Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calabi Yau - God Shave Us All EP

What a strange band this is. One for all you "noise rockers" out there. Or something. They be hailin' from Charolette, NC. I guess you could call these guys 'no-wave' which is just a cop-out for lack of a better label, really. They're on some indefinite hiatus, so they might get back together, or maybe not. Hopefully they do, though, cuz they were supposed to do a split 7" with the super amazing Baltimore band, Yukon. Click that link to check out Yukon. Their stuff is amazingly hard to find, unfortunately, although you can find one of their albums by flexing the google fu. Support them anyways, buy their music, love their band!

Same goes for Calabi Yau, wherever you are!

1. Plastic Surgery Farm
2. Your Man Ain't Doin' You Right
3. Ye Olde Literature Fire
4. Artists Only

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Failures 7"

Another testament to hardcore. I guess. If you liked the LP, then this is pretty much required listening. Only 4 songs on this, and unfortunately, I don't have a hard copy of this...just the mp3s. I can't really find it anywhere, although there was a copy of it on ebay. I guess that's good enough...

By the way, I can't beleive I missed it, but Aerosols DID have a new LP out. I wish I looked harder. Just found a couple of copies on ebay, also. It was a 14 song LP with a fourth 7" EP included. And just like my luck, it sold out on the day it came out. It's supposed to be getting a repress, so keep tabs on it!


1. I'm Busy
2. Available:
3. Rearing
4. Dovetail

Friday, January 22, 2010

Aerosols - Medicine 7"

A short review for a short 7".

This is it. Download it. It rocks.


1. Medicine
2. Nervous Attack
3. Migrane Vacation
4. On The Floor
5. Breathing Business
6. Suburban Blight

Monday, January 18, 2010


Check out this band, if you can muster up the energy to click the link. Com'on, don't be a putz!

This is a band that just rocks. Read their bio on the page; they just have an awesome musical philosophy. It's great to finally hear a band that doesn't have to be angry and pissed off at everything to be fucking rad. Even if you don't dig the tunes, (which you will, or there's something seriously wrong with you) you have to agree these guys have the right attitude.

Rosenbombs - Green Demo REQUEST

No artwork, as far as I know there never was. Suck it dry. Rosenbombs play fucking awesome ferocious hardcore. On this 17 song demo, they rip harder than anywhere else. They added a second vocalist, total she-ripping all over the place, to add to the already ripping thrash attack. Did I mention that these guy fucking RIP??!? Total knockout skate-thrash-angst-fuck you hardcore. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure they aren't around anymore, all the more reason to get this shit in your head though, right? RIGHT??? I completely forgot about this band until I got that magnificent request. Shame on me, forgetting this unforgettable hardcore band.... Super thanks for good ol' Pabst Benedict from the mega awesome blog Am I Mean? for getting this to me ages ago. Well, about a year ago. Yeah, I fucking remembered!!


1. Pro Gay Marriage
2. End of my Rope
3. Prosperity And Stock Options
4. Things Worsen
5. The Majority Must Be Right
6. Just Because You Have A Dick Doesn't Mean You Need To Be One
7. Yet Another Disappointment
8. Love Hate Relationship
9. Like A Ritual
10. Everything Has Turned To Shit
11. Dispierta
12. Pick Your Poison
13. Benevolent Enslavement
14. Fucked Up System
15. Coke Song
16. Rosenbombs Youth Crew '04
17. 925 Malicious Assault

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ahleuchatistas - On The Culture Industry

Crazy progressive rock/post-jazz and all that sub-genre bullshit. Think a more organized instrumental Captain Beefheart. This be their first full length, I posted their amazing opus What You Will awhile back, on the (I guess now Defunct) Blog I helped post on with Gumo Ga, among others. If you like sometimes really melodic, really strange always super weird instrumental rock, get this in your brain. "The Machines Become Cognizant" is an amazing song. This is easily the most accesible album they have. It's a lot more catchy than the rest of their albums.


1. Intro
2. The Machines Become Cognizant
3. Lacerate
4. A Thought Like A Hammer
5. Al Jazeera
6. I Don't Remember Falling Asleep Here
7. Right Sock Brown, Red Leg Blue
8. Fodder For Defamation
9. (Ibid. 4)
10. Tentacle
11. Empatheivery
12. Lament for Bhopal

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anisette - Fruit Salad EP

Super awesome super shred surf-ish band from Westerly, RI. Go figure, right? A little of this, a little of that, tons of tapping. On tour now with Divets down the east coast, I guess you'll just have to check them out. Now.


1. The Jingle
2. Tuesday Night Turtles
3. Dino The Dinosaur
4. Coco The Sea Lion
5. Crank That Cracker Jack Bingo

Slam Chop - Bloody Roots Demo

Some really sick hardcore from Japan, constant bringer of...well, sick hardcore. Featuring intense powerviolence riffage, combined with sickly sweet j-pop punk choruses, done in combo vocals with shrieking male and that female singing-kinda punk stuff. I really fucking love this band, and you should too, think the French band "Rainbow of Death" but more hardcore punk than super charged powerviolence. Unfortunately, they only have one other demo, and I have no idea what it is, due to this being an extremely elusive and defunct band for many a year now. All of their four tracks from the Japanese Thrash Compilation on 625 Thrash are on this one.


1. Reborn
2. Up
3. Zero
4. Way
5. MxOxS
6. Spiritual Broken Mind
7. Sweep Aside
8. Bloody Roots

Friday, January 8, 2010

Anisette/Divets Banana Split

Well, were, wheel, here's a "follow-up" to the Divets Fruit Salad EP from before. Two songs from each, on one track from each band. Anisette's side is an epic; Divets side is more out-there-ness. Btw, I stole the link, cuz I'm a lazy fuck. Thankles to!!!

By the way, don't forget to check them out on myspace, and more importantly, SEE THE FUCKERS ON THEIR SUPER AMAZING, SHREDDING, ROCKING, MIND-EXPANDING FRUIT SALAD TOUR!!!!!


1. Anisette - Free Bird/Caged Bird
2. Divets -Fentanylf-Meadow Modern

Jan 7 20108:00P
The Milestone w/ Divets and BLASTOIDS and Minority PartyCharlotte, North Carolina
Jan 8 20108:00P
Bens House w/ DIVETS and ST. PETER POCKET VETOWinston-Salem, North Carolina
Jan 10 20108:00P
The New French Bar w/ Divets and OCULIAsheville, North Carolina
Jan 11 20108:00P
Doozers Pub W/ National Dairy + DIVETSJacksonville, Florida
Jan 12 20108:00P
BBQ Bar DIVETS+MOREOrlando, Florida
Jan 13 20108:00P
Tim and Terrys w/ DIVETS+MOREGainesville, Florida
Jan 14 20108:00P
TBA: The Pony Penn w/ Cripple Wizard, DIVETS+MORESavannah, Georgia
Jan 15 20108:00P
The Silent Barn w/ Divets and many moreRidgewood / Queens, New York
Jan 17 20105:00P
Hi 5 Bar and GrillRidgewood Queens, New York
Jan 23 20109:00P
SweatshopProvidence, Rhode Island
Jan 30 20108:00P
Wrench In The Works w/ DIVETS and MORE!!!!!Willimantic, Connecticut