Thursday, April 29, 2010

Werewolves - Grind Melon EP

Upon posting the Call Me Betty EP earlier this week, I recieved an e-mail from Geoff from Werewolves, the band that Call Me Betty had done a split 7" with. He delivered a juicy little EP, with some crazy hardcore, filled with catchy, brutal vocals, (a fine example would be the track " Knuckleheadin' ") some nice thrashy grinding parts, and plenty of harsh hardcore anthems. These guys must have been insanely great live, you can actually realize the energy in the room just from the recording. Not to mention, some of the most hilarious album artwork I've seen in a long time. This is one you need to check out, definitely.


1. Intro
2. Boner
3. Knuckleheadin'
4. Until We Die
5. Booger Lips
6. I Stand Corrected
7. Kephanie Stukich
8. Until She Took My Legs
9. Railway Livin'
10. Rock And Roll Hotel
11. Backslider

Monday, April 26, 2010

Call Me Betty - der Gini-Koeffizient EP

Total whoa band. I wish I lived in Germany, if bands like this exist everywhere. The more I look, the more bands I find that blow me away. Call Me betty is now sadly defunct, leaving behind quite a string of releases, at least they were extremely productive, like most German bands nowadays. Unfortunately I only have this and their split 7" with a band called Werewolves. I haven't looked into Werewolves much... Oh, I guess you're wondering about the music, huh? Well, they play a crazy combo of hardcore and explosive grind, like a faster and WAAAAAAY more chaotic A Fine Boat, That Coffin! without the screamo element so much.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mondo Gecko/D9 Split LP

Two bands on one great slab o' wax, goes the saying. Both are hailing from Israel, this was put out between Urban Decay Records, To Live A Lie Records, and a couple others that escape me at the moment. It's still in print, just ask the bands or labels for copies!! Mondo Gecko offer up some great hardcore punk, with that great skate-thrash sound that reminds me of Hated Youth and Third Death mashed together. D9 come up with some down-tempo grind, with some really harsh sounding vocals. This shit is heavy as hell. 7 songs from each band, so you don't feel gypped, and this is definitely a great introduction to some Israeli hardcore to those that aren't too up on the whole scene.


1. Feast of the Beast
2. Frozen Mountain
3. Chosen One
4. Brothers of Blasphemy
5. Blind Horse
6. Blastbeat for the King
7. Urban Stefan

8. Prolific
9. Shapes Chasing Shadows
10. Cracked
11. Jigsaw Your Existence
12. Deadman in the Street
13. Fourth Gear Comprehension
14. Divings' Abyss