Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aerosols 1st 7"

As fast as any bands on the awesome Youth Attack label, fucking ferocious hardcore. Short as hell EP, too. They play a good 3 minutes or so when they play live. I read somewhere that they're finally doing a "full-length," but I can't find where now, and I have a hunch that it just might be the three EPs re-released on a 12" if it's true.

Any new info on this amazing new phenomenon, let me know in some comments!!! I'd like to get a copy of that shit either way.


1. Worthless
2. On The Fence
3. Fuck The Pavement
4. Sanitation
5. Cock History


  1. Thanks for this post, made my night. But, it's too damn short. I'm upset now.

  2. Never come across these before so a big huge thanks dude. Powerful stuff for sure!

  3. Hardcore sweet hardcore, I can't quit you baby