Here's a ton of old links, all together here, divided (sort of) by genre to meet your needs. I have done this in an effort to "clean-up" the site. Some of the old posts will still stay up, as I feel these bands have less exposure than the ones listed here. Good Huntin' !!!

9 Shocks Terror - Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass
California Love - Can't Waste Death
combatwoundedveteran- Duck Down for Torso EP
Conga Fury - Bullshit Disaster EP
Conga Fury - Chaotic Noise
Crossed Out - Discography
Das Oath - S/t (2007)
D.S. 13 - Killed by the kids LP
Dropdead - 1998 LP
Dropdead/Totalitar Split
Dropdead - Discography
Extortion/Septic Surge Split 7"
Fuck on the Beach - Fastcore Chaos Tape
Fuck on the Beach - Endless Summer LP
Fuck on the Beach - Devil CD Single
Fuck on the Beach/Matka Teresa Split 7"
Gang Green - Preschool
Hummingbird of Death - Diagnosis: Delicious 7"
Hummingbird of Death - Goatmeal 5"
No Comment - Discography
Pg. 99 - Document #5
Shank - Coded Messages in Slowed Down Songs
Siege - Drop Dead
Spazz - Dwarf Jester Rising
Spazz/Romantic Gorilla Split LP
Spazz - Crush Kill Destroy
Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor
Trash Talk - S/T EP
Vivisick - Landing to Brazil of Japanese Motherfucker EP
Voetsek - Tinea Cruris EP
Voetsek/Cold War Split 7"
Voetsek/Mind of Asian Split 7"
Weekend Nachos - Its a wonderful Life
Wekend Nachos - Torture EP
Weekend Nachos- Punish and Destroy

50-50 - Skate Gore
Agathocles/Unholy Grave Split LP
Agathocles/Bad Acid Trip Split 7"
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Honkey Reduction
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Frozen Corpse Stuffed with dope
Cattle Decapitation - Human Jerky
Extreme Noise Terror/Trap Them Split 7"
Flagitious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation - Flagitious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation LP
Genghis Tron - Cloak of Love
Genghis Tron - Cape of Hate
Godstomper - Saturday Morning Powerviolence
Godstomper/Hewhocorrupts Split 7"
Hewhocorrupts - The Smell of Money
Infest - No Man's Slave
Insect Warfare - World Extermination
Insect Warfare/Flagitious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation Split 7"
Lesbian - Power Hor
Magrudergrind - Rehashed LP
Magrudergrind/$ylvester $taline Split 7"
Megasus - S/t LP
Municipal Waste/Bad Acid Trip Split 7"
Nuclear Assault - Good Times, Bad Times 12" Single
Phobia - Means of Existence
Rotten Sound/Unholy Grave Split CD
Sawtooth Grin - The Cuddle Monster EP
Sawtooth Grin - Pervavor EP
Unholy Grave - Crucified
Unholy Grave/Dropdead Split
Unholy Grave - Aussie Disorder 2x7"
Unholy Grave - Never Repeat EP
Unholy Grave/The Grade Grubbers Split 7"
Unholy Grave/Voetsek Split 5"
V/A - In these Black Days - Black Sabbath Tribute

AIDS Wolf - Live Deth EP
AIDS Wolf - Cities of Glass LP
AIDS Wolf/Night Wounds Split LP
AIDS Wolf - Pas Rapport Tape
Athletic Automaton/Made in Mexico Split LP
Athletic Automaton - Roman's Empire A.D.
Child Abuse/Octis Split 7"
Child Abuse - S/t
Child Abuse/Zs Split 7"
Fantomas/Melt-Banana Split 2" CD
Fantomas - The Director's Cut
The Flying Luttenbachers - The Void
The Flying Luttenbachers - Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder
Gay Beast - Muti-purpose anti-form 7"
Head Wound City - S/t
Holy Molar - S/T
Holy Molar 10"
Holy Molar/Ex Models Split 7"
Holy Molar - Cavity Search
The Locust/Man is the Bastard Split 10"
The Locust - S/t
The locust/Arab on Radar split 7"
Melt-Banana - Cellscape
Melt-Banana - Scratch or stitch
Melt-Banana - 13 Hedgehogs
Melt-Banana - Teeney Shiney
Melt-Banana - 666 6"
Melt-Banana - Snake Song/Love Song 5"
Melt-Banana Initial T. 7"
Miracle of Birth/Child Abuse Split
Ruins - Refusal Fossil      pt.1   pt. 2
Upsilon Acrux - Last Train Out
xbxrx - Europe Tour 7"
xbxrx - Sixth in Sixes LP
Zs - Zs
Zs - Arms

The Advantage - S/T 
An Albatross - 1. Sex 2. Bird 3. Cake (Demo)
An Albatross - Eat Lighting, Shit thunder
An Albatross - We Are the lazer viking
An Albatross - Blessphemy
Boris - 1970 7" Single
Boris - Smile
Dirty Projectors - Ascending Melody 7"
Melvins - Eggnog EP
Tera Melos - Drugs to the Dear Youth 10" EP
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats