Monday, October 26, 2009

George Bitch, Jr. Demo Tape

There's nothing like a little French powerviolence to kick off another beautiful afternoon, eh, braddah? George Bitch, Jr. in all it's glory, is one of those said Frenchies, and they obviously go great in any powerviolence mp3 collection. Right between Rainbow of Death and your favorite "skate-thrash" band. If you like Assholeparade, Fruit Salad, or Final Draft, then give these guys a proper listen. 14 songs in just over 15 minutes, sucka!WWWW!


1) You Don't Fuck Me With Your Trends
2) On/Off
3) With Nietsche Under My Arm They'll See How Intellectual I Am
4) Can't Wait To Be What I'm Supposed To Be
5) How About We Kill Some More Animals To Give The Impression Of Scientific Progress
6) Locked And Happy
7) Fuck Education We Need More Jails
8) Ronald Eats 3rd World
9) Conservative Shit
10) Hurry Up Honey, Dead People On TV
11) Britney Won't Have Intercourse Until She's Married
12) Pentsaka Ekin
13) Ever Since I Bought This Pro-Choice T-Shirt I Fuck Much More Often
14) Let's Burn And Break Stuff Because We Can

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  1. Request:
    Septic Deth Bootleg?

    - Steve Turbo