Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Faeires are this weird sort of art-damaged powerviolence, only with this indie approach that's kind of fucked up. It came in this 7" booklet type thing, with this little cd nipple on the inside of the back cover. In the booklet was some of the most screwed up child-like drawings I've ever seen, and It's all done in this comic-book style. If I had a working scanner, I'd put it up here.

Maybe I Still will...

So until then, just deal with the music. Give this band a try, with songs like "Money is the Shit of God (Bathe in God's Shit)" and "Rape Elvis' Skeleton" you at least have to listen.

Oh, yeah. And the first track wouldn't Convert or something weird, so that's in Mp4 format. Sorry. Convert it yourself, or deal with it. And, on top of everything, this comes with the 5 song demo, which although are a lot rougher, sound very good, especially for lo-fi self recorded material (this is just a guess.)


1. Federal Agents Are Entering The Compound And The Faeries Are Returning Fire
2. Yr Milk is my Poison
3. Money is the Shit of God (Bathe in God's Shit)
4. Death to the Liars in the Idiot Box
5. Rape Elvis' Skeleton
6. Shank Race
7. Arterial Spray
8. Thugs And Murderers
9. The Great Seal
10. Hive Mind/Sex Slave
11. Sweet Govinda
12. Fletcher
13. Molech (The Great Owl)
14. Manifest Destiny Intestinal Cramp (Demo)
15. My Dripping Cunt (Demo)
16. Rape Elvis' Skeleton (Demo)
17. Money is the Shit of God (Demo)
18. Thugs and Murderers (Demo)

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