Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blindside Assault - S/T

Yoyoyo!! Some nice hardcore out of Truro, Nova Scotia. They started around 2005, and broke up sometime in between then and now, but got back together for a reunion show on Dec 28th 2008. I'm pretty sure that they're not together anymore though. They were a three piece, with tight and raw jams, with some catchiness thrown in the mix. Thanks to Andrew for all the Nova Scotian hardcore albums! Look for more Nova Scotian bands up here soon, I got a bunch now!

1. Problems
2. Backfire
3. Drop Out
4. Can't Take The Pressure
5. Death On Display
6. Drug Abuse
7. Take It All Back
8. Devout Christians
9. Instrumental
10. What Could've Been


  1. do you have the cut fuck demo

  2. .. well I don't know about the "cut fuck" demo haha. I have the original demo but it's best left unheard I think.

  3. do you have anything from them?
    thanks a lot

  4. Hey I don't really know where else to post because I'm new to this whole blogspot thing but give my band a listen we were a hardcore powerviolence band from Boston, MA but broke up. I uploaded our discography here

    If you dig it I'd love for you to put us up on here so we can get more posthumous exposure.