Monday, August 4, 2008

16-17 Early Recordings

16-17 are the revolutionary skronk. Parts Naked City, parts Flying Luttenbachers; everyone doing skronk/jazz/violence/etc. these days has something to owe this band. They kick ass.

All their shit is a fucking huge "organized" mess of drums, sax and bass. I don't remember there being any vocals, but there might be a few tracks with some improvised yelling and screaming.

This is actually a two CD set collecting all their earliest stuff, like the "16-17" and "When All Else Fails" albums that for the longest fucking time was out of print. Now you can actually get this again, since the "SAVAGE LAND" label just re-released it. You can get it on Crucial Blast's distro.



1. Kat
2. Speech
3. Direkt B.
4. Davul
5. Eva 4
6. Bomba Bomba
7. Watch
8. Hardkore I
9. Hardkore II
10. Buffbunker IV
11. Hardkore III
12. Hardkore IV


1. Sneak Preview
2. Pedestrian Dub
3. Browbeaten Beat
4. Who Planned All This?
5. Clap Trap
6. Spit It Out


  1. Nice post ;)

    Not pretentious like Zorn and waaay fucking better than Luttenbachers in my opinion.

    I wondered if anyone else out there dug these guys.

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