Wednesday, December 17, 2008

4 x Wheelchair - 4 x Christmas

Yeah. This band's Name is "Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair," and the album is named "Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas." Jesus....hahaha. Pretty good demo-like EP from these guys out of Glasgow, UK!!!

The file includes a lyrics sheet, so you can sing along this Holiday season, and thrash for retribution to these festive delights. Celebrate Christmas with this joyous jem.


1. Cataclysmic Yuletide Armageddon
2. Daytrip to Lapland New Forest
3. Christmas Dinner
4. Credit Crunch Christmas
5. Panto Massacre
6. Sexually Violent Santa
7. Holly Berries Are Poisonous

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Dice - Suffer EP

More of a demo than an EP, I'm pretty sure that these guys only recorded this one, single-sided 7" record. Bummer, too, since these guys have more energy packed into their songs than most other bands' recordings. Serious amounts of props to these folks, and to 625 for releasing it.


1. Asshole
2. Guilt
3. No Trust
4. Suffer

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Haymaker Demo

200th post! Whoo! This is the grand Haymaker demo. Don't really know where I got this, but I know a few people who are looking for it, so here you go. Pretty good for a shitty little tape. I guess these guys are supposed to be really fucking good live, is what I hear.


1. Wreck Shit
2. Spittin' Blood
3. Fencesitter
4. Seen This One Coming
5. Let God Sort 'Em Out
6. Could You Be So Stupid
7. They Breed So Fast [Human Filth]
8. Misery for A Living
9. Commodity 182
10. Ounce of Sympathy
11. Reagan Youth
12. Politicians For Fertilizer

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crow Dragon Tea - Happy Funny Life

Check these guys out. Sick thrashing hardcore. Yeah. Crazy shit.


1. Rocksteady
2. [Japanese Title]
3. State Of Mind
4. Good-Bye With A Smile
5. More Beer, Come On My Guitar
6. Fuck The Rainbow
7. Line
8. Thrash & Punk Soul
9. -Shining Sweet Magic Girl
10. Its Own Life And I Live Only Once
11. Happy & Funny Life

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ultimate Warriors

No artwork, again...(I Don't even know which album this is! FUCK!)

Awesome powerviolence band from Pennsylvania. They've done splits with Kung-Fu Rick and Daybreak, among others, and I've only been able to find this album. If anyone has any more of their shit, send it my way, yo!

Artwork too!


1. Dark Avenger
2. Kill Your Dog
3. The Glorious Senton
4. Bull Nakano
5. Southern Promoters Don't Get It
6. Many Failed Gimmicks Of Brian Ada
7. Nailed To The Ebay
8. What Do You Think Of The USA Now
9. Out With Thge Old
10. Biggest Bump Ever
11. Spirit Of 77
12. Getting Oldberg
13. O.W.N
14. Nazo Skate Anthem
15. Nazo Youth Crew 2
16. The Only Good Mark
17. Fighting The World
18. Not Listed
19. LIVE SET from a show