Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Assfactor 4 - S/T

Their first full length, after a few 7 inches and compilation tracks. One of those dreaded "screamo" bands, I guess, but these guys are good. They can match up to The End Of the Century Party, or Palatka, or any of those types of bands. They don't have those supremely useless whiny vocals like Glassjaw or shit like that; only hard-hitting screaming and chaotic music.


1. Hey Stinky
2. Life Is Wacky
3. I Rekon
4. Mama Yongue
5. Fuck Hate Breeders
6. This Shit Is For The Birds
7. #1 Main
8. Dear Grampa
9. Burger-Rock
10. Billy I Got Your #
11. Dorothy
12. To the Bowers That Be
13. Deleri-Loco
14. Can't Fight The Feeling
15. Nuked Up Dreams
16. Rosewood
17. Attempted Control
18. Assfactor 4

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