Friday, December 14, 2007

Rainbow of Death- S/T

These guys (and girls) are one of the most ferocious powerviolence bands I've ever heard. Think Romantic Gorilla on speed in France. Never a dull moment at all. Originally released as a 10" record, this exact same band is also known as Monarch, a sludge metal band which is also great in a completely different way. The two bands act as exact opposite mediums, it seems. One to chill out to, and one to fucking rip with. Pretty cool idea.

The songs are fucking intense. Even the intro track, "Rainbow of Death," get you pumped. They sound like straight up thrashy punk, like Surf Nazis Must Die (check them out too!), but with this Japanese poppy-punk thing in a few of the songs. Check the song "Nice Happy Day." Very weird song titles too. "Turbonekronomicon" and "Hellbent for Kitty" are my favorites. I really hope some of you get the musical references in a lot of the songs.

This is one of the few bands that you can actually feel the energy on. I only know of two different bands that can capture that feeling, one being Charm and the other being Charles Bronson. By the way, these guys are French. Just thought I'd share that.


1. Rainbow of Death
2. Nice Happy Day
3. Turbonekronomicon
4. Death Rock & Rollerskates
5. Bayonne uber Alles
6. Corpse-Paint Cowboy
7. Five- Finger Discount Anthem
8. Hellbent for Kitty
9. Transylvanian Princess
10. Hellectric Guitarmy
11. Dark Funeral
12. Fuck the Future
13. Hello! Candy Kill

Monday, December 3, 2007

Suiciety- Accelerate the Process...This Means War!

A great CD-R demo from a sadly defunct CT crust band. As far as I know, this is the only thing they recorded. I only had the privilege of seeing them live once. Oh, what a great show that was. All six members were there so they said, "LET"S PLAY!" Members of other bands lent them gear and they played an amazing set. The pit was awesome, and I'll never forget that show for awhile. I don't really remember who else played, except for C.O.I. and THEM. Such a good memory.

As far as crust goes, this stuff is great. Kinda like THEM, but with a grittier sound, instead of just drunk. So fucking D.I.Y. they put it out for $1 a pop. Too bad these guys aren't around anymore, but cherish these good tunes. Later on I'll post a scan of the lyrics sheet. Xeroxed, bitch!


1. American Waste
2. Self Made Cell
3. Sanctions
4. Routine
5. Break These Chains
6. Nothing's Sacred
7. Suiciety
8. Nothing Lasts Forever
9. We're Guilty
10. Pukin' Away Another Night
11. FUCT