Monday, March 31, 2008

V/A Icing On The Gravy

An amazing fucking cassette compilation. That's it. I really applaud the label for getting this shit together. Some of the bands here never did anything else except for the songs represented. It's a shame, really, since almost every single band on here is a great representation of whatever type of hardcore they play. There's a shitload, from powerviolence, to crust, to hardcore. Damn.

Every kid's dream is realized with this Cassette.

Sorry if the quality is bad on some songs, but all of these bands come from different backgrounds. There is absolutely no consistency with quality on this one, since everyone apparently used different recording equipment. Also to add to it, the entire project was on ice for about 5 years. But shit, please don't complain, because there is sooo much good shit on here: Palatka, Katastrofialue, Assholeparade, Kung-Fu Rick, Pretentious Assholes, Warsore, Godstomper, and the End of the Century Party. That's only all of the bands that I've heard of before. There's so much from other bands from all around the world, there's no reason to complain. It's great.


1. Stuck Here (SLD)
2. Mouth (Fat Day)
3. Bury You (Assholeparade)
4. Passin' Thru (Assholeparade)
5. There Are Times (Eurich)
6. Prototype (Mrtva Budoucnost)
7. Cant' Tell No One [Negative Approach Cover] (Mrtva Budoucnost)
8. Public Smoking Banishment (Kung-Fu Rick)
9. Android (Dead End)
10. Shit Breath Dog (President's Choice)
11. Hail To Nowhere (D.P.P.S)
12. When Freedom Dies (Autoritar)
13. Touch Of Death (Autoritar)
14. Think Of Theft (Vilently Ill)
15. Itsemurhaaarrgh (Katastrofialue)
16. Epatoivo (Katastrofialue)
17. Rock Star (Palatka)
18. Rave (Chapter 13)
19. Starz And Barz (Chapter 13)
20. Fuck The Christians (Pretentious Assholes)
21. The Joke's On You (Pretentious Assholes)
22. Bastard (Crooked Cops)
23. Ei Kuulu Mulle (Epajarjestys)
24. Lupaus (Epajarjestys)
25. Chronic Waste (Warsore)
26. Suicide Bomber (Warsore)
27. Nunca Cambies (Denak)
28. Basta! (Denak)
29. Taco Bell Is Closed Forever (Godstomper)
30. Spawn Of The Lord Balzac (Godstomper)
31. Lactose (Godstomper)
32. Circles Gather (The End Of The Century Party)
33. Swear The Barrel (The End Of The Century Party)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moral Hazard/Chupacabra Split

Yo, Andrew! Here ya go... A good split between one great band and a pretty decent band. Both are pretty much crust, and even as someone who doesn't really like crust, I really like this split.

"Wait," you say. "You don't like crust? Man, you just don't get it." And you're right. I don't see why bitching about the government with sub-par music and lyrics is considered awesome. If you do it in an original way, say, these two bands, then I'd be able to let it slide. Don't get me wrong, I just hate music that hates conformity and government and falls in line with every other band doing that same shtick.

Rant aside, Moral Hazard open up with only one song, and it's nearly 6 minutes long. Very doom in some aspects, and overall it's an okay track. I've heard better stuff, but it's still okay. Some of it is the production; some of it is the vinyl itself. There's a little crackle, but I took out most of it. When the song gets going, you can't really even notice it. The most original and odd thing about this song is the topic under discussion; fucking CHANNEL 1. If you have no idea what CHANNEL 1 is, then I'll fill you in. It's this little news program that the producers or whatever pay the schools to show their students. Mostly it's shown in Middle Schools. The thing is, most of the 15 minutes of the program is dedicated to commercialism. The rest of it, about 5 minutes, is shitty news.

You can actually read about it in the little booklet that came with the vinyl, which I have so generously offered here as well. It's a very D.I.Y. style magazine, something like 7x7, and it's fucking cool. It sort of acts like a split magazine, too. There's a Moral Hazard side where they rant about hating CHANNEL 1, and the Chupacabra side has a bunch of neat photos and artwork. It's a little odd; You have to flip it to read different sides. Sorry if it's really big; just use photoshop or some shit to format it. Moral Hazard REALLY hate CHANNEL 1.

Chupacabra put forth 2 songs of awesome. I dunno why I like this band, they're a little sloppy on the vocals (damn guy singer. Damn you.) but everything else is dead on. They have this real melodic metal style, and they sort of sound like THEM, what with the Female/Male vocals. They have one other EP that I've been able to find, and I'll post that later on. Here's the shits!


1. The Festering

2. Footsteps Of The Frail
3. Static

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Third Death- S/T

Yeah, Bitches! I gots it! I finally got a Third Death record to add to my collection. I'm very fucking pleased with it, too. Some of the best skate-thrash that I've ever heard, and can't quite be comparable to anything else. These guys would've fit on the famous Possessed To Skate compilation (I think I heard that somewhere else, too, but hey. I don't care about it; it's true). This EP actually has three different covers, each done by a different artist. The one I have is the one by Ben from Armageddon Shop, and there's two more by Scott Langlais ( and Ryan Lesser ( Here's a pic:

Ten songs in Five minutes gives you an idea of what you're looking at here. Just get it, be happy with it. I'll try to get as much of their stuff as I can, but don't expect anything from me. This was hard enough to track down.


1. Confusion
2. Just Like Golf
3. Squash The Bug
4. Metal Cage
5. Say It, Do It
6. Garbage
7. Dance Off
8. Will Not Stop
9. D.E.D.
10. Third Death

West Coast Bullshit Disaster 2003

One fucking awesome split. Epic. Voetsek, Conga Fury, and Chainsaw all on one 10" vinyl; how can you get any more thrash?

Conga Fury open up with 8 ripping tracks of their overly-distorted hardcore. So much fucking distortion. Some good songs here, too. Next up is Japan's Chainsaw, with two songs; only two. That's really the only bad thing about this entire 10". Voetsek finishes the set with 5 awesome tracks of their fast-as-fuck thrashy female-fronted hardcore. That's really hard to comprehend, since the singer's voice is so goddamn intense. they REALLY get into it.

Once more, this could've been a better rip, but I'm happy about this one, just because I found out where the Conga Fury songs start and end; it was almost impossible. I'm probably not going to do this one over, because I really don't feel like doing that shit all over again. Enjoy!


1. Idol Worship
2. Against War (Pt. 1)
3. Against War (Pt. 2)
4. Gimmie Heaven
5. Humane
6. Hell
7. Worldly Desires
8. Family Blood

9. Life Will Fade Away
10. City Of Pain

11. Set In Stone
12. Out Of The Loop
13. Chaos Days Revisited
14. Just Because I Like YR Band Doesn't Mean I Want To Fuck You
15. Bandana Sass

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Asshole Parade - Say Goodbye

Here's Assholeparade's 'Say Goodbye' EP. I like the cover. That's about it. Yes, the songs are really good, and that's to be expected of such a great band. But the vocals...something is wrong. Terribly wrong. The ferocity of the delivery isn't there, as on other releases. Pretty much the entire "Student Ghetto Violence" Discography CD and the 'full-length' "Embers" are kickass. This one, not so much.

I don't know if they just had a different singer, or if their singer had a bad day, or what. Could be anything, and I'm really not going to get into details with the fucking information. Use your own keyboard for that, chief. The funny thing about this is, this came out AFTER Student Ghetto Violence and BEFORE Embers...just throwing that out there; it's eerie.

All that guff with the vocals aside, this is a great EP. All the songs are delivered in all the gusto that you'd expect, and they even cover "Red Tape" by Circle Jerks. There's some harmonica on the solo, too.


1. Mr. Rippington's Revenge
2. Short, Fast, Recovery Plan
3. Through Tha (W)Ringer
4. Exploding Club Of Hearts
5. Red Tape (Circle Jerks)
6. Puncture The Quiet Life
7. Dirty Word
8. Dogbite
9. Sample
10. Say Goodbye To My Little Friends
11. Soldiers/Problems
12. Yellow Eyes
13. Soldiers II
14. As Nails Rust

Corn On Macabre - Chapter I: Punk

This is a great example of Grind. Fucking fast, funny fucking lyrics, no fucking whiny emo-ass vocals...Great. Think bands like Combat Wounded Veteran, or The End Of The Century Party. Pretty much a cross between those two, actually.

This entire EP goes by in less than 6 minutes. Somewhere around 5 minutes, really. Perfect. This is a vinyl rip, and you fans of sorts will be happy to know, everything I've ripped as of recently has been very high quality, as opposed to older rips (the All Gone Dead/Bastardass split below is a prime example of how my earlier ones came out. Bleh. That one I ripped a while ago, when I first got my equipment. I'll be re-doing that one eventually).


1. Trojan Clown
2. When Will Man Learn?
3. I Watched Friday The 13th At My Grandmother's House-She Wasn't Into It, But She Let Me Watch It Anyway
4. Shut Up And Play Something Evil
5. Bad Lieutenant
6. Pterodactyl Shutdown

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fuck The Facts - Legacy Of Hopelessness

This EP is fantastic. Short as fucking hell, and like Genghis Tron is some respects, but more straight up grindcore. If you've heard their earlier stuff, then you'll know that Fuck The Facts are just a pretty decent grindcore band. But on this release, they go balls-out on everything, with songs ranging from grindcore to jazz to electronica. Some expertly portrayed fucking grind.

There's only like 6 tracks, and the album is only around 10 minutes long. That's just enough time to realize what this band is capable of. There is supposedly 2 enhanced CD tracks too, but I'm not so sure if I got a copy with that. This EP, as far as I can tell, is pretty much out of print. There may be a few copies lying around, but eh. Don't care. Not all my information is right anyway, so fuck off.


1. City Of Stone
2. Horizon
3. Dear Shit Book
4. Short Term Goals, Long Term Disappointments
5. Eclat-Boue-Sang
6. Make Your Grave

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MK-Ultra/Seein' Red Split LP

MK-Ultra are one of the fucking smartest powerviolence bands on earth. They play fast, they have original song structures, whatever. They're good. The band also features Ebro of Charles Bronson on drums.

Seein' Red actually kinda suck. There's members of Larm in this one, but it's just not the same. And all of the songs are really cliche. Very annoying, not much thought to songs, etc. A lot of people will like this band, but I'm not one of them.



1. Most Likely To Succeed
2. Lleno De Gusto!
3. Where Were You In '92?
4. Husky
5. Calloused
6. Worker vs. Parasite
7. Fuck Decaf
8. Good Cop, Bad Cop
9. 80s Teen Sex Flick
10. At War With Management
11. Crucifixes And Chain Wallets (Christian Hardcore Is An Oxymoron)
12. Forgotten
13. Brotherhood (DYS Cover)
14. Suburban Sprawl
15. Bouffant Headbutt (Shampoo Cover)

16. Work To Do
17. Colourblind
18. How Much Longer?
19. Words, Not Just Music
20. Another Police Story
21. Fuck 'Em
22. Idealen
23. Union
24. Blind
25. Away From The Numbers
26. Terrible Thing
27. Waar Sta Jij?
28. The Joke's On Us (Freedom)
29. Godsdienstwaanzin
30. Arson

Saturday, March 8, 2008

V/A N.Y. Catheter Crew

A decent hardcore compilation. Some crackle and pop on the first song, but not much bad. The all too underrated Judas Iscariot appears on this one, but the song is a bit mediocre. R.P.O.D. and Kill Your Idols also appear on this. Not too bad.

None of this is essential, but hey. For the sake of hardcore, keep this one in your memory. Tis better than mainstream.


1. Of Epic Proportions (INDECISION)
2. Martin's Park (R.P.O.D.)
3. It's A Blitz (R.P.O.D.)
4. Get A Job, You Smell (R.P.O.D.)
6. One Last Time (MILHOUSE)
7. Wake Up, Sheep (KILL YOUR IDOLS)
8. Terrorizer (THE BERZERKERS)

Sunday, March 2, 2008


The Knormalities Collection is one of the most awesome collections of powerful avante-garde music, ranging from Melt-Banana to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum to The Flying Luttenbachers. In other words, a good find.

I've had these on vinyl for a year or so, and I decided to rock
these like Amadeus. Volume 1 has a great seven tracks of fucking killer music to nod off to, with stuff from everyone you'll ever want to meet. I particularly like the song by The Molecules, titled "Blah." Good Stuff, good stuff.

Volume 2 has only three songs, the first being "Kirkpinar" by Alboth! A nice lengthy gloomy tune which reminds me of some of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's slower stuff. There's a little crackle in this one, but deal with it. Next on Volume 2 is a song by Nels Cline, a bit of a noisy-as-TV-static song until a little after a minute into it. Track three is a hot track by Moe!Kestra! entitled "Godgloeiendeteringklootzak," formerly by The Ex. Say THAT ten times fast.

Volume 3 is probably my least favorite, just because the immortal Sleepytime Gorilla Museum only offers up a sub-par track, a cover of This Heat's "S.P.Q.R." Everything else on this volume isn't bad at all. The Ex's "Giant" is an awesome show of...stuff, even though the lyrics cut out during the recording. No biggie. The song itself is better as an instrumental, methinks. Cheer-Accident does a nice job of doing a fucking song about stars.



1. Vacuum Tree Head - Legend Of PB3 Timesware
2. The Flying Luttenbachers - The Shriek Continues
3. Mono Pause - Brief Lallation
4. Melt-Banana - Pluck!
5. Molecules - Blah
6. Moe! Staiano - Chased By Bats In Vats
7. Ruins - HardRock


1. Alboth! - Kirkpinar
2. Nels Cline - Food Dries On! [For Minka]
3. Moe!Kestra! - Godgloeiendeteringklootzak


1. The Ex - Giant
2. Voodoo Muzak - Ibanen Dako
3. Cheer-Accident - The Stars
4. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - S.P.Q.R.