Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winning - Could We Believe in Magic?

For those of you that enjoyed the previous Winning album, here's more skewed broken pop craziness from Canada's most damaged band. Like said before, for fans of U.S. Maple, Captain Beefheart, and others of the like.


1. Church of Stuff
2. Taking Fort Somber
3. Fame Won't Bring The Ones We Love Back From The Grave
4. Voyager
5. Weird Weight
6. Wounded Knee
7. Hang Your Oldest Horse
8. I Was Naked Once, It Was Terrible
9. We're Dumb Mouths
10. They're Big Drugs
11. 3.2.1. Perfume
12. Our Queen Whom the Dogs are Eating
13. Bank on Notes

1 comment:

  1. The album art reminds me of drawings from one of my favorite artists,Paul Mccarthy. check him out, he's a trip. Forty plus years of work too, fucking amazing.