Monday, May 31, 2010

Thrash to the Puss 5-Way Split

5 crazy-good powerviolence and hardcore bands together for a free download release, mass distibuted by a good number of sick labels, such as To Live A Lie, Buried In Hell, ZX Tapes, Cul-De Sac Distro, Shitpiece, Lost Cause, Cornada, and Buddha Khan Records; yeah, mega name drop.

One track from each band, all insane and ferocious, so there's something here for everyone. Whether you're into the Straight-edge spasms of You Suck, the messed-up altered thrash from Bill Shatnerrr, The raw, corrosive heaviness of xharoldshitmanx, the pounding thrash of Unlearned, or the down-n-dirty lo-fi of Damage, you just can't say no. Besides, this is a free downloadable release, get this in your head right fucking now!!


1. xharoldshitmanx - Elitist Punx Fuck Off
2. You Suck - You'll Never Be Welcome
3. Bill Shatnerrr - The Junk of New Orleans
4. Unlearned - King Ferocious
5. Damage - Blink 182

Friday, May 14, 2010

U.S. Maple - Stuck 7"

U.S. Maple is one of the most broken bands I've ever heard. A band created for the sole purpose of deconstructing conventional rock n' roll, they definitely seemed to have accomplished exactly that. This is one of my favorite releases by them, a mere two song 7" released by the best experimental label EVER, Skin Graft Records. Fans of music like Winning, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and The Flying Luttenbachers take note.


A. Stuck
B. When a Man Says "Ow!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

bracket.retards.bracket - Kicking Against the Micks

I know too many bands that have a completely zonked out sound. This band from Dublin, Ireland are one of my newfound favorites. I only have this single 7" EP from them, but am looking for anything else I can lay my hands on. They mix weird industrial punk rhythms and fuzzed guitars, spacy electronics, all reminding me of early Butthole Surfers crossed with L7 (go figure). I only know one of the song names (there isn't any track list anywhere). This was released in a run of only 300 copies. Definitely worth your time.


1. Song 1
2. Michael Caine
3. Song 3
4. Song 4

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Night - Extinct Dialects

When I get requests, I gotta be honest, I get to hear some terrible terrible stuff. But it's every once in a while that I get to hear a band that has some amazing songs, and thankfully, these guys fit the latter. These songs are all instrumental, yet defying a typical progressive style by having their songs under 20 fucking minutes long. Huzzah!! On top of that, the songs are all great, with groovy catchy hooks, driving drumbeats, and a few psychedellic moments peppered throughtout. Definitely worth a listen or two, and deserves a place next to Stinking Lizavetta (actually digging these tunes more so than the SV's).


1.Chief Diamond Phillips
2. Ghost Orchid
3. Dawnstrider
4. Cosmocolori
5. Moth Voices
6. Gently Leaning Towards the Nearest Black Hole
7. While In A Collapsing Tunnel

Weird Legs - Weird Life Demo

I've been gone awhile, but check out that collage...Anyway, this is a 3 song demo by a couple of my friends who call themselves Weird Legs. Drum and bass insanity, these guys are really great. They stopped playing after writing these songs, but word is that they'll be back soon with more material, so keep posted!!


1. Jellyfish Puppet
2. Hobbes
3. Everything is Bugs