Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calabi Yau - God Shave Us All EP

What a strange band this is. One for all you "noise rockers" out there. Or something. They be hailin' from Charolette, NC. I guess you could call these guys 'no-wave' which is just a cop-out for lack of a better label, really. They're on some indefinite hiatus, so they might get back together, or maybe not. Hopefully they do, though, cuz they were supposed to do a split 7" with the super amazing Baltimore band, Yukon. Click that link to check out Yukon. Their stuff is amazingly hard to find, unfortunately, although you can find one of their albums by flexing the google fu. Support them anyways, buy their music, love their band!

Same goes for Calabi Yau, wherever you are!

1. Plastic Surgery Farm
2. Your Man Ain't Doin' You Right
3. Ye Olde Literature Fire
4. Artists Only