Thursday, March 12, 2009

V/A Release the Bats: Tribute to the Birthday Party REQUEST

A fuckin' ripper of an album. Three One G put this gem out a year or two before the Queen tribute compilation. The difference between this and the Queen Tribute album, most people that are familiar with Three One G's entourage probably aren't very familiar with the band's songs being covered. Artwork on the album was done by Mark McCoy (Charles Bronson, Das Oath, Holy Molar) and of course good ol' Justin Pearson has his paws all over this shit, seein' as Three One G is his label.

Even still, this one is just as good (if not better; it's all in personal taste, I suppose) as the Queen Tribute, with bands such as Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower with their Swing Kids/jazzcore style, Das Oath with some interesting as usual hardcore, Cattle Decapitation doing a fucking hilarious song (watch the original by The Birthday Party on youtube, and you'll see why it's so funny) and Melt-Banana doing what they do best, which is rock the fucking place with their energetic J-Pop Punk Rock on speed. Also contributing is The Chinese Stars, Ex Models, Get Hustle, Daughters, and Some Girls; plus a ton that I've never heard of until this album.

P.S. The songs may or may not be in this particular order, but all the bands are labeled correctly in the file.


1. Pleasure Heads Must Burn (Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower)
2. Friend Catcher (Das Oath)
3. Deep In The Woods (T Cells)
4. Sonny's Burning (Cattle Decapitation)
5. Blundertown (Year Future)
6. Nick The Stripper (Ssion)
7. Mutiny In Heaven (Ex Models)
8. Riddle House (Les Georges Leningrad)
9. Mr. Clarinet (Rah Bras)
10. Faint Heart (Melt-Banana)
11. Plague (The Chinese Stars)
12. King Ink (Celebration)
13. Junkyard (Kill Me Tomorrow)
14. A Dead Song (Get Hustle)
15. Cry (Numbers)
16. Wild World (Error)
17. Marry Me (Lie Lie) (Daughters)
18. Release The Bats (Some Girls)


  1. Thank you very much for uploading this so quickly. I can't wait to listen to it.

  2. This promises to be a good listen. Thanks!

  3. thank you so much for this, ive been sending this site out to loads of my friends.
    do you have any live birthday party bootlegs? would be much appreciated

  4. Do you have anything by Rah Bras or the Crimson Curse?