Saturday, January 10, 2009

Karmesi/Perro Muerto Split CD

Fucking wow. Both of these bands are seriously good, and here I was expecting something completely different. Karmesi sound like an intense and more hardcore Mass Movement Of The Moth/Locust hybrid. Perro Muerto sounds like a cross between D.S.-13 and Los Crudos (I dunno. Close enough) , but with some nice grindy thrashy vocals. Fucking intense split.

Definitely worth your time, especially since it ins't all that long. You can have a nice smoke, listen to this, etc. Fuck Yeah. Everything is really well recorded, with each band doing 3 songs alternating.


1. Raptor (Karmesi)
2. Guerra En Las Calles (Perro Muerto)
3. Decodefecant (Karmesi)
4. Agua De Pileta De Cementerio (Perro Muerto)
5. Amok (Karmesi)
6. Mata A Un Emo (Perro Muerto)


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