Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am going to be working on getting a ton of shit re-organized on this little ol' site o' mine, I'm honestly getting tired of doing it the way I have been (not to mention all those days without any new music updates...sorry). I'd much rather be into letting unknown bands get some extra exposure than just posting stuff I like. So, I'm going to declare/warn you folks right now, a lot of the music on here may disappear. I'm going to put together a giant post with links to the music, so you will still be able to access them, but the posts themselves will die. Some of the music itself will be deleted, either dead links or stuff you can get anywhere, and you don't need my shabby help to find. I've looked at some of the things I've posted since I began and I just want to shed some extra weight. I think that a true DIY attitude and good music are sadly scarce these days, a lot of the time people forming bands not to create good music but to gain bragging rights, lame girlfriends, and social acceptance in lieu of learning to play their instruments. So I say FUCK THAT. It's time....

Commence the reconstruction.