Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monotract - Trueno Oscuro REQUEST...sort of.

This one's for Gumo Ga. You asked me for something like AIDS Wolf or Arab On Radar; this is the only thing I could find that comes close enough. It comes more close to Arab, although it's nothing really like them at all. Not quite.

Some really strange things going on here, just...strange. Think Arab on Radar having impromptu jam sessions with White Mice or Sightings with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum stepping in every now and then (I probably could find a better description of this band if I used my imagination. But I won't). Fucking weird.

I like these guys a lot, since while they don't sound like anything new, they blend styles of other bands to create some type of synthetic outlook on this type of music. What would you call this shit? Indie-prog? Avante-garde power-slop? Let me know of what you think...


1. Muddy Thunder
2. Under My Arm
3. The Ballad Of Lechon
4. Big N
5. Cafu Y Koka
6. Red Tide
7. Mar Rojo


  1. i own this too! lol, its awesome though.

  2. Hahaha. I'll keep looking for something.

  3. thanks for adding my blog here, man!

    great shit here too!


  4. Cool that you guys dig it. We put some fairly hard work into it and are currently working on some new shit.

    - Roger Monotract

  5. Love the site, thank you for putting the time and effort into it. I do have a request though, any chance of uploading some Die Princess Die?