Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Third Death/[All Those Opposed]/Hulk-Out 3-Way

Well, this is a great one-sided 12" LP, three bands from Providence shredding it up. I don't know where the All those Opposed tracks went, so sorry....they were the weakest tracks of the lot, in my opinion. Third Death, as you know, RULES!! Hulk-Out, as you should know, RULES!!! All insane skate-thrash in the vain of The Poopy Butts, Scholastic Death, and any others that are for one reason or another just not coming to mind right now.

[Third Death]

1. If My Skateboard Had a Mouth it would Eat Pizza
2. Until the Death
3. Fuck Buddy
4. Late Night Sessions
5. Time With You
6. Skate Crew
7. Acid Drop
8. Dumpster Dive
9. People Change
10. Lights Stay On


13. The Rhode Island Smoking Ban Is An Epic Piece Of Legislation
14. The Sharks Are A Legitimate Association Of Likeminded Bicyclists
15. Chan's Brother Is A Fucking Cyborg And I Think That's Fucking Rad
16. The Lead Singers of Your Favorite Bands Are Probably Assholes
17. If You Lost 125lbs You'd Write A Song About It Too, Asshole
18. Every Day I Pray For Zombies/(Dry Poop), White Lightning

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Godzik Pink - S/T 7"

Some avant-jazz stuff I've been into lately, really skronked and strange. Features Eric Kiersnowski from Totally Serious and formerly of Upsilon Acrux (that's a band that's been popping up a lot around here...Jesus, everything is fucking related). Godzik isn't together anymore, unfortunately, putting out only 4 EPs and a couple songs on a few comps. Coming together in a whirl of skewed dissonant harmony, with songs barely going over the 2:30 mark. If you're into weird jazzy-type stuff, (Flying Luttenbachers, Mouse on the Keys, 16-17, etc.) then this might be up your alley.


1. Nursery Lime
2. East Coast/West Coast Unity (A Cry For Peace)
3. He Hits Her
4. Scorching Summer Nights

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clan of the Cave Bear/Self Destruct Button 7"

I haven't scanned the artwork, which is unfortunate, since there are great drawings on each side. But you should be here for the music. CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR, from Cleveland, OH, do a two-man progressive grind/metal/noise thing that not too many folks could compare to. Got this when I saw them with Upsilon Acrux and Stats in Brooklyn at Death by Audio. They RULE live. SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON, also from Cleveland, do melodic, yet abstract rock. Off kilter as hell, you might want to listen to that for a few times, just to soak it in as much as possible. Also, additional info on either band would be much appreciated. They're both pretty elusive.


1. Two Chimps on a Davenport (CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR)
2. Egg Collection (SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON)
3. Key Lime Pie (Head Roast) (SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Totally Serious - Live Stuff

Totally Serious is Jesse Appelhans on drums and Eric Kiersnowski on bass. They've both played in Upsilon Acrux, Jesse was also in Bad Dudes, Eric was in Godzik Pink, among many other great ones. If you dug anything by Ruins, or even that Weird Legs post a few weeks back, then give this one a go. They really don't have an album, nothing really other than live recordings and a few youtube videos. I ripped the sound off the videos I found awhile back, so here they are. Enjoy!


1. Unknown Live Track
2. Unknown Live Track
3. We Need To Talk (Live)
4. Are You Sitting Down? (Live)
5. I've Been Thinking (Live)

Friday, July 2, 2010

2 New Blogfinds

My friend in Cleveland just started up a blog of his own, calling it Emploit the Xasses. From the looks of the few posts on there already, this will range from art to suggested reading, reviews, music, and all within that narrow alternative with such a wide perspective. I guess. Check it out, show some love!

The second find is more of that, showcasing obscure (at least to me) movies, comics, music, and books for all those folks sick of the ordinary. AHHH! My Indie Cred (as they call it) is a new favorite of mine, run by numerous posters, ranging from Indie Rock and electronic music to Black Metal to Jazz, from Horror and Gore to Drama to Anime, postmodern novels, just to name a few.

I think that if you're a fan of anything a bit more out of the ordinary, then these sites might be right up your alley, holmes. Check them out feverishly, make them your homepage, your only window into the outside. Or just click a few links and see what the hubbub is about.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winning - Could We Believe in Magic?

For those of you that enjoyed the previous Winning album, here's more skewed broken pop craziness from Canada's most damaged band. Like said before, for fans of U.S. Maple, Captain Beefheart, and others of the like.


1. Church of Stuff
2. Taking Fort Somber
3. Fame Won't Bring The Ones We Love Back From The Grave
4. Voyager
5. Weird Weight
6. Wounded Knee
7. Hang Your Oldest Horse
8. I Was Naked Once, It Was Terrible
9. We're Dumb Mouths
10. They're Big Drugs
11. 3.2.1. Perfume
12. Our Queen Whom the Dogs are Eating
13. Bank on Notes