Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charm - Shikami EP

They stole my idea before I even knew about them; I thought I was really fucking cool for coming up with a 7" record with 33rpm on one side and 45 on the other. They beat me to it! Damn! Damn! Damn?

Whatever. Of course they didn't really steal the idea from me, but hell. It's such a cool setup for a vinyl, even if it is a little bit odd and out of place. Side A is a recording session somewhere, I dunno where, and Side B is a different recording session. Great blistering thrash, that's for sure.


They even cover a COC song. That's right. Corrosion of Conformity. Whoo! So download this shit, and like it. Again, they still fit in with BREAKfAST and Mind Of Asian.


1. Yami yo ottekoi
2. Ai-zou
3. Muyounosuke
4. Ame ga tonzura
5. Garakuta 
6. Jin-in-sen
7. Screen Death
8. Sokonasi no heisokukan 
9. Babylon no assyou 
10. Rabid Dogs (Corrosion Of Conformity)


Sunday, April 27, 2008

BREAKfAST - Classic Six Packs

A great Japanese band (some surprise, right?). They play skate thrash with a Minutemen twist; one second will have total thrash destruction and the next will be a nice jazzy breakdown. Anyone that's heard of this band can tell you how great it is. This compiles their first demo and two out-of-print 7" EPs. They also have some other stuff out, like a 12" on 625. I'll try to get that sometime.


1. Jason Adams
2. Sk8 Void
3. BREAKfAST Eat Rice
4. Speed Freaks
5. American Wino
6. Rock, Rock
7. Jason Adams
8. True Do Me?
9. Day Dreamer
10. One Week #2
11. Spit Fire
12. Child's Heart
13. Happens In Easy TV
14. Raining Rage
15. One Grown Up's Mind
16. Speed Freaks
17. Kagami
18. BREAKfAST! Eat Rice


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Straight Edge Kegger REQUEST

Sorry about the pic...only one I could find. Anyway, here's some more Straight Edge Kegger, done on a request, and good thing too.

I love this band, mainly for not taking themselves too seriously. They keep up the chaotic pace of regular awesome bands, and add in an odd sense of humor with their meaningful lyrics. I recently heard that these guys did a split with Unholy Grave. I don't have a clue as to how that one got past me, but I'd like anyone to post a link if they have it. ANYONE! >.<

All that being said, this is a great EP. It's a bit more sloppy than the split LP with Mind of Asian, but whatever. Punk Rock. Some review of this was trying to diss it, saying it was hard to tell what speed it was supposed to be played at. 33 sounded too low for a female singer, and when played at 45 it sounded like smurfs. I thought that was fucking hilarious. If your band is impossible for people to decipher the sound, I think you've accomplished something massive.


1. Hardline Sucks
2. Blind
3. Ya-Yo Drip
4. Banging Retards
5. Lab Rats That Wear Lipstick
6. Attention Craving Lunatics With Ego Trips
7. If Punks Grew On Trees, You'd Be Ripe For The Picking
8. Every Other Note Is The Wrong Note


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clusterfuck/Ratbyte Split

The best Clusterfuck I have, so the best Clusterfuck offered. Intensely over the top 80s style hardcore punk, done the CT way. Short as fuck songs, and some great lyrics to boot. Ratbyte is back with 4 more songs of fucking awesome skatecore (track 1 is the first two songs). If you picked up any of the other Ratbyte stuff I posted, definitely pick this gem up. You can't get it anymore. What a shame. The only thing wrong with this split is that it's not long enough. I need more of Clusterfuck!



1. Nato Needs Shock Treatment
2. Idle And Immoral
3. Flagfucker
4. God Told Me To Buy Stocks
5. Shit Eating Grin
6. Mouthbreathers


7. Break Yourself/Get Lost
8. Wait
9. Search Warrant


Friday, April 4, 2008

MMOTM/Polar Split

Not the typical bands for a post on here, but there's been a few. Mass Movement Of The Moth (MMOTM) play keyboard-driven modern rock, like all the hip youngsters are doing these days. Pretty decent. At least I like it. Polar sound pretty much the same, only without keyboards. Hmm...
Decent enough to give it a try, and pretty entertaining. Just try it out.



1. Seven
2. Silence


3. Cgsoms
4. Saturation