Friday, May 9, 2008

Boris/Tomsk 7 Split REQUEST. Sort Of.

Sorry to that person who wanted more Tomsk 7. I think you said that you have this and their stuff from the Bleeargh Compilation...This is one elusive band. They don't even have a wiki page (eerie). I can't find anything on this band >.< AT ALL. I have no clue whatsoever if they even released any more stuff than the Boris split and their stuff on that compilation. One thing is for sure: THESE GUYS IS GOOD! Pairing up with the mighty Boris only makes this a more awesome record.

Boris does a lengthy doom-ish fucking weird track, but what else would you expect from Boris? It's a sick track though. Tomsk-7 is this grindcore band, lo-fo recordings and great hooks and grooves. Not anything new, but one of those refreshing tastes of 90s grind that everyone loves so very much.

AGAIN! I will post anything I find from Tomsk-7 as soon as possible.



1. Mass Mercury


2. Dumpsite
3. Rape-Active-Hate
4. Bloodlink
5. Me
6. Coccyx


  1. How amazing your website it. i linked to mine which looks like baby shit! Can't wait to get home and listen to some new tracks! peace

  2. TOMSK 7 have also a split 7" with IDI AMIN

  3. reupload: