Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comus - To Keep From Crying

It's a shitty day over here today, so here. O Happy Day. The only other album these guys did other than First Utterance, and not as good by a long shot. In comparison, keeping in mind that this is still the same band, this album BLOWS. But not as bad as the many people shitting on this as you might think. By the way, still a folk band.

Their first album was really trippy, with not as much drums as much as everything else. Just a bunch of different percussion instruments. This album has a more "popular" and accessible sound, complete with a real drumset, like a regular 70s progressive band. Not extremely bad, but also not anything to blow you away with. "Down Like A Movie Star" is probably the best song on this; at least it's my favorite.


1. Down Like A Movie Star
2. Touch Down
3. Waves And Caves
4. Figure In Your Dreams
5. Children Of The Universe
6. So Long Supernova
7. Perpetual Motion
8. Panophany
9. Get Yourself A Man
10. To Keep From Crying
11. After The Dream


  1. very good band, first album is sick.
    thanks for music, i found very interesting bands.

  2. I apologise, but you could not paint little bit more in detail.

  3. Actually, first utterance is by far the least interesting of the two.. Mind youi, bought keep from crying back in the mid 70's :)

  4. You're a close-minded fool to dis this album, but thanks for the download! Remember, 'progression' is the keyword here.

  5. Excelente, por fin lo consigo...Gracias!!

  6. Down Like a Movie Star, last 2 minutes of To Keep From Crying and especially Children of the Universe are great songs, better than almost anything on First Utterance, but the album as a whole is obviously poorer than its predecessor.

    By the way, Touch Down, Figure in Your Dreams, Perpetual Motion, So Long Supernova, Down Like a Movie Star - does any of them sound "like a regular 70s progressive band"? Rather like something between a folk and a pop band, closer to the latter...

  7. Bobbie has such a beautiful voice. This Album is clearly progression, and with 3 original band members there is reason to believe in the integrity of this album.