Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mind Of Asian- Akai Hana

Mind of Asian is fucking sick. Period. No fucking question. This is the EP before the "LP" I posted the link to earlier this month. This is better, in my opinion, but hey. Don't matter.

I can't really stop listening to one track in particular, called "No Border." Listen to it and you can find out why. Hopefully sometime soon I can afford to get a vinyl ripper, so I can post their Split with Straight Edge Kegger.

If you like ANY Japanese hardcore, you should give this one a try. And anything by them.


1. Trip Brace My Energies
2. No Border
3. Japan is Rotten
4. [Japanese Title]
5. Life
6. One Own Way


  1. this band is amazing.for those who dont think females can rock like fuck!!!

  2. my favorite cd i've gotten here!!!!