Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unwound - A Single History

My friend just showed me this band, I think that they're pretty good. 90's style alternative rock, every now and then some mathy parts. I know virtually nothing about this band, they have a shitload of material, and this album in particular collects some random songs from singles, compilations, etc. For some reason, this download included the B-side from their 12" EP, "The Light At The End of The Tunnel is a Train," (the song by the same name) But instead of removing it, I decided to keep it in, to give you more of a feel of the band, I suppose. It's a little Sonic-Youthy to me, but that's not really a bad thing. Really just a long noisy jam just over 10 minutes.

I really dig this band, so just try this shiite. It da bomb.


1. Mile Me Deaf
2. Broken E-Strings
3. Totality
4. MK Ultra
5. Seen Not Heard
6. Caterpillar
7. Miserific Condition
8. Everything Is Weird
9. Negated
10. Said Serial
11. Census
12. Plight
13. Stumbling Block
14. Eternalux
15. New Radio Hit
16. Crab Nebula

+ that other track, foos.

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  1. Thanks! Every version of this I've downloaded over the past few years has been incomplete. glad to have the full version.