Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ed Kemper Trio

I found out about the Ed KEmper Trio through a movie I got from Crucial Blast Called "People Will Eat Anything." It was a documentary about the underground music scene in Montgomery. There was a whole slew of good bands covered on it, from Spiders and Flies to Supreme Dispassion, to Weak Music For Thomas to the jam/improv/junkyard noise of Liquid Brick, and of course, The Ed Kemper Trio.

Now, the Ed Kemper Trio's music is definately different, but not altogether foreign. At times they remind me of AC/DC, and at times they remind me of Sonic Youth. This is one bizarre indie/punk/rock/experimental band.

One really cool fact about the Montgomery scene of that time was that every single band had a completely different sound. Not a single one sounded alike, even ones that shared members with other bands. That's really something, seeing as most bands nowadays fucking SUCK. Generic, untalented, watered down, etc. To every one of you "punk" bands out there:


I don't think these guys even consider using power chords. Everything sounds abstract and dissonant, yet really blissful. Whoo. My favorite track on here is hands down "How to Escape from Killer Bees," although I'm a little sad that I can't find the album with the song "My Pants on Fire" anywhere. Help out if you can. For now, enjoy this tasty record.

Track List:

1. Killed for This
2. Spells Devil Backwards
3. What's New, No. 2?
4. Scatter
5. Even Burns Underwater
6. And Here's Why
7. A Blow To the Head
8. Pain in Sound Experiment
9. Why Death Works
10. My Least Favorite Part
11. Liquid Flesh
12. Hard and Black
13. Bleeding Strategy
14. How to Escape from Killer Bees
15. Agitate to the Top
16. Little Pink Pencil
17. The Catastrophe Event



  1. "My Pants on Fire" is on Ed Kemper Trio's last album tittled "Hack". It was released in 2002 by Moodswing Records.

  2. hey jon, this link is broken

    the cd sounds tight though, send it to me on aim sometime or something