Saturday, October 27, 2007

assholeparade- Embers

assholeparade is one hell of a band. This is one of their more recent releases, and it fuckin' floors. I love this album.

If you haven't listened to assholeparade before, I suggest you download the link RIGHT NOW. I mean it.

Track List:

1. Shroom Thrash
2. Biometric Verification
3. Embers
4. Congested Optics
5. Scuba Diving and Politics don't Mix
6. Nailed to the Xbox
7. Closure Bugs
8. Checklist Life
9. Failed to Mention
10. The Uncomfortable Goodbye
11. 10 Items or Less
12. Soldiers 3- The Final Chapter
13. Pasq Doan
14. The Cash-in of The Christ
15. Re-throned Emperor
16. Quarterpipe AKA Fresh off the Slopes
17. Too Much Tragedy
18. Hogtowne Anthem
19. Modern Problems
20. Thaw (Cold World)
21. Still Love Me Moms

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