Friday, December 14, 2007

Rainbow of Death- S/T

These guys (and girls) are one of the most ferocious powerviolence bands I've ever heard. Think Romantic Gorilla on speed in France. Never a dull moment at all. Originally released as a 10" record, this exact same band is also known as Monarch, a sludge metal band which is also great in a completely different way. The two bands act as exact opposite mediums, it seems. One to chill out to, and one to fucking rip with. Pretty cool idea.

The songs are fucking intense. Even the intro track, "Rainbow of Death," get you pumped. They sound like straight up thrashy punk, like Surf Nazis Must Die (check them out too!), but with this Japanese poppy-punk thing in a few of the songs. Check the song "Nice Happy Day." Very weird song titles too. "Turbonekronomicon" and "Hellbent for Kitty" are my favorites. I really hope some of you get the musical references in a lot of the songs.

This is one of the few bands that you can actually feel the energy on. I only know of two different bands that can capture that feeling, one being Charm and the other being Charles Bronson. By the way, these guys are French. Just thought I'd share that.


1. Rainbow of Death
2. Nice Happy Day
3. Turbonekronomicon
4. Death Rock & Rollerskates
5. Bayonne uber Alles
6. Corpse-Paint Cowboy
7. Five- Finger Discount Anthem
8. Hellbent for Kitty
9. Transylvanian Princess
10. Hellectric Guitarmy
11. Dark Funeral
12. Fuck the Future
13. Hello! Candy Kill

Monday, December 3, 2007

Suiciety- Accelerate the Process...This Means War!

A great CD-R demo from a sadly defunct CT crust band. As far as I know, this is the only thing they recorded. I only had the privilege of seeing them live once. Oh, what a great show that was. All six members were there so they said, "LET"S PLAY!" Members of other bands lent them gear and they played an amazing set. The pit was awesome, and I'll never forget that show for awhile. I don't really remember who else played, except for C.O.I. and THEM. Such a good memory.

As far as crust goes, this stuff is great. Kinda like THEM, but with a grittier sound, instead of just drunk. So fucking D.I.Y. they put it out for $1 a pop. Too bad these guys aren't around anymore, but cherish these good tunes. Later on I'll post a scan of the lyrics sheet. Xeroxed, bitch!


1. American Waste
2. Self Made Cell
3. Sanctions
4. Routine
5. Break These Chains
6. Nothing's Sacred
7. Suiciety
8. Nothing Lasts Forever
9. We're Guilty
10. Pukin' Away Another Night
11. FUCT

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gu Guai Xing Qiu

Gu Guai Xing Qiu is a french thrashy-powerviolency band. Without guitar. Yes. Just bass, drums and vocals on this one. Quite talented, to tell you the truth. They're very experimental, too. There's not a band I can think of quite like them. Think part Man is the Bastard, part Boredoms, and part Mr. Bungle. But remember: no guitar.

Try to wrap your mind around some of the shit they warp out. One of the best tracks on here is "Fly My Fly," which actually reminds me of Fantomas. You may disagree though. There is so many good songs on here, and none of them really get boring if you're into distorted bass and thrashy/sludge style riffs.

I just wish I had a bigger picture of the album. Oh, one more thing. Since the tracks are mostly in French, they were supposed to have accents and shit over them. This shouldn't matter unless you're a total anal retentive fuck.


1. La Fillie Moche
2. Laogai
3. Mange Le Caca
4. On A Trouve Du Petrole
5. Vengeance
6. Duree De La Vie
7. Lecon De Pekin
8. Tout Plaquer
9. Fly My Fly
10. Chemin Trace
11. Boire Encoire
12. Fait Ton Propre Champ
13. Soldat Frablication

Monday, November 12, 2007

David Carradine- 2007 3" Demo

Here's something for you. A Demo. All recorded live at various times. Only two tracks have bass. Only one song has OK quality. The last three tracks don't count. Only two people care.

David Carradine is my band.

This is pretty much impossible to get, there's only four copies left out of thirty-eight made. They were done on 3" CD-R discs, and the sleeves were Xeroxed. Old School. It was released on August 23rd at our first show as the first Buddha Khan Records release.

So...about the music. We try to pull off this powerviolence thing, but at most get to a hardcore punk stance. Get it if you like anything lo-fi, and generally don't care about how much everything syncs up.


1. Paramedic
2. Green Day
3. Kids in the Sandbox
4. I Like Food (Descendants)
5. Rule 34
6. Amount to Nothing
7. RH
8. Phil in the Blank
9. Salvation Army Beatdown
10. I'm Josh Connell
11. Untitled
12. Untitled


Friday, November 9, 2007

Son of bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! 7" Compilation

One of the Great Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilations on the now sadly defunct Slap-A-Ham Records label. This is the second, and no. I don't have the first one. And I have the third, but the track listing is all messed up...So I gotta try to get that fixed...

IF ANYONE CAN HOOK ME UP WITH A GOOD COPY, EITHER THE Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! CD WITH ALL THREE COMPILATIONS OR THE ORIGINAL 7"s, CHRIST...LET ME KNOW! I'LL PAY REASONABLE MONEY FOR THEM.'ve never heard of these (in)famous comps? Well, what a treat. The whole idea is to cram on as many bands as possible in the entire 14 minutes or so that are on a 7" vinyl record. There's Capitalist Casualties, Cripple Bastards, Macabre, Sockeye, Man is the Bastard, Crossed Out, Phobia, The Melvins, Jump Back Jesus, and a shitload more that I've never heard of. Who cares, with 52 bands doing 69 songs. Fuck Short Songs for Short People. This is the REAL short shit. I'm tired, so I'm not gonna post the track list, which I will later on. I'll change this later when I have more time to kill.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

THEM- Never Was A Pacifist DEMO

THEM is a crusty punk band from Connecticut, around where I live. THEM rocks. This is their first release, a good lil' demo of crust. There's no way to get this anywhere, since it's completely out of print, and they weren't exactly putting out a lot of these in the first place. No idea. I went to school with a few of the original members on here. None of them are in the band anymore, however. Oh well.

I remember someone telling me how drunk they were when they recorded this. Hearing it, you wouldn't guess, it's extremely well recorded for a demo of this nature. They're not as tight as they are on the later two releases, but who is on the first demo? Most aren't on the second, either. Or the third....

I love THEM, since they're also one of the only bands that don't completely suck. (I've said that on the previous local post, regarding Marx Revolution. I'll probably say that about most bands from my area that I post on here.) I saw their first show, I think it was at the Italian Club in Groton. They covered "Police Bastard" by Doom.


1. THEM!
2. Apocalypse Tribe
3. Tony Danza Extravaganza
4. Lice Bomb
5. Tides of War
6. Destroy
7. Social Stigma
8. Untitled

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Romantic Gorilla

More Engrish Fun from this Japanese powerviolence band. They have some of the weirdest lyrics, like in the song "Hanage" (han-a-gay) which is Japanese for "nose hair." 'Nuff said. There's a song about Mario (Super Mario), a song about the singer (Gori), and a song about Kitten Revenge (Kitty Revenge).

There's 19 tracks, and a very pointless bonus track. This is a great example of Japanese powerviolence/thrash bands, of which the majority kick ass. Good bands to check out are Mind of Asian (I've posted 2 of their albums), Fuck on the Beach, Slight Slappers, Slam Chop, Crow Dragon Tea, Charm, and Dudman. I'd like to post some Slam Chop, but I only have some tracks from a compilation.

Here's the Track List:

1. Kitty Revenge
2. Ecology
3. Crisis
4. Touch and Die
5. Time Up
6. Over
7. Too Much Beer
8. Hanage
9. Fear
10. What's Going On?
11. Flush Back
12. Super Mario
13. Gori
14. Try My Chance
15. What Can I Do?
16. The Rush Hour
17. Make A Effort
18. Gorillaman-Show
19. Your Top Secret
20. Pointless Bonus Song

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mind Of Asian- Akai Hana

Mind of Asian is fucking sick. Period. No fucking question. This is the EP before the "LP" I posted the link to earlier this month. This is better, in my opinion, but hey. Don't matter.

I can't really stop listening to one track in particular, called "No Border." Listen to it and you can find out why. Hopefully sometime soon I can afford to get a vinyl ripper, so I can post their Split with Straight Edge Kegger.

If you like ANY Japanese hardcore, you should give this one a try. And anything by them.


1. Trip Brace My Energies
2. No Border
3. Japan is Rotten
4. [Japanese Title]
5. Life
6. One Own Way

Saturday, October 27, 2007

assholeparade- Embers

assholeparade is one hell of a band. This is one of their more recent releases, and it fuckin' floors. I love this album.

If you haven't listened to assholeparade before, I suggest you download the link RIGHT NOW. I mean it.

Track List:

1. Shroom Thrash
2. Biometric Verification
3. Embers
4. Congested Optics
5. Scuba Diving and Politics don't Mix
6. Nailed to the Xbox
7. Closure Bugs
8. Checklist Life
9. Failed to Mention
10. The Uncomfortable Goodbye
11. 10 Items or Less
12. Soldiers 3- The Final Chapter
13. Pasq Doan
14. The Cash-in of The Christ
15. Re-throned Emperor
16. Quarterpipe AKA Fresh off the Slopes
17. Too Much Tragedy
18. Hogtowne Anthem
19. Modern Problems
20. Thaw (Cold World)
21. Still Love Me Moms

Monday, October 22, 2007

Duke Nukem Forever 2007 Demo

Duke Nukem Forever is one of the better bands playing powerviolence today. A little like Charles Bronson, but not quite; a nice touch of thrash, too. Good stuff, holmes. I'll keep this one short, because I don't know much else about this band, other than there's a supposed split coming out between them and WPI (We Play Instruments).There's a lot of nice sound clips, too, from Jumanji to Dennis the Menace. ENJOY.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Mr. Hands is a Whore(se)
3. Blow Job Hand Job Combo
4. Retard Strong
5. L.A.R.D.
6. I Feel a Lump
7. Balls Deep
8. Martyr Complex
9. New Era
10. Outro (LA Meltdown)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ed Kemper Trio

I found out about the Ed KEmper Trio through a movie I got from Crucial Blast Called "People Will Eat Anything." It was a documentary about the underground music scene in Montgomery. There was a whole slew of good bands covered on it, from Spiders and Flies to Supreme Dispassion, to Weak Music For Thomas to the jam/improv/junkyard noise of Liquid Brick, and of course, The Ed Kemper Trio.

Now, the Ed Kemper Trio's music is definately different, but not altogether foreign. At times they remind me of AC/DC, and at times they remind me of Sonic Youth. This is one bizarre indie/punk/rock/experimental band.

One really cool fact about the Montgomery scene of that time was that every single band had a completely different sound. Not a single one sounded alike, even ones that shared members with other bands. That's really something, seeing as most bands nowadays fucking SUCK. Generic, untalented, watered down, etc. To every one of you "punk" bands out there:


I don't think these guys even consider using power chords. Everything sounds abstract and dissonant, yet really blissful. Whoo. My favorite track on here is hands down "How to Escape from Killer Bees," although I'm a little sad that I can't find the album with the song "My Pants on Fire" anywhere. Help out if you can. For now, enjoy this tasty record.

Track List:

1. Killed for This
2. Spells Devil Backwards
3. What's New, No. 2?
4. Scatter
5. Even Burns Underwater
6. And Here's Why
7. A Blow To the Head
8. Pain in Sound Experiment
9. Why Death Works
10. My Least Favorite Part
11. Liquid Flesh
12. Hard and Black
13. Bleeding Strategy
14. How to Escape from Killer Bees
15. Agitate to the Top
16. Little Pink Pencil
17. The Catastrophe Event

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Surf Nazis Must Die

Some of the best hardcore thrash stuff ever. These guys put everything they have into their music, and it comes out great. I know virtually nothing about this band, other than this record is called "Anti Everything EP," and I really don't care.

I love the vocals on this. The guy's voice keeps cracking, and it's great. It doesn't sound completely retarded, either. It's really screechy, so it might get kinda annoying, but hey. I don't care.

I really can't understand the lyrics, but every now and then there's this "sieg heil" thing, and the first song counts off in German. Now, if I were "un-hip" I would think this was nazi worship. hahahaha. What a joke. If you even come close to thinking that, then you have no sense of humor. Loosen up, rex. Jeez.

Besides sporting one of the best names in EVER, these guys rip without over distorting things. This sounds like a thrashy 80s hardcore thing, but better quality. I can't really compare them to any other bands, though. For music of this sort, these guys keep it interesting enough so you can't say "dude, these guys totally ripped off D.R.I." or some shit like that. I can't really say that I have a favorite track off of this album. But if I had to choose, it would be "Emo Kids Blown to Shit" just because of the title. Fucking emo kids...always...being emo.

Track List:

1. I am Angry
2. Emo Kids Blown to Shit
3. Jimmy
4. No One Likes Me
5. Theme Song
6. I'm not Anti-Girls, Girls are Anti-Me
7. Worthless Sunday
8. The Clan


The Faeires are this weird sort of art-damaged powerviolence, only with this indie approach that's kind of fucked up. It came in this 7" booklet type thing, with this little cd nipple on the inside of the back cover. In the booklet was some of the most screwed up child-like drawings I've ever seen, and It's all done in this comic-book style. If I had a working scanner, I'd put it up here.

Maybe I Still will...

So until then, just deal with the music. Give this band a try, with songs like "Money is the Shit of God (Bathe in God's Shit)" and "Rape Elvis' Skeleton" you at least have to listen.

Oh, yeah. And the first track wouldn't Convert or something weird, so that's in Mp4 format. Sorry. Convert it yourself, or deal with it. And, on top of everything, this comes with the 5 song demo, which although are a lot rougher, sound very good, especially for lo-fi self recorded material (this is just a guess.)


1. Federal Agents Are Entering The Compound And The Faeries Are Returning Fire
2. Yr Milk is my Poison
3. Money is the Shit of God (Bathe in God's Shit)
4. Death to the Liars in the Idiot Box
5. Rape Elvis' Skeleton
6. Shank Race
7. Arterial Spray
8. Thugs And Murderers
9. The Great Seal
10. Hive Mind/Sex Slave
11. Sweet Govinda
12. Fletcher
13. Molech (The Great Owl)
14. Manifest Destiny Intestinal Cramp (Demo)
15. My Dripping Cunt (Demo)
16. Rape Elvis' Skeleton (Demo)
17. Money is the Shit of God (Demo)
18. Thugs and Murderers (Demo)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mind Of Asian

Found this a little while ago...

It's Mind of Asian's "Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka" Released on Sound Pollution sometime in 2006. Pretty Damn good Record, if I do say so myself. I Really like this one, especially since it's an all girl thrash band from Japan. Never a Dull moment, that's for sure. Now get it.


As this is my first blog post, I'll say hello to all of you. I'll be trying to put up all various kinds of music and shit, from Melt Banana to Charles Bronson, to The Judas Iscariot and maybe some Frank Zappa as well. I like all kinds of stuff, and I like sharing it too. Woot.


When I get situated, I'll get to it. Look forward to Some Faeries, some Massick, and anything else I can Think of...