Monday, December 28, 2009

Divets - Fruit Salad EP

Here's one strange change of music for your ears. Some people that come across this don't seem to like it, but whether or not you do is up to you. This is a one-man band, playing drums, guitar, and doing vocals, looping and tweaking everything with effects, creating creepy, psychedelic, off-melodic soundscapes. Even if this stuff isn't your bag, it's definitely some out-there music. The real kicker to this is he plays everything LIVE. There isn't anything that you hear on this EP that you won't hear in person. Extremely experimental (rock? dance? noise? who knows?)

He's on tour soon with the super-shred smurf rock band, Anisette, down the East Coast. Check out the dates and see them in a town near you!!!
1. Doe Eyes Sea Stars
2. Bugs In The Corner
3. Thee Soft Spoken
4. Meadow Modern
5. Licking Leaves on Friday the 13th

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blindside Assault - S/T

Yoyoyo!! Some nice hardcore out of Truro, Nova Scotia. They started around 2005, and broke up sometime in between then and now, but got back together for a reunion show on Dec 28th 2008. I'm pretty sure that they're not together anymore though. They were a three piece, with tight and raw jams, with some catchiness thrown in the mix. Thanks to Andrew for all the Nova Scotian hardcore albums! Look for more Nova Scotian bands up here soon, I got a bunch now!

1. Problems
2. Backfire
3. Drop Out
4. Can't Take The Pressure
5. Death On Display
6. Drug Abuse
7. Take It All Back
8. Devout Christians
9. Instrumental
10. What Could've Been

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stillbirth - Demo Tape

Ahhhhhhh...nothing better than shitty debt...whoo....So celebrate our fine art of poorness with this surprisingly harsh demo from good ol' Cananda. 8 Songs of hostile fury on this, message them for copies, if they still have any. These should be selling like hotcakes, they so tasty!

Oh, yeah, sarcastic liner note: I guess I'll be doing my posts like this from now on, it saves time and energy in my aching fingers. That way I can do twice as much posting in the same amount of time; short reviews, none of the hassle (on my part. Can you blame a guy?)

1. Rape
2. Cycles
3. Born
4. Holes
5. Greed
6. Bastards
7. Control
8. Eyes

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gaz-66 Intrusion - Death Tomorrow

Some odd name, huh? This is a powerviolence band from the ultimate depths of Ukraine. Usually I get a few demos a month e-mailed to me, and a lot of the time I don't even post them, thinking, "oh, this is fucking shit." Sometimes I post the shit ones, but not too often...I'm glad to say that this band is fucking AMAZING! More like a sick grindcore band, bringing to mind bands like Cephalic Carnage, and even Discordance Axis at times, but at the same time, they don't sound like carbon copies of those bands. Sweet shit, yo!!!

Ten songs, pretty fucking short, but not too bad considering. I have no artwork for this one again, so sob on your keyboard, you over-confident googling completists! Hahaha. They even do a Mayhem cover on this, although I'm not sure if it's the entire song...It seems a little short for a Mayhem song to me.


1. Why the Fuck Are You Still Existing?
2. Banal Degradation
3. We Won't Die, We'll Croak
4. Keep On Forgetting
5. Humiliation is Your Fate
6. Death Tomorrow
7. Begin With Yourself
8. Zero Sincerity
9. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)
10. Hope is for the Naive

Monday, October 26, 2009

George Bitch, Jr. Demo Tape

There's nothing like a little French powerviolence to kick off another beautiful afternoon, eh, braddah? George Bitch, Jr. in all it's glory, is one of those said Frenchies, and they obviously go great in any powerviolence mp3 collection. Right between Rainbow of Death and your favorite "skate-thrash" band. If you like Assholeparade, Fruit Salad, or Final Draft, then give these guys a proper listen. 14 songs in just over 15 minutes, sucka!WWWW!


1) You Don't Fuck Me With Your Trends
2) On/Off
3) With Nietsche Under My Arm They'll See How Intellectual I Am
4) Can't Wait To Be What I'm Supposed To Be
5) How About We Kill Some More Animals To Give The Impression Of Scientific Progress
6) Locked And Happy
7) Fuck Education We Need More Jails
8) Ronald Eats 3rd World
9) Conservative Shit
10) Hurry Up Honey, Dead People On TV
11) Britney Won't Have Intercourse Until She's Married
12) Pentsaka Ekin
13) Ever Since I Bought This Pro-Choice T-Shirt I Fuck Much More Often
14) Let's Burn And Break Stuff Because We Can

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2UP - Teenage Mondo Trash

Fuck yes! 2 man group, not for the faint of heart. Pace your pacemakers. Drums, guitar, and fucking weird vocals. Japanese experimental, minimalist rock. Or no wave, if you want to get technical about it. For fans of Ruins, Melt-Banana, XBXRX, and other "out there" rock.

Some real ragers on this one, poi. I also have their split 7" with Yip-Yip somewhere, so that might be interesting to post here sometime. Total acid rock, methinks.


1. Byun Byun
2. Karutairo
3. Sirloin
4. Gath
5. Sauce
6. Barikan
7. Tochica
8. Kirimakura
9. Rope
10. Hammer
11. Mop
12. Torepan
13. Monpe
14. Halley's Comet
15. Weinner Coffee
16. Semedain

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In The Shit - 4 song demo

Sick fast grind band from Boston, MA!!! I've been finding out about sweet grind bands lately in Boston, and I'm pumped that these guys don't let down. Only four songs on this one, clocking in at about 3 minutes, and every single one sounds amazing.

Really sick vocals on this one, but as far as I know they're in the shoppe for a new singer. I think...I know that they were having trouble with that for a little while. Sweet grind, like a mix between MK-Ultra and Hewhocorrupts (FUCK YOU IF YOU DON"T HEAR IT! I WAS JUST LISTENING TO BOTH, THERE ARE SIMILARITIES!)

If you've heard their demo before this one, just a rehearsal demo, sick fucking grind too. Just shitty quality. I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

check em out on their myspace


1. Public Hangings On Mass Ave
2. Hey, Gurl, You Wanna End Up Dead in Dorchester Bay?
3. Die Alone or You're A Pussy
4. Full Blown Piece of Shit

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aerosols 1st 7"

As fast as any bands on the awesome Youth Attack label, fucking ferocious hardcore. Short as hell EP, too. They play a good 3 minutes or so when they play live. I read somewhere that they're finally doing a "full-length," but I can't find where now, and I have a hunch that it just might be the three EPs re-released on a 12" if it's true.

Any new info on this amazing new phenomenon, let me know in some comments!!! I'd like to get a copy of that shit either way.


1. Worthless
2. On The Fence
3. Fuck The Pavement
4. Sanitation
5. Cock History

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unwound - A Single History

My friend just showed me this band, I think that they're pretty good. 90's style alternative rock, every now and then some mathy parts. I know virtually nothing about this band, they have a shitload of material, and this album in particular collects some random songs from singles, compilations, etc. For some reason, this download included the B-side from their 12" EP, "The Light At The End of The Tunnel is a Train," (the song by the same name) But instead of removing it, I decided to keep it in, to give you more of a feel of the band, I suppose. It's a little Sonic-Youthy to me, but that's not really a bad thing. Really just a long noisy jam just over 10 minutes.

I really dig this band, so just try this shiite. It da bomb.


1. Mile Me Deaf
2. Broken E-Strings
3. Totality
4. MK Ultra
5. Seen Not Heard
6. Caterpillar
7. Miserific Condition
8. Everything Is Weird
9. Negated
10. Said Serial
11. Census
12. Plight
13. Stumbling Block
14. Eternalux
15. New Radio Hit
16. Crab Nebula

+ that other track, foos.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yowie - Cryptooology

I can't even begin to describe how amazingly intense and over-the-top this album is. It's just...fucking WOW. Apparently this band took about 3 years to write just these 7 songs. Not because they're lazy, but because...well, you'll know why when you hear it.

All the songs are named after black girls, I guess. Tamika, Trina, Tenesha, Towanda, etc. The band itself is named after the New Zealand version of the Yeti, Sasquatch, or Big Foot; basically just the same thing in a different culture.

I'm pretty sure that this band doesn't use effects pedals at all in they're recording, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong. Just listen, too much shit doesn't make sense. The band is only comprised of two guitarists and a drummer out of St. Louis, and I guess they disbanded due to the drummer's ongoing heroin problem. The album appeared on Skin Graft Records, the best label for crazy music out there. They must have felt right at home.

here's a link to their band page:

Track List:

1. Tamika
2. Tara
3. Trina
4. Tenesha
5. Toni
6. Towanda
7. Talisha

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Palatka - The End Of Irony

So you like powerviolence. So you like screamo. So, why don't you like Palatka? One of my favorites of all time, they have numerous splits with the likes of Assholeparade, The End of the Century Party, and a few others, I'm sure. There's not too much information on this band lying around, so here's what I can muster; they're a band from Florida, supposedly named after the town in Florida, and they only existed for a short while in the late 90s, something like 97-99 or so. This was their last release, and arguably the best. This album is so chaotic, so intense and emotional, that it just floors you. I credit that to short-ass songs and the fact that they have two guitarists playing completely different shit, with a bassist following suit. More than one fucker does vocals on this, so shit. The only complaint that I have about the album is that it's too damn short, but that's a shitty thing to bitch about, really.


1. The State Of 6PM
2. If You're Not Satisfied With The Current Arrangement...
3. Cheering Section
4. Where The Teachers Go To Learn
5. Rate x Time = Distance
6. Palatka Kills Young Republicans
7. Matured? You Bet!
8. "Let's Have A Kid." "Sure, Why Not?"
9. Another Kind Of Blacklist
10. Mark's Shit
11. Voice Of The Actors
12. The Current Definition Of Friendship Is Sorely Lacking

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Is Here Demo

No pic, as far as I know. Apparently these guys were around like 5 years ago, and broke up after only a few shows. They just started up again recently, and put out this 5 song demo. The entire thing starts off with their track "America," which, to me, at least, is definitely the best fucking song on here. It's fast and hard-hitting, with sarcastic lyrics to boot. These guys fucking floor, and I'm always so happy to get demos e-mailed to me that don't suck. Only 5 songs, but keep checking them out on their myspace. Be friendly, be pen pals.

Oh yeah, there's a lyrics sheet in the file too, so now you can have a Fall Is Here karaoke kegger.


1. America
2. Corpse Like Blue
3. Pizza Lovers vs. Religious Enthusiasts
4. Red Eyes
5. Beat Down

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ultimate Warriors - '99 Cassette

BWAAAAAAAAAAH! An amazing powerviolence band from Pennsylvania, and one of my all-time favorites. Not very good quality, seeing as this is just a demo, and I'm pretty sure that it was just a recorded live set.

The liner notes say that it was recorded at "Dan's House" (I'm assuming that it's one of their friends) in Bethlehem, PA. It's a demo of rerecorded previously released songs, comp. tracks, and stuff off of their upcoming full-length at the time. 16 tracks in all, but only one track for it. I didn't separate them on this one, either. Thanks a lot to "BRAD BRAINS" for sending this to me in the first place. Fucking sick shit, dude!

All of them one tracks:

1. Knee Deep In Barbed Wire
2. What Do You Think of the USA Now
3. Getting Oldberg
4. Out With The Old
5. Wine, Women, and Wrestleviolence
6. Fuckly Lost the Edge
7. Nazo Youth Crew II
8. Spirit of 77?
9. Nazo Skate Anthem
10. 1gainst All Anarchy
11. Title Your Songs, Asshole
12. Walk Tall, Walk Straight (Crippled Youth)
13. If You Knew Anything About Wrestling, You'd Hate Ric Flair Too
14. O.W.N
15. I Guess Grindcore is out and Emo is the Cool Thing Again
16. Biggest Bump Ever

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vaginal Bear Trap - Piss Drunk On Menstrual Blood

Yeah. They went there. Not exactly sure where there is, though. But who doesn't like a little grind every now and then? The first time I heard this, I couldn't help but start laughing when I hear a clip from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." I thought, this shit better not let me down now that it has my attention. And, it didn't. Go figure!

If you like the sort of grind such as Bad Acid Trip, Laceration, Birdflesh, etc. Then check these sukkas out.


1. Scalping The Chief
2. Stream of Conscience
3. Abortions, Apple Pie, and USA!!!
4. Existential Despair
5. Narcoleptic Wet Dream
6. Nocturnal Emission
7. Piss Drunk on Menstrual Blood

Monday, June 29, 2009

Obsesif Kompulsif - The Taste Of Thrash

Yeah, been gone awhile......don't care what you have to say 'bout it, bitch. Here's a good fucking companion to the Elastic Death album posted before this one, seeing as these two bands will be on a split CD co-released by my very own Buddha Khan records!!! (I know....blowing smoke up my ass....blow it out yours) It'll be out within the next month, so check back often-ish.

Anyway...the CD. Fucking ripper, if I do say so myself. I can honestly say that these guys are one brutal band. Hailing from Indonesia, they are one of the more legit bands around right now. Hardcore as fuck, nice powerviolence, think Fuck On The Beach and Capitalist Casualties (sort of; just what came to mind, heh heh). They even cover a song by Vitamin X. But I can only say shit in so many dis shizzit, son!


1. Small Show Great Friends
2. The Old Man Winning
3. Luxuriant Stole My Friend
4. School Not Cruel
5. What Happen With Me
6. Evil Never Heard
7. Don't Blame My Genetic
8. Hanya Memuji Bukan Memuja
9. Harga Mati Untuk Tetap Hidup
10. Fake Human Unity
11. Cuma-cuma Belajar si Doel aja Jadi Insyinyur
12. See Thru Their Lies (Vitamin X)/Way It Was (Secret Seven)
13. [Unknown Name....]
14. Pemberontakan Itu Mahal
15. Reaksioner Membabi Buta
16. Makan Sampe Kenyang
17. Hantam Hajar Sikat
18. I'm Fall In Love With You
19. Budi Kenal Rasanya Bentoel

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Elasticdeath - Monster Inside Us

Elasticdeath are a powerviolence band from Brazil, and man, do they fucking THRASH! Whoo! They'll be having a split CD out soon later this year with the Indonesian band Obsesif Kompulsif, a split release between Buddha Khan Records, Teriak Records, Tarung Records, De Wok Records, Sukma Records, and Suhatkore Records. Should be sweet.

Reminiscent of bands like Spazz and Hoy Pinoy, these guys dish it out, hardcore styleeeee. The lyrics range from themes of unity, pollution, and other staples in hardcore, to songs about Shaolin (totally Spazz, yo) and Ultraman. There's even a lyrics sheet in the file. Hell yeah, bitches. A great powerviolence band with a great attitude. I'm hoping these guys stick around for a long time.


1. Death And Sorrow
2. The Shaolin Masters Have No Mercy
3. Mr. Kato And His Boring Life
4. The Air You Breath Is Poisoned
5. Prelude For a Bloody Vengeance
6. I Against The World Of Shit
7. I'm Dead
8. Ultraman Doomed In Rio De Janeiro
9. Ancient Powers of the Blind Master
10. One Way Down To Death
11. Chow Yun-Fat For President
12. Mindless Arrogant
13. JWY

Friday, May 22, 2009

Henry Fonda - 1st Demo Tape

Henry Fonda is a powerviolence band from Berlin, Germany. They do things. Many things. They've done "floppy disc" splits with the bands Bill Shatnerrr and Ultimate Blowup, a few cassettes, and they have a ton of releases lined up, including some compilations. They also have a heart-shaped 3" mini CD. Sweet!

Check 'em out on myspace!

This demo is pretty kickass. Short as hell, just the way we like it. I think that they still have a few copies available, so people, hit 'em up!


1. Fuck Cops + Crystal Meth Powerviolence
2. Vegan Meatpie a.k.a. Szenebrei
3. Scenester Slaying Trash Muties
4. Fußuppercut
5. Manipulation
6. #3
7. #4

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dead Members Of Lynyrd Skynyrd Demo

Yes. My new "band," made up of myself on guitar and David Carradine's drummer, Kyle. Here's a two song demo by us, one song used to be by Bananafish (yet another one of my projects. There's a demo here). We also have a 10 second song that will be featured on a 69 Band 7" compilation (along with David Carradine, hahaha) later this year on Radiation Sickness Records.

Now, as for the music? Sludgy, fucked up grindcore. Lots of fuzz. The song "Blank Expression" was actually written in the studio when we were recording. By the way, keep in mind that we were EXTREMELY high when we recorded this. I fucked up a few times.

Let me know what you think, folks!!!


1. Blank Expression
2. Knees Full Of Spiders

Sabre Demo

A pretty good demo from these sludge/doom metal thrashers. Not bad, not bad at all. With just a little better recording, these guys may end up one fantastic band. I'm hoping to hear more from these guys soon; they have my attention.

Take a listen on their myspace page!

At times they can sound like Slayer, at other like Bongzilla or Sleep. They mix a lot of sludgey-doom metal riffs with some pretty sick thrash and sometimes a little grind (blastbeats!!!!) and create a nice mix that's a little different from your average doom metal shit. The only thing lacking is better recordings, but fuck. This is a demo, and should be acknowledged as such; don't shun this band for the recording, but love them for the potential. Plus, these songs ARE really rockin.'


1. Grimtooth
2. whoreinstinctsdefined
3. Josiah

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Giraffes? Giraffes! - More Skin With Milk Mouth

One of those albums that is just fucking amazing. Two guys, guitar loops, an insane drummer, only 5 songs, all completely amazing. Great great rock album, perfect to trip to, smoke to, listen to, fuck to, trip to, acid. Do it up.


1. When the catholic girls go camping, the nicotine vampires rule supreme.
2. I am s/h(im)e[r] as you am s/h(im)e[r] as you are me and we am I and I are all our together: Our collective consciousness' psychogenic fugue
3. The ghost of EPPEEPEE's ghost
4. Emilie Sagée's secret
5. A quick one, while she's away

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

God Is My Co-Pilot - My Sinister Secret Agenda

YEAH! I like this EP better than the previous posted An Appeal To Reason 7". Just a lot of really cool songs (well, 5 cool songs). A noisy punk/rock/noise/jam band, or something like that. The best description is Butt Trumpet and Vacuum Tree Head having sex with each other. No birthing necessary, just the sex part. Not exactly essential, but a really interesting and strange band. If you're into anything different, check these guys (and gals) out. By the way, there's digeredoo on "Sound of Wings." Just thought I'd throw that out there.

TRACK LISTL:L"{::::::::

1. Straight Not
2. Eye Contact
3. Suck On Some Ice
4. Bicycle Girls
5. Sound Of Wings

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comus - To Keep From Crying

It's a shitty day over here today, so here. O Happy Day. The only other album these guys did other than First Utterance, and not as good by a long shot. In comparison, keeping in mind that this is still the same band, this album BLOWS. But not as bad as the many people shitting on this as you might think. By the way, still a folk band.

Their first album was really trippy, with not as much drums as much as everything else. Just a bunch of different percussion instruments. This album has a more "popular" and accessible sound, complete with a real drumset, like a regular 70s progressive band. Not extremely bad, but also not anything to blow you away with. "Down Like A Movie Star" is probably the best song on this; at least it's my favorite.


1. Down Like A Movie Star
2. Touch Down
3. Waves And Caves
4. Figure In Your Dreams
5. Children Of The Universe
6. So Long Supernova
7. Perpetual Motion
8. Panophany
9. Get Yourself A Man
10. To Keep From Crying
11. After The Dream

Friday, April 3, 2009

Failures - S/T

YEAH! Mark McCoy's new band. You don't know Mark McCoy? Of Charles Bronson, Das Oath, VMW, and Holy Molar? Well, what a treat. Or, what a waste, depending on how you look at it. You see, this band sounds exactly like Das Oath, or a Das Oath style band, but with less polished recordings and less sarcastic song titles (a la McCoy). Personally, I think that this album is fucking great, being a big fan of the chaotic thrashy punk styles of his former band, but if you were expecting something different, and aren't looking forward to hearing more of the same, then you might want to pass this one up. I was disappointed when Das Oath broke up, so I'm pumped that the style of this band is so similar. I'm wondering if this one will last for more albums though...


1. Cheer Up
2. Blame
3. Friends
4. Stay Home
5. Privacy
6. Parents
7. Motivation
8. Middle Age
9. Procedures
10. Serious Goals
11. I've Done Unspeakable Things Again
12. Crowning Achievement
13. Time Well Spent
14. Fill In

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Ultimate Warriors - Wrestling Is Our Gimmick

I asked for a ton of Ultimate Warriors stuff from all of you a little while ago, and a ton of people responded, sending me damn near their entire discography! Although, selfish me, I never shared any of it with you, or even thanked those folks that helped me out. Shit, I'm a selfish bastard, huh?

So, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT HELPED ME OUT! I wouldn't have ever gotten some of this shit if it weren't for you. WHOO!

Now that the sentimental shit is done, this is one ripper of a powerviolence record. No artwork around, but that's how it is with a lot of the one knows, so no one scans. If you've never heard Ultimate Warriors before, think of any of the great powerviolence bands, namely Charles Bronson, Apathetic Ronald McDonald (AxRxMx), xBrainiax, bands in that direction. They had a hilarious obsession with Wrestling, and wore Luchadore masks while playing, capes, shit like that. Their music was full of surprises, like awesome mosh breakdowns, heavy metal guitar parts, grindcore riffs...things o' th' like. They were a great band with a great sense of humor, too. Now, instead of thinking about it, move your mouse over to that download link below, and left click.


1. Bring The Danger
2. Totally Toryumon!
3. In reference To Hardcore Kids
4. Teddy Ruxpin Moshed To Oblivion
5. Wrestling Praise
6. Stop Blocking Vmaas' Shots, Ugly
7. Knee Deep In Barbed Wire
8. Stoker I
9. The Warrior Scene Is In Shape
10. Song About Wrestling
11. The Only Good Mark...
12. Do You Think Sexism Is Wrong? Hey! So Do We!
13. Our Gimmick Is Wrestling
14. Barbs, Bulbs, and Homna
15. Nazareth Streetlight Workout
16. Death Of The Rebel
17. Test Press For Tino
18. Whitman Gives Me Diarrhea Face
19. I Object

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ed Kemper Trio - Hack(ed)

Look what I came across finally! Fuck yeah! This has to be one of the best rock albums in the past 10 years, easily. Raw, noisy indie rock out of Montgomery, Alabama. Nice album to "pot rock" to, heh. Evey song just gets so intense, it's crazy, I tell ya. Not quite as good as How to win a Swordfight, but it's a fucking close case. Favorite song is "My Pants, On Fire," but almost every song on here kicks just as hard. These guys have been a huge influence to me in my playing, so I'm glad as hell that I finally found this album, along with two others of theirs. I'll be posting those as time goes on, too, so get ready...


1. The Black List
2. Walks With A Limp
3. Post-Rock Reply
4. My Pants, On Fire
5. The Shoes of the Chief Justice's Wife...
6. ... Are Some Suck-Assed Slippers
7. A Big Time
8. The Art Of Not Listening
9. Horns And A Tail
10. Lower G.I. Joe
11. When It's Too Much
12. People Will Eat Anything
13. #7 Needs Title

Thursday, March 12, 2009

V/A Release the Bats: Tribute to the Birthday Party REQUEST

A fuckin' ripper of an album. Three One G put this gem out a year or two before the Queen tribute compilation. The difference between this and the Queen Tribute album, most people that are familiar with Three One G's entourage probably aren't very familiar with the band's songs being covered. Artwork on the album was done by Mark McCoy (Charles Bronson, Das Oath, Holy Molar) and of course good ol' Justin Pearson has his paws all over this shit, seein' as Three One G is his label.

Even still, this one is just as good (if not better; it's all in personal taste, I suppose) as the Queen Tribute, with bands such as Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower with their Swing Kids/jazzcore style, Das Oath with some interesting as usual hardcore, Cattle Decapitation doing a fucking hilarious song (watch the original by The Birthday Party on youtube, and you'll see why it's so funny) and Melt-Banana doing what they do best, which is rock the fucking place with their energetic J-Pop Punk Rock on speed. Also contributing is The Chinese Stars, Ex Models, Get Hustle, Daughters, and Some Girls; plus a ton that I've never heard of until this album.

P.S. The songs may or may not be in this particular order, but all the bands are labeled correctly in the file.


1. Pleasure Heads Must Burn (Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower)
2. Friend Catcher (Das Oath)
3. Deep In The Woods (T Cells)
4. Sonny's Burning (Cattle Decapitation)
5. Blundertown (Year Future)
6. Nick The Stripper (Ssion)
7. Mutiny In Heaven (Ex Models)
8. Riddle House (Les Georges Leningrad)
9. Mr. Clarinet (Rah Bras)
10. Faint Heart (Melt-Banana)
11. Plague (The Chinese Stars)
12. King Ink (Celebration)
13. Junkyard (Kill Me Tomorrow)
14. A Dead Song (Get Hustle)
15. Cry (Numbers)
16. Wild World (Error)
17. Marry Me (Lie Lie) (Daughters)
18. Release The Bats (Some Girls)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ice Nine Discography

Sweet band. Fans of End of the Century Party, Palatka, Assfactor 4, etc. All those "emo-violence" (for lack of a better word. Forgive me) bands that we all enjoy so much. Whatever. The name comes from some fictional material in Kurt Vonnegut's book "Cat's Cradle," and it's a sweet book. Band is good, too. Check 'em out.


1. One Dollar Man
2. Forty-Five Times A Night (State Split Version)
3. Stains Of Rage
4. Steel Mesh World
5. Tumbleweed
6. Walk Me Crutch
7. Surreal
8. Shadow
9. Asprin vs. Me
10. Decreed
11. Edgewaters
12. Endangered
13. One Would Think
14. Read 'Em And Weep/Ash
15. Forty-Five Times A Night (Ebullition 7" Version)
16. City Son
17. Redeemer
18. Forthcoming
19. On The Corner Shelf
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
21. Poison Ivy Sessions Untitled 1
22. Poison Ivy Sessions Untitled 2
23. Poison Ivy Sessions Untitled 3
24. Poison Ivy Sessions Untitled 4
25. Poison Ivy Sessions Untitled 5

Sunday, March 1, 2009

V/A - Dynamite With A Laser Beam


Honestly I don't know the significance of this day, but I don't care. This is an awesome compilation for fans of Three One G's catalogue (and Queen), with bands ranging from The Locust, Das Oath, and Asterisk* to bands like Melt-Banana, Tourettes Lautrec, and Upsilon Acrux, all covering classic Queen songs. Fuck! Weasel Walter of the Flying Luttenbachers also has a song on here, and I have to admit it's one of the weirdest covers I've ever heard of "Bohemian Rhapsody." It can get a bit hard to listen to at times, like Bastard Noise's "cover" of "Lily Of The Valley," or the horrible Glass Candy cover (HORRIBLE!!!!). Only about two or three of these songs sound anything like the original, so don't expect a shitload of repressed Queen-related memories to burst forth and rape your emotional tear-ducts. It's not gonna happen. Do not worry, lad. This compilation will blow your cock off. By the way, this .rar is in mp4 format. I got lazy again, so fuckin' deal with it yo'self, bitch.


1. Under Pressure (Blood Brothers)
2. Another One Bites the Dust (Get Hustle)
3. Ogre Battle (Asterisk*)
4. We Are The Champions (Das Oath)
5. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...) (Gogogo Airheart)
6. Bicycle Race (Upsilon Acrux)
7. Who Needs You (Sinking Body)
8. The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke (Glass Candy)
9. Flash's Theme (The Locust)
10. Bohemian Rhapsody (Weasel Walter)
11. Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men) (The Spacewürm)
12. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Fast Forward)
13. Get Down, Make Love (The Convocation Of...)
14. Lily Of The Valley (Bastard Noise)
15. Killer Queen (Tourettes Lautrec)
16. We Will Rock You (Melt-Banana)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ancient Chinese Secret - Caveat Emptor

Ancient Chinese Secret is another good Chris Dodge (of Spazz fame) project. This being the only album put out by them, and on good ol' sadly defunct Slap-A-Ham Records (Dodge's label) you'd think that you might know what the music would sound like. Don't get me wrong, it's powerviolence....sort of. Chris Dodge's wife (I think) sings on this, with some drummer from some pretty popular pv band (not sure which one). When I say "sings," though, I mean it. She sings on a powerviolence record.

There's a ton of weird shit on this, and it might not be for everyone, but check it out if you're a fan of the majority of Slap-A-Ham's catologue. It is a decent record, and one of the weirder ones. No guitar on this, but there's a few songs with some sound samples. Songs range from half a minute or so to two minutes or more.


1. Waiting For Doctor Bombay
2. A Nice Day
3. Moral Of The Story
4. Sakura
5. Hyper Liar
6. Obnoxious Fumes
7. The Overlook
8. The Basics
9. Outburst
10. Flight Or Fight
11. Quiet For The Choirmaster
12. Needle's Eye
13. The Candle Burns
14. A Passage Of Time

Ed Kemper Trio REPOST

I don't think that this band gets enough recognition. I'm posting this for the second time, because by now most of you don't want to look through all of the shit I've put up here so far, and this was one of the very first things I shared with all of you. They're an extremely overlooked band, unfortunately.

Take AC/DC's rawness, Sonic Youth's noisy-ness and some nice grooves and spastic guitar riffs and you get something close to Ed Kemper Trio. They had three or four albums, and this one, being the only one I have as of right now, is fucking killer (I'm not sure about the other albums, but I know that the song "My Pants On Fire" from the album Hack is a sick-ass song).

I found out about these guys from the music documentary "People Will Eat Anything." I think it's still available from the Crucial Balast Webstore. One of the best musical scenes I've ever seen, with almost every band just kicking ass.


1. Killed for This
2. Spells Devil Backwards
3. What's New, No. 2?
4. Scatter
5. Even Burns Underwater
6. And Here's Why
7. A Blow To the Head
8. Pain in Sound Experiment
9. Why Death Works
10. My Least Favorite Part
11. Liquid Flesh
12. Hard and Black
13. Bleeding Strategy
14. How to Escape from Killer Bees
15. Agitate to the Top
16. Little Pink Pencil
17. The Catastrophe Event

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jazzus/Chuck Norris Split 7"

A sweet Brazilian slab of (wax?) that fuckin' rips. Chuck Norris is more or less the Brazilian Charles Bronson, and they are insane. Great powerviolence from these guys. Other than that, I have almost no info on these guys, other than they appeared on at least one compilation (the name escapes me right now) and another 7" EP. Jazzus I know even less about, but they throw a good number of tracks (Fuckin' 11!!!!) our way anyway. What good guys.



1. Já Nao Quero Mais Um Split Com Agathocles
2. Se Cada Um Fizesse a Sua Parte Tudo Continuaria a Mesma Bosta
3. Sobre o Triste Fim de Roberto Campos
4. Sim eu Obedecerei ao Senhor Pois Sem ti Nada Sou
5. A Vida Privada De Einsenhower
6. Se a Politica For Chata Me Chame de Apolitico se a Diversao For Vazia me Cheme de Ranzinza
7. Aprenda Aqui Como Ser um Filha (Sem Tirar Nem Por)
8. As Lentes do Binoculo Made in Taiwan Só Visualizam a Cultura Ocidental
9. Independe o Que Importa é Que Vende
10. Cumplicidade Abençoada
11. Construindo Uma Opiniao Pública


12. Multinacionais
13. Quero Ter Status
14. Vista-se e Comporte-se de Acorodo Com os Evento e Ocasioes
15. Você Está Acomodado
16. Proteçao
17. Morto em Vida
18. Mudança
19. Faça o Que eu Digo
20. Sempre Certo
21. As Vezes Ser Falso é Melhor do Que Ser Sincero

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comus - First Utterance

Yeah, yeah, yeah. For all you folk fans. Strange fuckin' band, it's true. Some really trippy progressive-folk style stuff. You could call it acid folk if you wanted. They only existed for a short while in the early 70s, and only produced 2 albums, this and 1974's To Keep From Crying.

Pay attention to the lyrics, if you can. All of them deal with some really screwed up topics, like murder, mental know, the basics.


1. Diana
2. The Herald
3. Drip Drip
4. Song To Comus
5. The Bite
6. Bitten
7. the Prisoner

Friday, February 6, 2009

God Is My Co-Pilot - An Appeal To Reason

Yeah, I posted this shit on Oldneus a week I guess I'm stealing my own post. Good band, like a cross between Vacuum Tree Head and Butt Trumpet. Strange concept, I know, but it be true.


1. I'm Gonna Steal Yr Girlfriend
2. Hutzulka
3. Kendine Gel
4. Backstab

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fruit Salad - Blood Power 7"

Armed with 9 more tracks of skating brutality and some sweet-ass artwork, these guys have another good ol' EP. Great EP from these Boston guys, and hopefully I can get some more shit by them.


1. Blood Power
2. P.S.M.
3. Not Fit For Nothing
4. Blood Makes Me Cum
5. Nature's Revenge Association
6. Orange Julius
7. Burning My Inner Scents
8. Overtaken
9. Things Are Getting Fucked

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diedinhissuit/The Danglers Split 7"

Diedinhissuit is a two-man hardcore band, and they are crazy. They offer up two different tracks similar to Fire Horse Monarch and Gasp, but without samples or keyboards.

The Danglers are a great three person instrumental "jazz-core" band, with nice electric violin laid over drums and bass. They offer up one three-part song that I've split up into different tracks. Fans of Zappa's more simple jazz-style works might like this band a lot. This shit is highly recommended, yo!



1. You Can't Take It With You
2. When Mold Becomes A Mask


3. The Suite A: Short Attention Span Theater
4. The Suite B: Intermission Music
5. The Suite C: Mantra

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tomsk-7/Idi Amin Split 7"

Ok, quite a long time ago someone wanted me to track down some more Tomsk-7 stuff. Here's the only other thing I've been able to find other than their split with Boris and a few compilation tracks, and I think that may be all that they ever did, aside from maybe a demo. But Jesus Christ, this is one doozy of a split. Tomsk-7 rip all over this fucking thing, and Idi Amin follow up with some fast-as-fuck hardcore. Sweet.



1. Last Impression
2. Your Demise
3. Ejaculation Through Mutilation
4. Embedded
5. 3 Strikes (You're Dead)


6. Sweetpig
7. Crash Of The Ole '68 (Redneck Kamikaze)
8. Traitors
9. Biodegrade
10. To The Extreme
11. Circle A

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uncalm - Demo 2009

Some serious fucking powerviolence/grind from Scotland!! Sent me a link, so I hope they don't mind me whoring it out on my site here. Definitely worth checking out, and I'm looking forward to seeing these guys do more shit! Yeah!


1. Wake Up
2. Skeletal
3. The Glorious Dead
4. Belly Crawl
5. Workhouse
6. Flesh And Blood
7. Mausoleum

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Karmesi/Perro Muerto Split CD

Fucking wow. Both of these bands are seriously good, and here I was expecting something completely different. Karmesi sound like an intense and more hardcore Mass Movement Of The Moth/Locust hybrid. Perro Muerto sounds like a cross between D.S.-13 and Los Crudos (I dunno. Close enough) , but with some nice grindy thrashy vocals. Fucking intense split.

Definitely worth your time, especially since it ins't all that long. You can have a nice smoke, listen to this, etc. Fuck Yeah. Everything is really well recorded, with each band doing 3 songs alternating.


1. Raptor (Karmesi)
2. Guerra En Las Calles (Perro Muerto)
3. Decodefecant (Karmesi)
4. Agua De Pileta De Cementerio (Perro Muerto)
5. Amok (Karmesi)
6. Mata A Un Emo (Perro Muerto)


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kung Fu Rick/The Ultimate Warriors Split

Two awe-inspiring powerviolence bands on on 7". Yeah, it's almost too good to be true. There's only one song from Kung Fu Rick, while The Ultimate Warriors serve up 9 tracks of fucking amazing powerviolence. It's actually kind of disappointing that almost no one has much by them anywhere. This and that other record are the only ones that I've been able to get. Thanks to Pabst from Am I Mean? for this!




1. Sweet Social Setbacks


2. Zandig, World Traveler
3. Kids Need Clues
4. Poem For Dusty Rhodes
5. Once Again, We Hate Marks
6. Down At The Clubhouse
7. Richard On The Road
8. He Is Rock And Roller!
9. Johnny The Cat Is Running
10. Out Of Lives

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Japanese Comedy Torture Hour - Voltage Monster

Japanese Torture Comedy Hour...great harsh-as-fuck noise. From Scott Hull, no less. Very Impressive. Blast this shit for everyone around you, it'll clear a room in seconds.


1. Total Memory Loss
2. Explosions In Ward 6
3. Black Mathematics
4. Pollination
5. Earth-Sized Microwave
6. Prowler In The Yard
7. Atmospheres

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

V/A Possessed To Skate

So I haven't been doing much lately, been getting ready to move. Here's a great compilation for all you skaters...

Spazz, Charles Bronson, Palatka, Asshole Parade, Pretentious Assholes, Unanswered, and Despise You. Nothing not to like, right? Deal with it for now, bitch...

No track list right now....some of the tracks have more than one song on it, I guess to save space or some shit. Come up with your own excuse.