Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vaginal Bear Trap - Piss Drunk On Menstrual Blood

Yeah. They went there. Not exactly sure where there is, though. But who doesn't like a little grind every now and then? The first time I heard this, I couldn't help but start laughing when I hear a clip from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." I thought, this shit better not let me down now that it has my attention. And, it didn't. Go figure!

If you like the sort of grind such as Bad Acid Trip, Laceration, Birdflesh, etc. Then check these sukkas out.


1. Scalping The Chief
2. Stream of Conscience
3. Abortions, Apple Pie, and USA!!!
4. Existential Despair
5. Narcoleptic Wet Dream
6. Nocturnal Emission
7. Piss Drunk on Menstrual Blood