Friday, March 27, 2009

The Ultimate Warriors - Wrestling Is Our Gimmick

I asked for a ton of Ultimate Warriors stuff from all of you a little while ago, and a ton of people responded, sending me damn near their entire discography! Although, selfish me, I never shared any of it with you, or even thanked those folks that helped me out. Shit, I'm a selfish bastard, huh?

So, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT HELPED ME OUT! I wouldn't have ever gotten some of this shit if it weren't for you. WHOO!

Now that the sentimental shit is done, this is one ripper of a powerviolence record. No artwork around, but that's how it is with a lot of the one knows, so no one scans. If you've never heard Ultimate Warriors before, think of any of the great powerviolence bands, namely Charles Bronson, Apathetic Ronald McDonald (AxRxMx), xBrainiax, bands in that direction. They had a hilarious obsession with Wrestling, and wore Luchadore masks while playing, capes, shit like that. Their music was full of surprises, like awesome mosh breakdowns, heavy metal guitar parts, grindcore riffs...things o' th' like. They were a great band with a great sense of humor, too. Now, instead of thinking about it, move your mouse over to that download link below, and left click.


1. Bring The Danger
2. Totally Toryumon!
3. In reference To Hardcore Kids
4. Teddy Ruxpin Moshed To Oblivion
5. Wrestling Praise
6. Stop Blocking Vmaas' Shots, Ugly
7. Knee Deep In Barbed Wire
8. Stoker I
9. The Warrior Scene Is In Shape
10. Song About Wrestling
11. The Only Good Mark...
12. Do You Think Sexism Is Wrong? Hey! So Do We!
13. Our Gimmick Is Wrestling
14. Barbs, Bulbs, and Homna
15. Nazareth Streetlight Workout
16. Death Of The Rebel
17. Test Press For Tino
18. Whitman Gives Me Diarrhea Face
19. I Object


  1. Two of the members went on to be professional wrestlers. One wrestles in the promotion called Chikara under the name Ultra Mantis Black. I had him sign my copy of this LP for laughs on Saturday.

  2. hahaha, shit! I didn't know that.

  3. The Ultimate Warriors are The Gatecrashers are Pissed Jeans (pretty much so)...members in many Slogan Boy, the Elated, Pearls & Brass...all great! good luck finding some of the off shoot 7"er's

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  5. wow, i love ultimate warriors, love chikara, and knew sone of them wrestled, but i didn't realise one was Ultra Mantis Black!!! I love that tag team, there promos are so funny.

    By the way you thanked me for the stuff i sent you, so your not as bad as you think, haha.

  6. Here's the cover. I think you have to copy/paste to view it.

  7. i cannot thank you enough for uploading this, i have been trying to find these songs for years.

  8. Can you post the new Apathetic Ronald Mcdonald red 7" please. If you can thanks.

  9. Put up the new AxRxm self titled 7 inch i agree with that.