Monday, January 28, 2008

Clusterfuck - Midlife Crisis EP

Clusterfuck is this band from CT. Their songs are short as hell, but they keep their songs fucking punk as fuck. As FUCK. They're good, but I don't like this album as much as their other releases (they also have a split with Ratbyte and an LP), which isn't saying much. This album is quite a ripper.

"I'm Like Garbo" and "Condition Red" are some of the catchiest fucking punk songs I've ever heard. "Bow Down" is one great attack on I guess. And "Big Creeping Fear" has a horn section which gives that song a bit of a "ska feel." Give 'em a listen. Also, you can get their LP on interpunk in both CD and Vinyl, or directly from the band. Spend your money on them.


1. Seething Mess
2. Pencil Me In Dead
3. I'm Like Garbo
4. Hooray 4 Drudgery
5. Jughead Blues
6. Condition Red
7. Humans Disappoint Me
8. Big Creeping Fear
9. Bow Down
10. The Burning Person
11. Replace Me
12. Paula Abdul
13. I Hate The Nutmeg State!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

V/A - Violent Noise Party

This is one wicked compilation. Filled with some of the best grind, punk, and crust of the modern age, this'll be a good investment for anyone. Or you can get it for free here.

There's some Rainbow of Death, and while the songs also appear on the 10" record posted earlier, they're different recordings. Netjajev SS is this old-school punk band with really weird song subject matter. I know they're jokes, but they're weird. And one is a Ramones cover. A fucking awesome song by Yacöpsae, and although it's short as fucking hell, it's the best song on here in my opinion.

In Disgust, with members of Outraged and Uzi Suicide play on here too. Not bad. Nashgul is this straight up grindy-thrash band that blended their three songs together, and annoyed the fuck out of me when I was ripping them. So now the three songs are in one mp3. Insect Warfare plays one song, and it's crushing. It's also a Celtic Frost cover. It sounds a lot like Nashgul to me, though.

Overall one great fucking complation.


1. VÄÄRINKÄSITYS - Musta Pilvi
2. Aghast - Waste
3. Rainbow of Death - Turbonecronomicon
4. Rainbow of Death - Deathrock N' Rollerskates
5. Netjajev SS - Mermaid Cunt
6. Netjajev SS - I Don't Wanna Be Learned (Ramones)
7. Kuolema - Tony Halme On Natsi
8. Low Fat - Moping your Shadow Off
9. Parasytic - Sudden End
10. Yacöpsae - Rock Star
11. In Disgust - Old Friend
12. Nashgul - Ya Es Suficiente/Marca Negra, Marca Fecal/Leeches
13. Insect Warfare - Into The Crypt of Rays (Celtic Frost)
14. Matka Teresa - Dirty Hands
15. Matka Teresa - Resemblance

Saturday, January 19, 2008

David Carradine- Death Race 2007

Another crappy demo from my band...Sorry.

If you heard the last one, then you'll know how much better it would have been if it had bass. This one does. You can decide. Be kind.

If it's any consolation, we're recording today. It should sound pretty fucking good. Even if you don't like the songs.

Download this, I guess.


1. Sweet Home Alabaster
2. Amount to Nothing
3. Craig Burge is an Asshole
4. Bible Thumpers Go To Hell (Charles Bronson)
5. Fatso (Malicious Grind)
6. RH
7. Everybody Loves...Peter Boyle?
8. Kids in the Sandbox
9. Phil in the Blank
10. Butch Cassidy ROUGH
11. The K-Mart Patrol is Out of Control ROUGH

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mind of Asian/Straight Edge Kegger Split

More Mind of Asian for all you folks. Some fucking energetic thrashy powerviolence from this all female Asian band, yo. I really dig the energy that these chicks deliver. They kick ass. Keep looking in the archives for some more. Or do a search. Whatever. They have some sick tracks here, one of the better being "Aoishima" which starts off with an awesome Japanese guitar-like instrument...Listen to it, and let me know what those are called. "I Love XXX" is a really good track too. A great start to this awesome split, with some ferocious intensity to it. "Ne No Nai Yoru" starts off with a Digeredoo. Fancy.

Straight Edge Kegger deliver eight more songs of female-fronted hardcore. With some pretty clever lyrics, too. Just hit up this album for the lyrics sheet. I don't feel like posting the lyrics right now. To be honest, I never listened to Straight Edge Kegger before this, and I have to say that I'm impressed. It reminds me of a more punk sounding Magrudergrind with a female singer. That's a REAL nice picture. Anyway, download it.



1. I Love XXX
2. Dreams <-> Realities
3. Aoishima
4. Satisfaction!!!!!
5. Sakura
6. Ne No Nai Yoru
7. [Japanese Title]
8. Seifuneigetsu


9. Advice
10. Potheads Anonymous
11. #1 Hit Hip Hop Bullshit
12. Government Mandate Dance Party (Un-Safety Dance)
13. Sleeping Pills
14. Zero x Infinity
15. Hurry Up And Wait
16. Arnie Speaks

Monday, January 7, 2008

Firehorse Monarch

Firehorse Monarch's only release is one of the most intense series of six sample-soaked hardcore I've ever heard. From Cleveland, OH, some of the members go to the Cleveland Institute of Art. So does a good friend of mine, who turned me on to this band. All the songs are filled with fucking overpowering samples mixed in with the hardcore little hooks and messy riffs. The drumming is great, and the vocals fit this more than anything else I care to think of.

The band is great. Like a more underground sounding Genghis Tron, without sounding anything at all like them. They played some awesome live shows, and although I never saw any of them, I hear that they were insane. People hanging off of rafters in basements and jumping off of equipment, songs sounding like noise, nobody caring.

The CD came in this (bristol board?) paper sleeve, printed on both sides, yo. Awesome at that. Very talented, methought. Now they are fucking defunct. Bummer. Check them out on their myspace for more info.


ok. I know these songs have titles, but I have no clue what they are. Just call 'em 1, 2, 3, etc.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

V/A Save You

An awesome compilation with only 4 bands participating, but what a fucking lineup; Soihadtoshoothim, C.R., Devoid of Faith, and The Judas Iscariot.

By far my favorite shit on here is the track from The Judas Iscariot, because I love 'em. I'm still looking for everything they've done as of yet. Soihadtoshoothim's track is something of an abstract grindcore song, as kind of a go-between their early grindcore stuff and their grindpop as of recently. The C.R. Track is really a lot better than I expected, actually. It's a perfect fit for this comp. The Devoid of Faith song is pretty generic. Not that good, at least among all of these really original and quirky bands. Whoo.

The album itself is basically a very basic concept; suicide. Basically all the songs have something to do with suicide or events leading up to suicide, and the booklet came chock full of facts and advice about "killing yourself or someone you may know" kinda shit like that. Very nice packaging, and a great release from the Mountain Collective.


1. Combination Lock (Soihadtoshoothim)
2. Father's Little Failure (C.R.)
3. Inherent (Devoid Of Faith)
4. Young Werther and Sisyphus (The Judas Iscariot)

Waco Fuck- Slow Decay EP

Waco Fuck is AMAZING. No fucking info on this band, but They're fucking sick. And from California.

Thrash as FUCK powerviolence destruction wrapped in bacon. Just Get it, there's only 6 songs, and it's relatively hard to find.


1. Overcompensation
2. The Path of Self Righteousness
3. White Suburban Mediocrity
4. Sob
5. Endless Nightmare
6. Narcotic Fuckup

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Weapons of Thrash Destruction

Whoa. Got an original vinyl rip up here finally. "The Weapons of Thrash Destruction" 3-way split between Brody's Militia, Voetsek, and Widespread Bloodshed! Not a bad record, either.

Released as a 6" one-sided EP to promote a tour of the same name. It was this purple marble vinyl, and looks cool. The Brody's Militia songs are kinda weak, I thought. I've never heard any bad Voetsek songs, and Widespread Bloodshed are pretty good. It's really annoying, I thought, that the Brody's Militia songs are a lot longer than the Voetsek or Widespread Bloodshed tracks (in fact, the first song is almost as long as both the Voetsek songs and Widepread Bloodshed songs combined).

Also, this rip got kinda fucked up. Not really bad or anthing, but the fucking track listing is all screwed up in the file. No big Deal. This is the real listing, use your imagination for the rest.


1. Sham Campaign
2. White Plight in the Hour of Chaos


3. Thrash You
4. East Bay/West Bay?


5. Distortion or Death
6. All Out War