Monday, June 29, 2009

Obsesif Kompulsif - The Taste Of Thrash

Yeah, been gone awhile......don't care what you have to say 'bout it, bitch. Here's a good fucking companion to the Elastic Death album posted before this one, seeing as these two bands will be on a split CD co-released by my very own Buddha Khan records!!! (I know....blowing smoke up my ass....blow it out yours) It'll be out within the next month, so check back often-ish.

Anyway...the CD. Fucking ripper, if I do say so myself. I can honestly say that these guys are one brutal band. Hailing from Indonesia, they are one of the more legit bands around right now. Hardcore as fuck, nice powerviolence, think Fuck On The Beach and Capitalist Casualties (sort of; just what came to mind, heh heh). They even cover a song by Vitamin X. But I can only say shit in so many dis shizzit, son!


1. Small Show Great Friends
2. The Old Man Winning
3. Luxuriant Stole My Friend
4. School Not Cruel
5. What Happen With Me
6. Evil Never Heard
7. Don't Blame My Genetic
8. Hanya Memuji Bukan Memuja
9. Harga Mati Untuk Tetap Hidup
10. Fake Human Unity
11. Cuma-cuma Belajar si Doel aja Jadi Insyinyur
12. See Thru Their Lies (Vitamin X)/Way It Was (Secret Seven)
13. [Unknown Name....]
14. Pemberontakan Itu Mahal
15. Reaksioner Membabi Buta
16. Makan Sampe Kenyang
17. Hantam Hajar Sikat
18. I'm Fall In Love With You
19. Budi Kenal Rasanya Bentoel

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Elasticdeath - Monster Inside Us

Elasticdeath are a powerviolence band from Brazil, and man, do they fucking THRASH! Whoo! They'll be having a split CD out soon later this year with the Indonesian band Obsesif Kompulsif, a split release between Buddha Khan Records, Teriak Records, Tarung Records, De Wok Records, Sukma Records, and Suhatkore Records. Should be sweet.

Reminiscent of bands like Spazz and Hoy Pinoy, these guys dish it out, hardcore styleeeee. The lyrics range from themes of unity, pollution, and other staples in hardcore, to songs about Shaolin (totally Spazz, yo) and Ultraman. There's even a lyrics sheet in the file. Hell yeah, bitches. A great powerviolence band with a great attitude. I'm hoping these guys stick around for a long time.


1. Death And Sorrow
2. The Shaolin Masters Have No Mercy
3. Mr. Kato And His Boring Life
4. The Air You Breath Is Poisoned
5. Prelude For a Bloody Vengeance
6. I Against The World Of Shit
7. I'm Dead
8. Ultraman Doomed In Rio De Janeiro
9. Ancient Powers of the Blind Master
10. One Way Down To Death
11. Chow Yun-Fat For President
12. Mindless Arrogant
13. JWY