Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tomsk-7/Idi Amin Split 7"

Ok, quite a long time ago someone wanted me to track down some more Tomsk-7 stuff. Here's the only other thing I've been able to find other than their split with Boris and a few compilation tracks, and I think that may be all that they ever did, aside from maybe a demo. But Jesus Christ, this is one doozy of a split. Tomsk-7 rip all over this fucking thing, and Idi Amin follow up with some fast-as-fuck hardcore. Sweet.



1. Last Impression
2. Your Demise
3. Ejaculation Through Mutilation
4. Embedded
5. 3 Strikes (You're Dead)


6. Sweetpig
7. Crash Of The Ole '68 (Redneck Kamikaze)
8. Traitors
9. Biodegrade
10. To The Extreme
11. Circle A

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  1. hey dude. check the comments of that IW/AN post for the Agoraphobic side.