Friday, May 22, 2009

Henry Fonda - 1st Demo Tape

Henry Fonda is a powerviolence band from Berlin, Germany. They do things. Many things. They've done "floppy disc" splits with the bands Bill Shatnerrr and Ultimate Blowup, a few cassettes, and they have a ton of releases lined up, including some compilations. They also have a heart-shaped 3" mini CD. Sweet!

Check 'em out on myspace!

This demo is pretty kickass. Short as hell, just the way we like it. I think that they still have a few copies available, so people, hit 'em up!


1. Fuck Cops + Crystal Meth Powerviolence
2. Vegan Meatpie a.k.a. Szenebrei
3. Scenester Slaying Trash Muties
4. Fu├čuppercut
5. Manipulation
6. #3
7. #4