Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yukon - Mortar

One crazy delicous band from Baltimore, MD. Awesome rock arrangements, reminds me of a more complex Ed Kemper Trio, with some Fugazi melody thrown in. Pretty sweet stuff, really hard to find too, I got this from a friend of mine, I think. If anyone has any of their out of print stuff, e-mail me!! I'd like to get more of the rock.


1. Legsick
2. Consolation Enterprise
3. Gough
4. Ribosome
5. Mt. Pleasant
6. Formation Prevention
7. Wall
8. Pedestrian

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cruiser - Sunshine Woman

Good old Portland, OR. I can't beleive this band has only two people in it. This is some of the craziest two-man stuff I've ever heard, in that there isn't any loops being deployed at any time. One track, "Frampo," sounds like there are four or five different guitar parts going on at the same time, but still.. NO LOOPS!!! All finger-picked guitar work (unless I got even more wrong information), with some killer drums to boot. They had this posted for free on their bandcamp page (, I just separated the tracks and uploaded it to mediafire. I think I did it right; I think I might've gotten some of the song names wrong, since the scan of the track list was kind of difficult to make out. There are a few interludes in between a few songs, also. This was self-released in a run of 100 tapes. They're all gone now, so just enjoy their great music.


1. Bondo
2. Critter
3. Dude Stomps
4. A Pinnacle Statement
5. Untitled
6. Dames
7. Hexer
8. Untitled
9. Glass Heel
10. Physical Library
11. Untitled
12. Frampo
13. Golden Coldie
14. Untitled

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aerosols - 3rd 7"

The third EP from this elusive Boston hardcore outfit. There's almost no info on them anywhere (last time I checked), and all of their stuff has been released on the awesome hardcore label Youth Attack Records, run by Mark McCoy (of Das Oath, Charles Bronson, Holy Molar, Failures fame). They are bruuuuuuuuuutaaaaaaaaaallllllllll.


1. National Tragedy
2. Culture Warrior
3. Freedom Fucker
4. Reagan Was Reagan
5. Sick of Jock

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vacuum Tree Head - Thirteen! Album Review

I have no idea how many people actually have heard of these guys before, how popular they are, etc. but they remain one of the most creative and strange bands to exist. Their newest album, THIRTEEN!, is by far some the best material I've heard by them. This is also one of the best productions I've ever heard on an album, PERIOD (you might disagree with me, but my speakers have never spewed better sounding clarity before this). These songs sound more stuctured than some of their other albums, such as Excel (Eye Eye), or The Oob Eye Works, and is definitely the shortest output, clocking in at about 20 minutes. But what a release!!

Explaining this band to someone new is almost impossible. The songs can't really be described in words, unless you describe each individual song in its own giant paragraph. They mash together orchestral and arabian themes, some flamenco and electronica thrown in, and while previous efforts were somewhat loosely written, probably to allow for a good deal of improvisation, these songs are a lot more tight-knit. You can hear a number of other influences, ranging from Frank Zappa and Sun Ra to King Crimson and Led Zeppelin. Even throw in a few early hardcore punk bands, such as Black Flag and Husker Du. They mash together such a wide range of musical sounds and turn it all into something completely their own, making the entire concept behind the band completely genius.

This album was recorded between 2002 and 2009, (ironic enough, this being as short as it is) with 15 songs ranging from 24 seconds to just under 3 minutes. Along for the ride are musicians from a load of other avante-garde groups such as Moe Staiano (from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) Rich Corny and Justin Markovits (from Interstellar Grains), and Keith Abrams (from Time of Orchids), among a lot of other great musicians. Not to mention the VTH crew, featuring the band's brainchild Jason Berry on woodwinds, synthesizers, percussion, and more, vocalists Sylvia Gordon and Lucy Foley, and Charles Lloyd and Michael de la Cuestra on sitar, guitars, and more. This is not an album to be missed by anyone with a sweet tooth for the abnormal, the other-worldly, or just the plain curious.

This album has just come out, so I don't feel right just putting up the entire album for a free download, but here is one great track off of the album for you to sample. Support these guys and everything that they do! They're amazing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, if you've never heard of're probably new to the site. I talk about these guys a lot. The last time was about their tour, and along with that, almost the same exact tour CD posted here, entitled Fruit Salad. Well, after said tour, they ran into some stupid snags involving their drummer, and, long story short, with all the drama unattached, this is their re-recorded EP, better quality than the last (A LOT BETTER QUALITY) and all done with a new drummer (formerly of the grind band Hayworth, out of Rhode Island). Every copy of the CD is hand-made in a one-of-a-kind fashion. As Joe, their bassist might say; it's baller. If you like, support; don't be a moosik mooch. Message them at their new myspace for more info.


1. The Jingle
2. Tuesday Night Turtles
3. Dino The Dino
4. Coco The Sea Lion
5. Crank That Cracker Jack Bingo