Monday, December 28, 2009

Divets - Fruit Salad EP

Here's one strange change of music for your ears. Some people that come across this don't seem to like it, but whether or not you do is up to you. This is a one-man band, playing drums, guitar, and doing vocals, looping and tweaking everything with effects, creating creepy, psychedelic, off-melodic soundscapes. Even if this stuff isn't your bag, it's definitely some out-there music. The real kicker to this is he plays everything LIVE. There isn't anything that you hear on this EP that you won't hear in person. Extremely experimental (rock? dance? noise? who knows?)

He's on tour soon with the super-shred smurf rock band, Anisette, down the East Coast. Check out the dates and see them in a town near you!!!
1. Doe Eyes Sea Stars
2. Bugs In The Corner
3. Thee Soft Spoken
4. Meadow Modern
5. Licking Leaves on Friday the 13th


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