Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pompous Hardcore/AxRxMx Split EP

Two of the best fucking bands to come out of America. AxRxMx (Apathetic Ronald McDonald) play a fast as fuck powerviolence romp with 5 songs in less than 3 minutes. Pompous Hardcore play 5 more songs in a little over 3 minutes. Some intense fucking stuff. For real. Definitely my favorite split in my collection, definitely the best. I'm glad I got a copy before it ran out.

There were only about 300 pressed, and it was put out independently by the two bands. D.I. fucking Y, motherfucker. The artwork is supreme, just look at those pictures. They're beautiful.

AxRxMx has more stuff, but it's really hard to come by. Pretty much the same thing goes for Pompous Hardcore. I know, yet again, virtually nothing about either of these bands. I like to know stuff I don't know yet, so let me in on any info and/or mp3s you'll be harboring for a rainy day inside of your computer. I'm lacking. DOWNLOAD!



1. Pre-Marital Sex
2. What Lesson Is Learned
3. Upper Crust Orgy
4. Help Me Slut
5. Later Is Never


6. AxRAxMAx
7. King of the Asses
8. Jump In Shark DC's
9. So Sickly Slick
10. Stay Away 4rm Boof Cloud


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Charm - Hito

Charm is fantastic. Some great Japanese hardcore. I wish I knew more about this band. From what I've learned, they kick ass, have at least two EPs, and have...A STAND-UP BASS PLAYER?!?!! Please correct me if I am wrong, but either way, this band is a definite must for fans of Japanese ANYTHING. These guys are one of the most energetic bands I've ever heard before. Goes right on your shelf (or music folder) next to Mind of Asian and BREAKfAST.

I'm not in the mood to post BREAKfAST right now, and I have to pee...So here's a track list.

1. [In Japanese]
2. Chum Punk Icon
3. Waste Minus Posture
4. Swiz
5. Old Ploy
6. Humanoid Of The World Unite
7. Pressure