Sunday, March 23, 2008

Asshole Parade - Say Goodbye

Here's Assholeparade's 'Say Goodbye' EP. I like the cover. That's about it. Yes, the songs are really good, and that's to be expected of such a great band. But the vocals...something is wrong. Terribly wrong. The ferocity of the delivery isn't there, as on other releases. Pretty much the entire "Student Ghetto Violence" Discography CD and the 'full-length' "Embers" are kickass. This one, not so much.

I don't know if they just had a different singer, or if their singer had a bad day, or what. Could be anything, and I'm really not going to get into details with the fucking information. Use your own keyboard for that, chief. The funny thing about this is, this came out AFTER Student Ghetto Violence and BEFORE Embers...just throwing that out there; it's eerie.

All that guff with the vocals aside, this is a great EP. All the songs are delivered in all the gusto that you'd expect, and they even cover "Red Tape" by Circle Jerks. There's some harmonica on the solo, too.


1. Mr. Rippington's Revenge
2. Short, Fast, Recovery Plan
3. Through Tha (W)Ringer
4. Exploding Club Of Hearts
5. Red Tape (Circle Jerks)
6. Puncture The Quiet Life
7. Dirty Word
8. Dogbite
9. Sample
10. Say Goodbye To My Little Friends
11. Soldiers/Problems
12. Yellow Eyes
13. Soldiers II
14. As Nails Rust


  1. oddly enough, i like this record most. however, it is the one i started on. well actually thats not entirely true.. i really like the palatka split for both bands. but i really do like say goodbye over embers. dunno why either. but to each their own.

  2. i hate saying shit like this because i feel like i'm cruising for scene points or something, but i live with the singer of this band and can thereby confirm that it's the same singer as on the other releases. i also seem to remember something about him agreeing that it's his weakest vocal performance, too. i definitely think that, dude sounds like a wimp. which he is, for the record: the man jumps 4 feet in the air at the mention of the word "spider."