle Hood (D.R.Y.)
42. Pig In Navel (D.R.Y.)
43. Force (D.R.Y.)
44. Good Explosion (D.R.Y.)
45. Happytime (Lie)
46. A.B.E.S. (Lie)
47. Congratulation (Romantic Gorilla)
48. Give More Beer (Romantic Gorilla)
49. Anxious (Romantic Gorilla)
50. Fun (Romantic Gorilla)
51. Against The Wall (Vivi-sick)
52. Fucked Up Close Baby (Vivi-sick)
53. 7 (Dead Speakers)
54. Pure Fucking Adrenaline (Dudman)
55. Health Maker Never Die (Dudman)
56. Midlife Crisis (Dudman)
57. Miss Bread (Dudman)
58. Japanese Part 2 (Dudman)
59. Drop The Dos (Dudman)
60. Our Rule (Total Fury)
61. Minor Of Heart (Total Fury)
62. Essential (Total Fury)
63. Not Tough Enough (Total Fury)
64. That's All I Need (Total Fury)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad Acid Trip - Remember EP

Awesome EP from grind-violence masters Bad Acid Trip. A good mix of humor and hard fucking grind is always a plus in my book. Twa-twa-twa-twa.

I know, still not much posting, but I don't have very many things to post, and I never really can get on the internet much whatever. Take what you can get, bitch.


1. Intro
2. Surf Song
3. PC
4. Man Rapes Child
5. Boot Laces
6. Painful Exclamation
7. Remember
8. Hand Of Love
9. Ode To Our Father
10. Hippies
11. Our Murdering Hero
12. What's Ah Matter?

Friday, November 14, 2008

No Comply / Christmess Split 7" EP

Hey! Haven't been posting lately, couldn't care less. I haven't had access to the internet much, so yeah. Fuck off.

I don't have too much new stuff, so here's one from Am I Mean? again until I have enough shit together. Whoo.

No Comply is great, and Christ Mess has members of Charles Bronson. Gettin' jiggy.



1. New Monster
2. Judge Judy
3. Your Friend
4. Pole Basher
5. Ogazr


6. Skate Song
7. Hellboy
8. Payback
9. Mark vs. New York
10. Last Stand At Missile Command

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Poopy Butts - 10,000 Wipes

Yeah....I know I've been gone for a long fucking time. But here's a great album for all you bastards.



1. Muscles And Morals
3. I Want To Lick Your Butthole
4. Poop Spear
5. I Wanna Be Scum
6. Bronze Dix
7. JJ's Jukebox
8. Will Kills
9. Going For The Gold
10. Poopy Sluts
11. I'm Hungry
12. Dangur
13. Kevin Goes To Japan
14. Skateboards And Gore
15. Hampton Beach
16. L.P. Butts
17. Warm Weather
18. Astyanax
19. I.P. Relay
20. Wendy
21. NYC

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ging Nang Boyz - Young Alive In Love

Another awesome album from the awesome Japanese punk rock band "Ging Nang Boyz." I know absolutely nothing about this band, so I don't care what you say. This band rules!


1. Nipponjin
2. Skool Kill
3. Ano Musume Ni 1 Miri Demo Chokkai Kake Tara Korosu
4. Doutei Fooku Shounen, Kouenji Nite Bakushi Sunzen
5. Torasshu
6. Nante Akui Ni Michi Ta Heiwa Na n Daro u
7. Moshimo Kimi Ga Naku Nara Ba
8. Kakenuke Te Sei Haru
9. Baby Baby
10. Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu
11. You & I VS The World
12. Wakamono Tachi
13. Seishun Jidai
14. Toukyou

Charles Bronson/Ice Nine Split

An awesome split between the mighty Charles Bronson with 8 songs of thrashy grinding powerviolence that made them "famous." Ice Nine do 3 songs of emotional hardcore and powerviolence. Papst from Am I Mean? uploaded this one for me a little while ago. So thanks! Yeah!



1. History In The Making
2. Tony Victory Rocks
3. Down For The Count
4. 4 Hour Personality
5. No Point to This Song
6. Kill The Drunk Punks
7. O.L.C. Goes On Slimfast
8. High School Politics


9. Tumbleweed
10. One Would Think
11. Decreed

Friday, September 19, 2008

V/A - A Sign Of Impending Doom

One of the best powerviolence/thrash compilations of all time, featuring ACxDC, Hoy Pinoy, Super Ninja Robot Fighter, The Scrotums, and a shitload of other bands I've never heard before. Radical. The track listing is screwed up; Some of the songs are labeled badly. I put it in as it was listed on the CD booklet, so it's not my fault. Fuck you.

I'll probably have the cover art on here eventually (I've said that for a few things, true) but for now I don't have a scanner for that. If you liked the grungy grinding "Icing On The Gravy" Compilation posted a few months ago , then this one is the thrash counterpart to it. Not literally, but they go almost hand in hand, what with the lo-fi and hi-fi recording qualities.


1. Turtle Power (ACxDC)
2. Sexual Fantasies Of Biblical Figures (ACxDC)
3. Desert (Cranial Constipation)
4. Endless Cycle (Stress Builds Character)
5. Religious Bindings (Stress Builds Character)
6. Lip Service (Dohrn)
7. Rabia Contra El Sistema De Mentiras (Dohrn)
8. Dead Ambitions (Fallen World)
9. Five-O (Fallen World)
10. Life In The Fast Lane (Fallen World)
11. Whirlwind (The Golden Age)
12. Constant War (The Golden Age)
13. Worthless (Greedy Filth)
14. Bombs (Greedy Filth)
15. Self Created Crimes (Greedy Filth)
16. Tooth Chippin' Shit (Hoy Pinoy)
17. Mayonnaise The Bastard (Hoy Pinoy)
18. Coffee Not Crystal (Hoy Pinoy)
19. Emo Guillotine (Hoy Pinoy)
20. Anal Violence (Ignor Anus)
21. Casey Christo (Ignor Anus)
22. Myspace Whore (Ignor Anus)
23. Squiddles (Kamikazee)
24. Fuck You! (Kamikazee)
25. Honour Through Death (Kamikazee)
26. Tough Guys (Asshole Assassination Squad)
27. P.M.A. [Scholastic Death Cover] (Asshole Assassination Squad)
28. Fake (LXEXAXRXN!)
29. You Skate, We Feel Hate (LXEXAXRXN!)
30. Spring (LXEXAXRXN!)
31. Just A Phone Call (LXEXAXRXN!)
32. Super Awesome Vegan Terror Squad (Mutilated Pork Guts)
33. Who The Fuck Listens to You Anyway? (Mutilated Pork Guts)
34. Fulfill The Dream (Mutilated Pork Guts)
35. God Or No god, Let Me Take A Piss (No Noise)
36. Jon Wishes He Was In Dixie (No Noise)
37. The Case Of The People Vs. The Honkey And His Gas Powered Rape Machine (Protestant)
38. Weaksauce (The Scrotums)
39. Keepin' It Posi (The Scrotums)
40. Let's Make This Shit Fun (The Scrotums)
41. Haduken (Super Ninja Robot Fighter)
42. I Have A Black Belt In Mortal Kombat II (Super Ninja Robot Fighter)
43. 8 Devils Of Kimon (Super Ninja Robot Fighter)
44. Whorin' It Up 101 (Wampa)
45. No Expectations (Wampa)
46. Open Them Eyes (Wampa)
47. Reach Out (Yogyakatra)
48. Educate (Yogyakarta)
49. We Don't Think So (Yogyakarta)
50. Forget The Pit (Lake Effect)
51. Sk8 Str8 (Lake Effect)
52. Society Pressure (Lake Effect)
53. Burley Oath (Lake Effect)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Judas Iscariot/Seein' Red Split LP

More good bass-driven hardcore from The Judas Iscariot, backed with more Seein' Red. Now I still just can't get into Seein' Red, no matter how hard I try. I've tried, but it just doesn't do it for me. It's a real chore, it is.

I fucking love the Judas Iscariot, for their odd song lyrics and jazz intervals, and also being the first band I got into that only has a bass, a drummer, and a singer. They do eight more tracks, while Seein' Red do twelve.



1. The Godliest God
2. Proud Members Of Our Leftist Colony
3. For Ante-Bellem Ever
4. An Aphorism On Privilege
5. Holden Caulfield
6. Death is Funny
7. Thespian Imperative
8. The Old Man Is A Harlequin


9. Recovery? What Recovery?
10. Sheep
11. Bruine Hemden
12. Chained
13. Ghetto Building
14. Feeling Angry
15. Silence Is Not Golden
16. Rascisme
17. Smash it Up
18. Anything Is Possible
19. Sponge
20. Revo-core

Sunday, August 31, 2008


My "label," BUDDHA KHAN RECORDS, just released a CD-R of the Rhode Island band, ANISETTE. It's a collection of the first years of the band. They never officially released any of the shit on here, so I guess this is all exclusive. BONUS!

Check 'em out here.

You can buy this for $5 through the mail, or at any Anisette shows. If you're interested, then e-mail for more info. This is a 15 track CD; about 40 minutes of music from an awesome band, for only $5!!!!! What's to lose?

[tried to get some mp3s on here, but it didn't work. Here's A Tracklist]

6. Dragon
7. Why Can't Everyone Be Like Danny Tanner?
8. The Timeline of a Stopped Heart
9. It's Called A jump To Conclusions Board
10. Interlude
11. Sherpa
12. Porcupine
13. Skulltula
14. Sherpa

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

V/A Save You RE-UP

A great compilation featuring Devoid of Faith, C.R., so I Had to Shoot him, and The Judas Iscariot.

The Devoid of Faith track isn't actually that good, but the remaining three songs here are fucking amazing. So i had to Shoot Him does some great strangling grind, very psyched out stuff. The Judas Iscariot does a good track of bass-driven powerviolence/hardcore that most can only hope to achieve. C.R.'s track is fucking killer, too, which is saying a lot, since I'm not particularly a fan of them. Overall, a great 7" compilation (I actually already re-upped this before in the re-up posts, but fuck. This needs special attention.)


1. Combination Lock (So I Had To Shoot Him)
2. Father's Little Failure (C.R.)
3. Inherent (Devoid of Faith)
4. Young Werther and Sisyphus (The Judas Iscariot)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Schlong - Squatting On The Pot

No pic for this, since I have no scanner. This is a good record, for true. My copy was a little fucked up, so there's some shit that sounds messed up during the rip. Nothing too bad, mostly just crackle and pop from scratches.

Featuring Dave Mello from Operation Ivy, his brother or something Pat Mello, and some other guy named Gavin McArthur, they do a weird jam/jazz/punk blend. The ultimate experience in odd music. If you like Dead Milkmen, or Mr. Bungle, then you might like these guys.


1. Christigerator
2. Bong Hit
3. Rats
4. The Trilogy
5. Rainy Days And Mondays (The Carpenters)
6. Arsurfing (Paul Bae And The Ventures)
7. Shattered Life
8. Sore Thumb
9. Human Nature (Michael Jackson)

Friday, August 22, 2008

AxRxMx - Play Fucking Fast Demo

Awesome demo from this awesome powerviolence quad from California. Good ol' thrashing powerviolence. If you don't know these guys, then take this time to download this awesome shit by them. You can pretty much find all their stuff now, except for the "Man Consumes And The World Dies" demo; just do a little searching.


1. Foo We Want The Dank
2. Bitchass Budokai
3. Cowboys Can Skate Too
4. Eat Fresh, Get Skinny
5. Fuck That Shit
6. Fuck That, Gimmie Waffles
7. Let's Make Out
8. Pink Pink Pinkosos
9. Ice Cube...Stick To Rapping Cuz Your Movies Suck
10. Cowboys Can Skate Too (Live)
11. Bitchass Budokai (Live)
12. Eat Fresh ,Get Skinny (Live)
13. Ice Cube...Stick To Rapping Cuz Your Movies Suck (Live)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monotract - Trueno Oscuro REQUEST...sort of.

This one's for Gumo Ga. You asked me for something like AIDS Wolf or Arab On Radar; this is the only thing I could find that comes close enough. It comes more close to Arab, although it's nothing really like them at all. Not quite.

Some really strange things going on here, just...strange. Think Arab on Radar having impromptu jam sessions with White Mice or Sightings with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum stepping in every now and then (I probably could find a better description of this band if I used my imagination. But I won't). Fucking weird.

I like these guys a lot, since while they don't sound like anything new, they blend styles of other bands to create some type of synthetic outlook on this type of music. What would you call this shit? Indie-prog? Avante-garde power-slop? Let me know of what you think...


1. Muddy Thunder
2. Under My Arm
3. The Ballad Of Lechon
4. Big N
5. Cafu Y Koka
6. Red Tide
7. Mar Rojo

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ging Nang Boyz - Ai Don Wana Dai

I finally got some Ging Nang Boyz stuff! I got four of their albums, and here's one of them. I guess this is just some single, since It's only got two songs; they're both pretty long songs though...

Ging Nang Boyz are this really energetic punk/pop band from Japan. NOT your average shitty airwave band, even though these guys get airplay too. Check this shit out if you're into Japanese rock bands, they kick ass. If you can find the video for "Ai Don Wana Dai," then it's hilarious. Check it out.


1. Ai Don Wana Dai
2. Touhoku Shinkansen Ha Chihiro Chan Wo Nosete

Friday, August 15, 2008



(I'll keep this up until it reaches 100 downloads. Yeah, I know Seeein' Red did that too. What of it?)


1. Fake Mustache
2. Protein Donor
3. Pregnant In Hollywood
4. Graduate Of The Pissing Moment

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Now all you fuckers can do me a huge favor! Please?

Add my other band, BANANAFISH!

check us out!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Assfactor 4 - S/T

Their first full length, after a few 7 inches and compilation tracks. One of those dreaded "screamo" bands, I guess, but these guys are good. They can match up to The End Of the Century Party, or Palatka, or any of those types of bands. They don't have those supremely useless whiny vocals like Glassjaw or shit like that; only hard-hitting screaming and chaotic music.


1. Hey Stinky
2. Life Is Wacky
3. I Rekon
4. Mama Yongue
5. Fuck Hate Breeders
6. This Shit Is For The Birds
7. #1 Main
8. Dear Grampa
9. Burger-Rock
10. Billy I Got Your #
11. Dorothy
12. To the Bowers That Be
13. Deleri-Loco
14. Can't Fight The Feeling
15. Nuked Up Dreams
16. Rosewood
17. Attempted Control
18. Assfactor 4

Monday, August 4, 2008

16-17 Early Recordings

16-17 are the revolutionary skronk. Parts Naked City, parts Flying Luttenbachers; everyone doing skronk/jazz/violence/etc. these days has something to owe this band. They kick ass.

All their shit is a fucking huge "organized" mess of drums, sax and bass. I don't remember there being any vocals, but there might be a few tracks with some improvised yelling and screaming.

This is actually a two CD set collecting all their earliest stuff, like the "16-17" and "When All Else Fails" albums that for the longest fucking time was out of print. Now you can actually get this again, since the "SAVAGE LAND" label just re-released it. You can get it on Crucial Blast's distro.



1. Kat
2. Speech
3. Direkt B.
4. Davul
5. Eva 4
6. Bomba Bomba
7. Watch
8. Hardkore I
9. Hardkore II
10. Buffbunker IV
11. Hardkore III
12. Hardkore IV


1. Sneak Preview
2. Pedestrian Dub
3. Browbeaten Beat
4. Who Planned All This?
5. Clap Trap
6. Spit It Out

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Poopy Butts - Songs To Clog Your Toilet To

The Poopy Butts are a skate thrash band. Hilarious lyrics about video games, food, zombies, and skating. Oh, and poop. Fucking awesome riffs and shit. In your fucking face, yo. Fo' sho'. I had these guys play at my basement a little while ago, and they fucking floored the place (even though there was hardly anyone there). Fucking check 'em out sometime, they have a myspace.


1. Resident Evil 4
2. Littering
3. Mikey P
4. Cold Weather
5. Steve Gula Fingered Erica Sullivan
6. Kevin Has Morals
7. ASP
8. Poop Shower
9. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
10. Rob
11. Tim Has White Poop
12. Zombies, Skating, Food
13. Big 3 Nazi
14. Top Ten
15. Addicted to Fruit Snacks
16. Groton
17. Hampton Beach
18. Gorilla
19. Wrong House
20. Ikaruga
21. Shannon, Stop Lying
22. Popsicles and Skate Videos
23. Gebo
24. Revenge Of The Poop Shower

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yo, I have a ton of new shit to put up here, I only have to get it uploaded. So be on the lookout!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Flag Of Democracy - Love Songs EP

What Can I Say? Flag of Democracy is great. One of the best. Everyone should at least get this EP and their full length, "Shatter Your Day."

So, what makes them so great, you say? Well, FUCK YOU! Just listen.

They have this awesome melody thing going, like Jello Biafra singing about something other than politics and social issues. Very catchy tunes, and some great hardcore.


1. Powerload
2. Babysitter
3. Meat Factory
4. Guidance Counselor
5. Metamorphosis
6. Love Song

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad Acid Trip - For The Weird By The Weird

I've had this for a little while now, and I don't know why it took me so long to post it. This is their first full length, the one from 1999, that they did before the "Lynch The Weirdo" CD. They were really good when this came out, and out of all the stuff I've heard from them, this is their shining moment.

The "Lynch The Weirdo" CD was actually my first introduction to them, and I liked that a lot. But after listening to this masterpiece of grindy powerviolence, I'd have to say that they fucked something up. They got a little softer.

I really wish that someone would put out a collection of all their early tapes and splits, even if they're shitty. This band isn't nearly as recognized as they should be.


1. Intro
2. Slave Away
3. Remember
4. Beware Of The Little People With The Terrible Visions
5. Fascist Fuckwads
6. Real Animals Intro
7. Real Animals
8. Join the Circus
9. Kill Or Be Killed
10. Bad Acid Trip
11. Strange Humans
12. Constructing Love
13. The Furious Fists Of Jackie Chan
14. It's A Wonderful Life
15. When You Go Madd
16. Plate Of Shrimp
17. What's Ah Matter/Dig Up Your Dead
18. Fascist Fuckwads (Live)
19. Real Animals (Live)
20. Join The Circus (Live)
21. Beware Of The Little People With The Terrible Visions (Live)
22. The Furious Fists Of Jackie Chan (Live)
23. Kill Or Be Killed (Live)
24. Strange Humans (Live)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The End of the Century Party - Discography

The End Of The Century Party was (is) one of the best emotional hardcore/powerviolence bands. In some ways, they are like Palatka, only a bit less chaotic. With great subject matter, not to mention some of the smartest lyrics ever, (bonus in my book!) these guys existed from 1993 to 1999, doing 2 7"s, various compilation appearances, a split 7" with Palatka, and a 12 song LP. Easily one of my favorites, and it's only a shame that these guys were labeled "emo-core." What a stupid, stupid name.

"Swear the Barrel" and "Circles Gather" remain some of my all-time favorite songs.


1. Isn't It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain
2. Crash Course In Fatherhood
3. Ask My Exorcist or School Psychiatrist
4. Become A Part, Come Apart
5. The Only Reason You're A Vampire Is Because Werewolves and Frankenstein Don't Get Laid
6. Swear the Barrel
7. Devolution Defined
8. With Breakfast In The Morning
9. People Ain't No Damn Good And Shit
10. Everything Stops
11. 102
12. Always On The Outskirts, Enthusiastically Missing The Point
13. Circles Gather
14. With No Regard
15. They Built this City Out Of Radish Dust
16. Knocked Into Place
17. Clean Shot
18. Filed
19. I'm Your Pusher
20. So Long
21. Hope Me Blind
22. Childhood Hopes (Of Self Defense)
23. Older Than Dead
24. Convenience Store Regular
25. Let Me Go
26. Only Attempt
27. Preserving Shit
28. Spermy
29. Centralized Knowledge
30. Numb
31. So Long (Demo)
32. Only Attempt (Demo)
33. Centralized Knowledge (Demo)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chupacabra - Tired Of Talking To Shadows

More from this Canadian Crust band. They are good, with a few metal influences; sometimes they can't keep the vocals in sync with the music, but they manage.

I don't want to write anything else, so here's a track list.


1. What Have We Become?
2. Return Fire
3. Set Yourself On Fire
4. Threadbare
5. Dulce Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori

Saturday, July 5, 2008

AxRxMx - Where's My Money At Ho? Demo

Apathetic Ronald McDonald...such a groovy name. Thanks to Roflmywaffles for all that great AxRxMx stuff! I'll spread it over a period of time, I guess. Some intense (gee, I use that word a lot) thrashy-powerviolence from the West Coast. They're some of the greats, in my opinion. Check out their split with Pompous Hardcore, too. Fucking insane. Give these guys a listen, even if just for their name.


1. Andres Touched Me
2. Are You Still Listening To This Piece Of Shit?
3. Boca Bebop
4. Cowboys Can Skate, Too
5. Dance Disaster
6. Equonax
7. Super Hero's Have Good Clean Fun
8. Ya Bitch Ass Chicken Head Noodle Face

Shellac - At Action Park REQUEST

Some real "out-there" music. Sometimes like Rage Against The Machine (music-wise) sometimes like Swing Kids, sometimes like Ed Kemper Trio, and altogether interesting. The vocals sound like a cross between the guy from Puya and James Hetfield of Metallica. Hahahahaha. Definitely interesting.


1. My Black Ass
2. Pull The Cup
3. The Admiral
4. Crow
5. Song Of The Minerals
6. A Minute
7. The Idea Of North
8. Dog And Pony Show
9. Boche's Dick
10. Il Porno Star

Friday, July 4, 2008


Yo, all you people out there looking for decent music, request on the most RECENT post, please. I implore you; it's a bitch to both me AND you to find a request a few months later after looking through older comments. I've found quite a few, and I'll try to get some of the requests filled as soon as possible. Internet, don't fail me now.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sex With Trevor - Dragon Pussy Demo

No artwork yet for this one; but this is some amazing crusty thrash from one of my good friends in Cleveland, Ohio. Not the best quality, but shit, it's a fucking demo. My band David Carradine will have a split 7" with them out soon...hopefully.

All their songs are great and energetic. They're all about sex or drugs; and what else is there to really write about? They also do a hilarious cover of Minor Threat's "Straight Edge." Give these guys a chance, and if you don't get it, then fuck you and move on. Don't leave your negative comments here; save them for some shitty forum.


1. Squish
2. Straight Edge (Minor Threat Cover)
3. The Fall of My Urethra
4. Fucked In The Ass
5. Hooray For Middies
6. Termination By Insemination
7. Dropping Your Dealer's Glass
8. Dragon Pussy

Tekken - Past And Present Cassette Discography

Here's the much hyped (by me) Tekken Discography. For whatever reason, they decided that it would be best for them to release this on cassette, and not on CD or Vinyl. That's all fine and dandy, but for some other reason I'm missing to of the songs that are supposed to be on here, due to some sort of odd time fuck-up on my part. Eventually I'll get to post this with all of the songs, but until then I better not hear any bitchin'. There's enough Tekken on here to suit any fan of, well, Tekken.

I split the rip into two folders: Side A and Side B. Side A is mostly studio recordings, and the better half of this collection. Side B is pretty much exclusively live recordings of the tracks on Side A, albeit a few studio tracks. No track list, but all of the songs are labeled correctly, so suck it.

Oh, yeah! INTERNET!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

MK-Ultra - Melt

More MK-Ultra, due to the great response on the split with Seein' Red. But fuck that right now; live in the now. Like this post right here. I don't remember where I got this from, I think I just downloaded it from Am I Mean? or something.

If you like any kind of fucking in-your-face hardcore then give these guys a try. Intelligent lyrics, and some great songs.


1. Melt
2. Bring Me The Head Of Tony Victor
3. Hooray For The Unabomber
4. Voyeur At A Car Wreck
5. The Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull
6. Once You're Done/Over The Counter
7. Universal Product Code
8. Swept Under The Fucking Rug
9. My Rules (Void)
10. Killing For College Money

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

xBrainiax - The Empire Blasts Back

One of those bands that you just have to like, even if you don't want to. No pic for this one, but you can make due. This is one of their demos, and if you need to learn any more, you can find it out by yourself. It was released on Not Very Nice Tapes.


1. Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
2. Sinking Your Flag Ship
3. Pick Up Real Change
4. Idiot Box
5. Capitalists Have Nagasaki Wet Dreams
6. B-Beat
7. My Way
8. Revenge!
9. Young Republicans Fuck Off
10. Hacked To Chunks (No Comment Cover)

That Yellow Bastard EP

That Yellow Bastard is giving this away for download on their myspace, so I guess it's okay for me to post it here, too. These guys are fucking sick, so listen a bit. They are genuine in their sound.

They're grindcore, if you were wondering, and you've heard stuff like this before, yet at the same time this is a completely new sound. Technical guitar riffs, screaming, etc. Nothing out of place. Even the keyboards aren't anything supremely odd. I have no idea what the attraction is to this band, but fuck. Maybe you can pinpoint it. You have to agree with me, though; these guys are fucking killer. Whoot.


1. Bubblehead Scientist
2. Gated Community Murders
3. Glass Bottom Boat
4. Life Goes Splat
5. Escape Artist

Saturday, May 24, 2008

V/A Riotous Outburst Records CD-R Sampler

Ok, I know that I've been gone for quite a bit longer than I usually am. I don't have internet yet where I moved to, so I need to go to a fucking library or some friend's house to do anything. Here's something for all the trouble of waiting on your asses for the next big thing....

A good little free sampler promoting the upcoming TKO Compilation Vol.2 on Riotous Outburst Records! With great bands from CT and RI contributing, there isn't any reason to not download, and support some fucking music! There isn't any discrimination between music on here; every band has a completely different style. There's some experimental rock (Anisette), acoustic (Mark Leonard), some powerviolence (David Carradine....hey! That's my band!), Hip-hop (Janks) and some good ol' fun punk (Aram Fingal). Get it to see for yourself. Only be kind; we are fragile.



1. Needles (Anisette)
2. Work-Free Play Zone (Mark Leonard)
3. Kids In The Sandbox (David Carradine)
4. I Like Food [Descendents Cover] (David Carradine)
5. Another Night (Patty-O And Janks)
6. Let It Be Known (Aram Fingal)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Boris/Tomsk 7 Split REQUEST. Sort Of.

Sorry to that person who wanted more Tomsk 7. I think you said that you have this and their stuff from the Bleeargh Compilation...This is one elusive band. They don't even have a wiki page (eerie). I can't find anything on this band >.< AT ALL. I have no clue whatsoever if they even released any more stuff than the Boris split and their stuff on that compilation. One thing is for sure: THESE GUYS IS GOOD! Pairing up with the mighty Boris only makes this a more awesome record.

Boris does a lengthy doom-ish fucking weird track, but what else would you expect from Boris? It's a sick track though. Tomsk-7 is this grindcore band, lo-fo recordings and great hooks and grooves. Not anything new, but one of those refreshing tastes of 90s grind that everyone loves so very much.

AGAIN! I will post anything I find from Tomsk-7 as soon as possible.



1. Mass Mercury


2. Dumpsite
3. Rape-Active-Hate
4. Bloodlink
5. Me
6. Coccyx

Thursday, May 1, 2008

V/A - Violent Core Attack Vol. 2

If you're a frequenter of this blog and actually read what I write, then you may know that I'm not a huge fan of crust. Now listen, I don't hate everything crust, or people that like crust or anything (in fact I have a few good friends that listen to a great deal of it). No, I just don't exactly accept the fact that some of the "best" crust bands all sound alike. There are, however, a great deal of exceptions to this genre, as with others.

This compilation of Canadian crust and hardcore is one of those exceptions. I really wish that I had more stuff from this label (Tobacco Shit Records), but for some reason I've never actually looked anywhere for anything. I'm pretty sure that it's all done through mail, old-school like back in the day. I have no idea where to get the first volume, and on the insert it says that there was a planned third volume as well. No clue whatsoever. Let me know if you know something I don't.

This 7" compilation compiles 10 Canadian crust bands (and they all have the similar subject matter of crust; tobacco kills, apocalypse, pollution, etc.) but what catches my attention is that a lot of these bands (for me) capture the energy of a live band. They actually put a little more effort into some of the material, and if I wasn't lazy I'd post the insert too; some of the lyrics are insanely well thought out, which also has a major appeal to me.


1. I Urge You To Class Warfare (Incontinence)
2. Manipulated (Existench)
3. I Hate The Human Race (Degra-Nation)
4. Guerra De Fou (Crazy Head)
5. U-Bar Justice (Urban Trash)
6. The Final Hit (Disagree)
7. Poison Planet (Nation Of Waste)
8. Voices From Both Sides (Day Of Mourning)
9. Sever The Conscience (Useless Solution)
10. Mr. NATO Official (Global Holocaust)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charm - Shikami EP

They stole my idea before I even knew about them; I thought I was really fucking cool for coming up with a 7" record with 33rpm on one side and 45 on the other. They beat me to it! Damn! Damn! Damn?

Whatever. Of course they didn't really steal the idea from me, but hell. It's such a cool setup for a vinyl, even if it is a little bit odd and out of place. Side A is a recording session somewhere, I dunno where, and Side B is a different recording session. Great blistering thrash, that's for sure.


They even cover a COC song. That's right. Corrosion of Conformity. Whoo! So download this shit, and like it. Again, they still fit in with BREAKfAST and Mind Of Asian.


1. Yami yo ottekoi
2. Ai-zou
3. Muyounosuke
4. Ame ga tonzura
5. Garakuta 
6. Jin-in-sen
7. Screen Death
8. Sokonasi no heisokukan 
9. Babylon no assyou 
10. Rabid Dogs (Corrosion Of Conformity)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

BREAKfAST - Classic Six Packs

A great Japanese band (some surprise, right?). They play skate thrash with a Minutemen twist; one second will have total thrash destruction and the next will be a nice jazzy breakdown. Anyone that's heard of this band can tell you how great it is. This compiles their first demo and two out-of-print 7" EPs. They also have some other stuff out, like a 12" on 625. I'll try to get that sometime.


1. Jason Adams
2. Sk8 Void
3. BREAKfAST Eat Rice
4. Speed Freaks
5. American Wino
6. Rock, Rock
7. Jason Adams
8. True Do Me?
9. Day Dreamer
10. One Week #2
11. Spit Fire
12. Child's Heart
13. Happens In Easy TV
14. Raining Rage
15. One Grown Up's Mind
16. Speed Freaks
17. Kagami
18. BREAKfAST! Eat Rice

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Straight Edge Kegger REQUEST

Sorry about the pic...only one I could find. Anyway, here's some more Straight Edge Kegger, done on a request, and good thing too.

I love this band, mainly for not taking themselves too seriously. They keep up the chaotic pace of regular awesome bands, and add in an odd sense of humor with their meaningful lyrics. I recently heard that these guys did a split with Unholy Grave. I don't have a clue as to how that one got past me, but I'd like anyone to post a link if they have it. ANYONE! >.<

All that being said, this is a great EP. It's a bit more sloppy than the split LP with Mind of Asian, but whatever. Punk Rock. Some review of this was trying to diss it, saying it was hard to tell what speed it was supposed to be played at. 33 sounded too low for a female singer, and when played at 45 it sounded like smurfs. I thought that was fucking hilarious. If your band is impossible for people to decipher the sound, I think you've accomplished something massive.


1. Hardline Sucks
2. Blind
3. Ya-Yo Drip
4. Banging Retards
5. Lab Rats That Wear Lipstick
6. Attention Craving Lunatics With Ego Trips
7. If Punks Grew On Trees, You'd Be Ripe For The Picking
8. Every Other Note Is The Wrong Note

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clusterfuck/Ratbyte Split

The best Clusterfuck I have, so the best Clusterfuck offered. Intensely over the top 80s style hardcore punk, done the CT way. Short as fuck songs, and some great lyrics to boot. Ratbyte is back with 4 more songs of fucking awesome skatecore (track 1 is the first two songs). If you picked up any of the other Ratbyte stuff I posted, definitely pick this gem up. You can't get it anymore. What a shame. The only thing wrong with this split is that it's not long enough. I need more of Clusterfuck!



1. Nato Needs Shock Treatment
2. Idle And Immoral
3. Flagfucker
4. God Told Me To Buy Stocks
5. Shit Eating Grin
6. Mouthbreathers


7. Break Yourself/Get Lost
8. Wait
9. Search Warrant

Friday, April 4, 2008

MMOTM/Polar Split

Not the typical bands for a post on here, but there's been a few. Mass Movement Of The Moth (MMOTM) play keyboard-driven modern rock, like all the hip youngsters are doing these days. Pretty decent. At least I like it. Polar sound pretty much the same, only without keyboards. Hmm...
Decent enough to give it a try, and pretty entertaining. Just try it out.



1. Seven
2. Silence


3. Cgsoms
4. Saturation

Monday, March 31, 2008

V/A Icing On The Gravy

An amazing fucking cassette compilation. That's it. I really applaud the label for getting this shit together. Some of the bands here never did anything else except for the songs represented. It's a shame, really, since almost every single band on here is a great representation of whatever type of hardcore they play. There's a shitload, from powerviolence, to crust, to hardcore. Damn.

Every kid's dream is realized with this Cassette.

Sorry if the quality is bad on some songs, but all of these bands come from different backgrounds. There is absolutely no consistency with quality on this one, since everyone apparently used different recording equipment. Also to add to it, the entire project was on ice for about 5 years. But shit, please don't complain, because there is sooo much good shit on here: Palatka, Katastrofialue, Assholeparade, Kung-Fu Rick, Pretentious Assholes, Warsore, Godstomper, and the End of the Century Party. That's only all of the bands that I've heard of before. There's so much from other bands from all around the world, there's no reason to complain. It's great.


1. Stuck Here (SLD)
2. Mouth (Fat Day)
3. Bury You (Assholeparade)
4. Passin' Thru (Assholeparade)
5. There Are Times (Eurich)
6. Prototype (Mrtva Budoucnost)
7. Cant' Tell No One [Negative Approach Cover] (Mrtva Budoucnost)
8. Public Smoking Banishment (Kung-Fu Rick)
9. Android (Dead End)
10. Shit Breath Dog (President's Choice)
11. Hail To Nowhere (D.P.P.S)
12. When Freedom Dies (Autoritar)
13. Touch Of Death (Autoritar)
14. Think Of Theft (Vilently Ill)
15. Itsemurhaaarrgh (Katastrofialue)
16. Epatoivo (Katastrofialue)
17. Rock Star (Palatka)
18. Rave (Chapter 13)
19. Starz And Barz (Chapter 13)
20. Fuck The Christians (Pretentious Assholes)
21. The Joke's On You (Pretentious Assholes)
22. Bastard (Crooked Cops)
23. Ei Kuulu Mulle (Epajarjestys)
24. Lupaus (Epajarjestys)
25. Chronic Waste (Warsore)
26. Suicide Bomber (Warsore)
27. Nunca Cambies (Denak)
28. Basta! (Denak)
29. Taco Bell Is Closed Forever (Godstomper)
30. Spawn Of The Lord Balzac (Godstomper)
31. Lactose (Godstomper)
32. Circles Gather (The End Of The Century Party)
33. Swear The Barrel (The End Of The Century Party)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moral Hazard/Chupacabra Split

Yo, Andrew! Here ya go... A good split between one great band and a pretty decent band. Both are pretty much crust, and even as someone who doesn't really like crust, I really like this split.

"Wait," you say. "You don't like crust? Man, you just don't get it." And you're right. I don't see why bitching about the government with sub-par music and lyrics is considered awesome. If you do it in an original way, say, these two bands, then I'd be able to let it slide. Don't get me wrong, I just hate music that hates conformity and government and falls in line with every other band doing that same shtick.

Rant aside, Moral Hazard open up with only one song, and it's nearly 6 minutes long. Very doom in some aspects, and overall it's an okay track. I've heard better stuff, but it's still okay. Some of it is the production; some of it is the vinyl itself. There's a little crackle, but I took out most of it. When the song gets going, you can't really even notice it. The most original and odd thing about this song is the topic under discussion; fucking CHANNEL 1. If you have no idea what CHANNEL 1 is, then I'll fill you in. It's this little news program that the producers or whatever pay the schools to show their students. Mostly it's shown in Middle Schools. The thing is, most of the 15 minutes of the program is dedicated to commercialism. The rest of it, about 5 minutes, is shitty news.

You can actually read about it in the little booklet that came with the vinyl, which I have so generously offered here as well. It's a very D.I.Y. style magazine, something like 7x7, and it's fucking cool. It sort of acts like a split magazine, too. There's a Moral Hazard side where they rant about hating CHANNEL 1, and the Chupacabra side has a bunch of neat photos and artwork. It's a little odd; You have to flip it to read different sides. Sorry if it's really big; just use photoshop or some shit to format it. Moral Hazard REALLY hate CHANNEL 1.

Chupacabra put forth 2 songs of awesome. I dunno why I like this band, they're a little sloppy on the vocals (damn guy singer. Damn you.) but everything else is dead on. They have this real melodic metal style, and they sort of sound like THEM, what with the Female/Male vocals. They have one other EP that I've been able to find, and I'll post that later on. Here's the shits!


1. The Festering

2. Footsteps Of The Frail
3. Static

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Third Death- S/T

Yeah, Bitches! I gots it! I finally got a Third Death record to add to my collection. I'm very fucking pleased with it, too. Some of the best skate-thrash that I've ever heard, and can't quite be comparable to anything else. These guys would've fit on the famous Possessed To Skate compilation (I think I heard that somewhere else, too, but hey. I don't care about it; it's true). This EP actually has three different covers, each done by a different artist. The one I have is the one by Ben from Armageddon Shop, and there's two more by Scott Langlais ( and Ryan Lesser ( Here's a pic:

Ten songs in Five minutes gives you an idea of what you're looking at here. Just get it, be happy with it. I'll try to get as much of their stuff as I can, but don't expect anything from me. This was hard enough to track down.


1. Confusion
2. Just Like Golf
3. Squash The Bug
4. Metal Cage
5. Say It, Do It
6. Garbage
7. Dance Off
8. Will Not Stop
9. D.E.D.
10. Third Death