Monday, October 26, 2009

George Bitch, Jr. Demo Tape

There's nothing like a little French powerviolence to kick off another beautiful afternoon, eh, braddah? George Bitch, Jr. in all it's glory, is one of those said Frenchies, and they obviously go great in any powerviolence mp3 collection. Right between Rainbow of Death and your favorite "skate-thrash" band. If you like Assholeparade, Fruit Salad, or Final Draft, then give these guys a proper listen. 14 songs in just over 15 minutes, sucka!WWWW!


1) You Don't Fuck Me With Your Trends
2) On/Off
3) With Nietsche Under My Arm They'll See How Intellectual I Am
4) Can't Wait To Be What I'm Supposed To Be
5) How About We Kill Some More Animals To Give The Impression Of Scientific Progress
6) Locked And Happy
7) Fuck Education We Need More Jails
8) Ronald Eats 3rd World
9) Conservative Shit
10) Hurry Up Honey, Dead People On TV
11) Britney Won't Have Intercourse Until She's Married
12) Pentsaka Ekin
13) Ever Since I Bought This Pro-Choice T-Shirt I Fuck Much More Often
14) Let's Burn And Break Stuff Because We Can

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2UP - Teenage Mondo Trash

Fuck yes! 2 man group, not for the faint of heart. Pace your pacemakers. Drums, guitar, and fucking weird vocals. Japanese experimental, minimalist rock. Or no wave, if you want to get technical about it. For fans of Ruins, Melt-Banana, XBXRX, and other "out there" rock.

Some real ragers on this one, poi. I also have their split 7" with Yip-Yip somewhere, so that might be interesting to post here sometime. Total acid rock, methinks.


1. Byun Byun
2. Karutairo
3. Sirloin
4. Gath
5. Sauce
6. Barikan
7. Tochica
8. Kirimakura
9. Rope
10. Hammer
11. Mop
12. Torepan
13. Monpe
14. Halley's Comet
15. Weinner Coffee
16. Semedain

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In The Shit - 4 song demo

Sick fast grind band from Boston, MA!!! I've been finding out about sweet grind bands lately in Boston, and I'm pumped that these guys don't let down. Only four songs on this one, clocking in at about 3 minutes, and every single one sounds amazing.

Really sick vocals on this one, but as far as I know they're in the shoppe for a new singer. I think...I know that they were having trouble with that for a little while. Sweet grind, like a mix between MK-Ultra and Hewhocorrupts (FUCK YOU IF YOU DON"T HEAR IT! I WAS JUST LISTENING TO BOTH, THERE ARE SIMILARITIES!)

If you've heard their demo before this one, just a rehearsal demo, sick fucking grind too. Just shitty quality. I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

check em out on their myspace


1. Public Hangings On Mass Ave
2. Hey, Gurl, You Wanna End Up Dead in Dorchester Bay?
3. Die Alone or You're A Pussy
4. Full Blown Piece of Shit

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aerosols 1st 7"

As fast as any bands on the awesome Youth Attack label, fucking ferocious hardcore. Short as hell EP, too. They play a good 3 minutes or so when they play live. I read somewhere that they're finally doing a "full-length," but I can't find where now, and I have a hunch that it just might be the three EPs re-released on a 12" if it's true.

Any new info on this amazing new phenomenon, let me know in some comments!!! I'd like to get a copy of that shit either way.


1. Worthless
2. On The Fence
3. Fuck The Pavement
4. Sanitation
5. Cock History

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unwound - A Single History

My friend just showed me this band, I think that they're pretty good. 90's style alternative rock, every now and then some mathy parts. I know virtually nothing about this band, they have a shitload of material, and this album in particular collects some random songs from singles, compilations, etc. For some reason, this download included the B-side from their 12" EP, "The Light At The End of The Tunnel is a Train," (the song by the same name) But instead of removing it, I decided to keep it in, to give you more of a feel of the band, I suppose. It's a little Sonic-Youthy to me, but that's not really a bad thing. Really just a long noisy jam just over 10 minutes.

I really dig this band, so just try this shiite. It da bomb.


1. Mile Me Deaf
2. Broken E-Strings
3. Totality
4. MK Ultra
5. Seen Not Heard
6. Caterpillar
7. Miserific Condition
8. Everything Is Weird
9. Negated
10. Said Serial
11. Census
12. Plight
13. Stumbling Block
14. Eternalux
15. New Radio Hit
16. Crab Nebula

+ that other track, foos.