Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bbigpigg - Phantom Photography EP

bbigpigg out of Brooklyn, NY is a noise-rock band, and they're just fine with that. They remind one of Arab on Radar, AIDS Wolf, and Child Abuse, with swinging lazer-guitars and fat bass, constantly colliding with each other, with only a mid-tempo drumset to hold it together. Sprinkled atop is what I can only describe as "that faded jeans' megaphone sound" type vocals, shouting out prose and speculation on the like of everyone's angsty problems. You know, trees, sex dolls, and the like.

"in my dreams i use my arms and legs again like i used to live. i remember when pissy sheets was the worst of my problems. then i lost control of my limbs"
"Harry Eastlack"

bbigpigg seems to go for the more danceable approach in their realm of sound while still upholding the standard abrasiveness that you might come to expect from self-proclaimed noise-rockers. I feel as though the album goes on for way longer than its just-short-of-16-minutes existence, making for a nice lengthy groove to move to. They had a very nice press kit, too... Check out thar EP for free download folks, you can get it here!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Divorce Party - Astrocongertion Oporium

It's about due time that my motivational lapse has come to an end. I suck, I know, sorry guys...Divorce Party had asked me to review their first demo way back sometime in 2010 (I believe) and now, halfway through this wondrous year, I am getting off my lazy ass (figuratively speaking, of course) and finally gettin' this shit public, yo.

I'm actually glad that I waited, in one way at least, for this group of Michigan-ites pull together even better recordings than on the last one. Taking dancey rock forms and blending it with hard electronics and synth sounds, the songs chirp and bend jaggedly, more spasm than song at times.

Every song feels like it's trying to rip itself apart. Evey claustrophobic note takes you further into their racing rhythm, leaving very little room to breathe. And to top it off, the entire EP is only about 10 minutes long. Having never seen these guys live, I can only imagine, but I feel like their live performance might be on par with a Red Bull-induced heart attack. Wicked awesome, dood! (and other Boston-bro terminology).

Check them out if you're into the likes of DD/MM/YYYY and Gay Beast, but also if pulling into new areas of sound happens to be your thing. You know what? Just give 'em a listen and like it.

you can download both of their EPs here: