Sunday, August 31, 2008


My "label," BUDDHA KHAN RECORDS, just released a CD-R of the Rhode Island band, ANISETTE. It's a collection of the first years of the band. They never officially released any of the shit on here, so I guess this is all exclusive. BONUS!

Check 'em out here.

You can buy this for $5 through the mail, or at any Anisette shows. If you're interested, then e-mail for more info. This is a 15 track CD; about 40 minutes of music from an awesome band, for only $5!!!!! What's to lose?

[tried to get some mp3s on here, but it didn't work. Here's A Tracklist]

6. Dragon
7. Why Can't Everyone Be Like Danny Tanner?
8. The Timeline of a Stopped Heart
9. It's Called A jump To Conclusions Board
10. Interlude
11. Sherpa
12. Porcupine
13. Skulltula
14. Sherpa

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

V/A Save You RE-UP

A great compilation featuring Devoid of Faith, C.R., so I Had to Shoot him, and The Judas Iscariot.

The Devoid of Faith track isn't actually that good, but the remaining three songs here are fucking amazing. So i had to Shoot Him does some great strangling grind, very psyched out stuff. The Judas Iscariot does a good track of bass-driven powerviolence/hardcore that most can only hope to achieve. C.R.'s track is fucking killer, too, which is saying a lot, since I'm not particularly a fan of them. Overall, a great 7" compilation (I actually already re-upped this before in the re-up posts, but fuck. This needs special attention.)


1. Combination Lock (So I Had To Shoot Him)
2. Father's Little Failure (C.R.)
3. Inherent (Devoid of Faith)
4. Young Werther and Sisyphus (The Judas Iscariot)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Schlong - Squatting On The Pot

No pic for this, since I have no scanner. This is a good record, for true. My copy was a little fucked up, so there's some shit that sounds messed up during the rip. Nothing too bad, mostly just crackle and pop from scratches.

Featuring Dave Mello from Operation Ivy, his brother or something Pat Mello, and some other guy named Gavin McArthur, they do a weird jam/jazz/punk blend. The ultimate experience in odd music. If you like Dead Milkmen, or Mr. Bungle, then you might like these guys.


1. Christigerator
2. Bong Hit
3. Rats
4. The Trilogy
5. Rainy Days And Mondays (The Carpenters)
6. Arsurfing (Paul Bae And The Ventures)
7. Shattered Life
8. Sore Thumb
9. Human Nature (Michael Jackson)

Friday, August 22, 2008

AxRxMx - Play Fucking Fast Demo

Awesome demo from this awesome powerviolence quad from California. Good ol' thrashing powerviolence. If you don't know these guys, then take this time to download this awesome shit by them. You can pretty much find all their stuff now, except for the "Man Consumes And The World Dies" demo; just do a little searching.


1. Foo We Want The Dank
2. Bitchass Budokai
3. Cowboys Can Skate Too
4. Eat Fresh, Get Skinny
5. Fuck That Shit
6. Fuck That, Gimmie Waffles
7. Let's Make Out
8. Pink Pink Pinkosos
9. Ice Cube...Stick To Rapping Cuz Your Movies Suck
10. Cowboys Can Skate Too (Live)
11. Bitchass Budokai (Live)
12. Eat Fresh ,Get Skinny (Live)
13. Ice Cube...Stick To Rapping Cuz Your Movies Suck (Live)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monotract - Trueno Oscuro REQUEST...sort of.

This one's for Gumo Ga. You asked me for something like AIDS Wolf or Arab On Radar; this is the only thing I could find that comes close enough. It comes more close to Arab, although it's nothing really like them at all. Not quite.

Some really strange things going on here, just...strange. Think Arab on Radar having impromptu jam sessions with White Mice or Sightings with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum stepping in every now and then (I probably could find a better description of this band if I used my imagination. But I won't). Fucking weird.

I like these guys a lot, since while they don't sound like anything new, they blend styles of other bands to create some type of synthetic outlook on this type of music. What would you call this shit? Indie-prog? Avante-garde power-slop? Let me know of what you think...


1. Muddy Thunder
2. Under My Arm
3. The Ballad Of Lechon
4. Big N
5. Cafu Y Koka
6. Red Tide
7. Mar Rojo

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ging Nang Boyz - Ai Don Wana Dai

I finally got some Ging Nang Boyz stuff! I got four of their albums, and here's one of them. I guess this is just some single, since It's only got two songs; they're both pretty long songs though...

Ging Nang Boyz are this really energetic punk/pop band from Japan. NOT your average shitty airwave band, even though these guys get airplay too. Check this shit out if you're into Japanese rock bands, they kick ass. If you can find the video for "Ai Don Wana Dai," then it's hilarious. Check it out.


1. Ai Don Wana Dai
2. Touhoku Shinkansen Ha Chihiro Chan Wo Nosete

Friday, August 15, 2008



(I'll keep this up until it reaches 100 downloads. Yeah, I know Seeein' Red did that too. What of it?)


1. Fake Mustache
2. Protein Donor
3. Pregnant In Hollywood
4. Graduate Of The Pissing Moment

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Now all you fuckers can do me a huge favor! Please?

Add my other band, BANANAFISH!

check us out!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Assfactor 4 - S/T

Their first full length, after a few 7 inches and compilation tracks. One of those dreaded "screamo" bands, I guess, but these guys are good. They can match up to The End Of the Century Party, or Palatka, or any of those types of bands. They don't have those supremely useless whiny vocals like Glassjaw or shit like that; only hard-hitting screaming and chaotic music.


1. Hey Stinky
2. Life Is Wacky
3. I Rekon
4. Mama Yongue
5. Fuck Hate Breeders
6. This Shit Is For The Birds
7. #1 Main
8. Dear Grampa
9. Burger-Rock
10. Billy I Got Your #
11. Dorothy
12. To the Bowers That Be
13. Deleri-Loco
14. Can't Fight The Feeling
15. Nuked Up Dreams
16. Rosewood
17. Attempted Control
18. Assfactor 4

Monday, August 4, 2008

16-17 Early Recordings

16-17 are the revolutionary skronk. Parts Naked City, parts Flying Luttenbachers; everyone doing skronk/jazz/violence/etc. these days has something to owe this band. They kick ass.

All their shit is a fucking huge "organized" mess of drums, sax and bass. I don't remember there being any vocals, but there might be a few tracks with some improvised yelling and screaming.

This is actually a two CD set collecting all their earliest stuff, like the "16-17" and "When All Else Fails" albums that for the longest fucking time was out of print. Now you can actually get this again, since the "SAVAGE LAND" label just re-released it. You can get it on Crucial Blast's distro.



1. Kat
2. Speech
3. Direkt B.
4. Davul
5. Eva 4
6. Bomba Bomba
7. Watch
8. Hardkore I
9. Hardkore II
10. Buffbunker IV
11. Hardkore III
12. Hardkore IV


1. Sneak Preview
2. Pedestrian Dub
3. Browbeaten Beat
4. Who Planned All This?
5. Clap Trap
6. Spit It Out

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Poopy Butts - Songs To Clog Your Toilet To

The Poopy Butts are a skate thrash band. Hilarious lyrics about video games, food, zombies, and skating. Oh, and poop. Fucking awesome riffs and shit. In your fucking face, yo. Fo' sho'. I had these guys play at my basement a little while ago, and they fucking floored the place (even though there was hardly anyone there). Fucking check 'em out sometime, they have a myspace.


1. Resident Evil 4
2. Littering
3. Mikey P
4. Cold Weather
5. Steve Gula Fingered Erica Sullivan
6. Kevin Has Morals
7. ASP
8. Poop Shower
9. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
10. Rob
11. Tim Has White Poop
12. Zombies, Skating, Food
13. Big 3 Nazi
14. Top Ten
15. Addicted to Fruit Snacks
16. Groton
17. Hampton Beach
18. Gorilla
19. Wrong House
20. Ikaruga
21. Shannon, Stop Lying
22. Popsicles and Skate Videos
23. Gebo
24. Revenge Of The Poop Shower