Wednesday, March 26, 2008

West Coast Bullshit Disaster 2003

One fucking awesome split. Epic. Voetsek, Conga Fury, and Chainsaw all on one 10" vinyl; how can you get any more thrash?

Conga Fury open up with 8 ripping tracks of their overly-distorted hardcore. So much fucking distortion. Some good songs here, too. Next up is Japan's Chainsaw, with two songs; only two. That's really the only bad thing about this entire 10". Voetsek finishes the set with 5 awesome tracks of their fast-as-fuck thrashy female-fronted hardcore. That's really hard to comprehend, since the singer's voice is so goddamn intense. they REALLY get into it.

Once more, this could've been a better rip, but I'm happy about this one, just because I found out where the Conga Fury songs start and end; it was almost impossible. I'm probably not going to do this one over, because I really don't feel like doing that shit all over again. Enjoy!


1. Idol Worship
2. Against War (Pt. 1)
3. Against War (Pt. 2)
4. Gimmie Heaven
5. Humane
6. Hell
7. Worldly Desires
8. Family Blood

9. Life Will Fade Away
10. City Of Pain

11. Set In Stone
12. Out Of The Loop
13. Chaos Days Revisited
14. Just Because I Like YR Band Doesn't Mean I Want To Fuck You
15. Bandana Sass

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