Friday, June 20, 2008

MK-Ultra - Melt

More MK-Ultra, due to the great response on the split with Seein' Red. But fuck that right now; live in the now. Like this post right here. I don't remember where I got this from, I think I just downloaded it from Am I Mean? or something.

If you like any kind of fucking in-your-face hardcore then give these guys a try. Intelligent lyrics, and some great songs.


1. Melt
2. Bring Me The Head Of Tony Victor
3. Hooray For The Unabomber
4. Voyeur At A Car Wreck
5. The Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull
6. Once You're Done/Over The Counter
7. Universal Product Code
8. Swept Under The Fucking Rug
9. My Rules (Void)
10. Killing For College Money

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

xBrainiax - The Empire Blasts Back

One of those bands that you just have to like, even if you don't want to. No pic for this one, but you can make due. This is one of their demos, and if you need to learn any more, you can find it out by yourself. It was released on Not Very Nice Tapes.


1. Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
2. Sinking Your Flag Ship
3. Pick Up Real Change
4. Idiot Box
5. Capitalists Have Nagasaki Wet Dreams
6. B-Beat
7. My Way
8. Revenge!
9. Young Republicans Fuck Off
10. Hacked To Chunks (No Comment Cover)

That Yellow Bastard EP

That Yellow Bastard is giving this away for download on their myspace, so I guess it's okay for me to post it here, too. These guys are fucking sick, so listen a bit. They are genuine in their sound.

They're grindcore, if you were wondering, and you've heard stuff like this before, yet at the same time this is a completely new sound. Technical guitar riffs, screaming, etc. Nothing out of place. Even the keyboards aren't anything supremely odd. I have no idea what the attraction is to this band, but fuck. Maybe you can pinpoint it. You have to agree with me, though; these guys are fucking killer. Whoot.


1. Bubblehead Scientist
2. Gated Community Murders
3. Glass Bottom Boat
4. Life Goes Splat
5. Escape Artist