Friday, August 20, 2010

Bill Shatnerrr - You Put the Round Burger on the Sqaure Wonderbread EP

Some awesome spastic hardcore, jumping all over the place. Lots of crazy dissonant "grind and groove" riffs, plenty of off-kilter breakdowns, all the while interrupting itself every now and then amongst the chaos with a clean guitar. If you've heard their demo from awhile back last year, then you should know that the songs only suffered from the recording quality. Now you can have all that cake, and smash it too. These are TIGHT, motherfucker!!


1. That's a Duck, Not A Dick...
2. Brick with t'hook in'tit
3. Youwouldn'tconsiderthissoshitifyouwereactuallyanygoodatit

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gorge Trio - Open Mouth, O Wisp

One of them albums that makes you hate me even more. Piano, guitar, and drums, all seemingly improv, but the inclusion of the track "Intimate Addition," probably the most intense tropical song to ever exist, suggests otherwise, leaving you to speculate on whether or not these guys are just making noise. I guess it's up to you to decide.


1. A Comedy in the Sun
2. Memo To an Apparition
3. Plum Sign
4. Words
5. The Invisible Student
6. Intimate Addition
7. Dawn of a Piccolo
8. Roof Halves and Dewdrop Gems
9. The Lurker
10. Triangles
11. Youth Island
12. Diving a Hot Spot
13. Living with Tigers
14. The Spa Bird
15. Paris Trap
16. That Pilot Set
17. Bitter Drum
18. Masks for Quilts
19. Health Seekers
20. The Age of Almost Living
21. Open Mouth, O Wisp
22. Treasure House in Amber