Wednesday, April 22, 2009

God Is My Co-Pilot - My Sinister Secret Agenda

YEAH! I like this EP better than the previous posted An Appeal To Reason 7". Just a lot of really cool songs (well, 5 cool songs). A noisy punk/rock/noise/jam band, or something like that. The best description is Butt Trumpet and Vacuum Tree Head having sex with each other. No birthing necessary, just the sex part. Not exactly essential, but a really interesting and strange band. If you're into anything different, check these guys (and gals) out. By the way, there's digeredoo on "Sound of Wings." Just thought I'd throw that out there.

TRACK LISTL:L"{::::::::

1. Straight Not
2. Eye Contact
3. Suck On Some Ice
4. Bicycle Girls
5. Sound Of Wings

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comus - To Keep From Crying

It's a shitty day over here today, so here. O Happy Day. The only other album these guys did other than First Utterance, and not as good by a long shot. In comparison, keeping in mind that this is still the same band, this album BLOWS. But not as bad as the many people shitting on this as you might think. By the way, still a folk band.

Their first album was really trippy, with not as much drums as much as everything else. Just a bunch of different percussion instruments. This album has a more "popular" and accessible sound, complete with a real drumset, like a regular 70s progressive band. Not extremely bad, but also not anything to blow you away with. "Down Like A Movie Star" is probably the best song on this; at least it's my favorite.


1. Down Like A Movie Star
2. Touch Down
3. Waves And Caves
4. Figure In Your Dreams
5. Children Of The Universe
6. So Long Supernova
7. Perpetual Motion
8. Panophany
9. Get Yourself A Man
10. To Keep From Crying
11. After The Dream

Friday, April 3, 2009

Failures - S/T

YEAH! Mark McCoy's new band. You don't know Mark McCoy? Of Charles Bronson, Das Oath, VMW, and Holy Molar? Well, what a treat. Or, what a waste, depending on how you look at it. You see, this band sounds exactly like Das Oath, or a Das Oath style band, but with less polished recordings and less sarcastic song titles (a la McCoy). Personally, I think that this album is fucking great, being a big fan of the chaotic thrashy punk styles of his former band, but if you were expecting something different, and aren't looking forward to hearing more of the same, then you might want to pass this one up. I was disappointed when Das Oath broke up, so I'm pumped that the style of this band is so similar. I'm wondering if this one will last for more albums though...


1. Cheer Up
2. Blame
3. Friends
4. Stay Home
5. Privacy
6. Parents
7. Motivation
8. Middle Age
9. Procedures
10. Serious Goals
11. I've Done Unspeakable Things Again
12. Crowning Achievement
13. Time Well Spent
14. Fill In