Monday, May 31, 2010

Thrash to the Puss 5-Way Split

5 crazy-good powerviolence and hardcore bands together for a free download release, mass distibuted by a good number of sick labels, such as To Live A Lie, Buried In Hell, ZX Tapes, Cul-De Sac Distro, Shitpiece, Lost Cause, Cornada, and Buddha Khan Records; yeah, mega name drop.

One track from each band, all insane and ferocious, so there's something here for everyone. Whether you're into the Straight-edge spasms of You Suck, the messed-up altered thrash from Bill Shatnerrr, The raw, corrosive heaviness of xharoldshitmanx, the pounding thrash of Unlearned, or the down-n-dirty lo-fi of Damage, you just can't say no. Besides, this is a free downloadable release, get this in your head right fucking now!!


1. xharoldshitmanx - Elitist Punx Fuck Off
2. You Suck - You'll Never Be Welcome
3. Bill Shatnerrr - The Junk of New Orleans
4. Unlearned - King Ferocious
5. Damage - Blink 182

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  1. mad props to will fastcore at TLAL!