Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ultimate Warriors - '99 Cassette

BWAAAAAAAAAAH! An amazing powerviolence band from Pennsylvania, and one of my all-time favorites. Not very good quality, seeing as this is just a demo, and I'm pretty sure that it was just a recorded live set.

The liner notes say that it was recorded at "Dan's House" (I'm assuming that it's one of their friends) in Bethlehem, PA. It's a demo of rerecorded previously released songs, comp. tracks, and stuff off of their upcoming full-length at the time. 16 tracks in all, but only one track for it. I didn't separate them on this one, either. Thanks a lot to "BRAD BRAINS" for sending this to me in the first place. Fucking sick shit, dude!

All of them one tracks:

1. Knee Deep In Barbed Wire
2. What Do You Think of the USA Now
3. Getting Oldberg
4. Out With The Old
5. Wine, Women, and Wrestleviolence
6. Fuckly Lost the Edge
7. Nazo Youth Crew II
8. Spirit of 77?
9. Nazo Skate Anthem
10. 1gainst All Anarchy
11. Title Your Songs, Asshole
12. Walk Tall, Walk Straight (Crippled Youth)
13. If You Knew Anything About Wrestling, You'd Hate Ric Flair Too
14. O.W.N
15. I Guess Grindcore is out and Emo is the Cool Thing Again
16. Biggest Bump Ever


  1. By any chance can you get the complete In these Black Days A tribute to Black Sabbath


  2. No Problem! The best black sabbath tribute album of all time!