Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Is Here Demo

No pic, as far as I know. Apparently these guys were around like 5 years ago, and broke up after only a few shows. They just started up again recently, and put out this 5 song demo. The entire thing starts off with their track "America," which, to me, at least, is definitely the best fucking song on here. It's fast and hard-hitting, with sarcastic lyrics to boot. These guys fucking floor, and I'm always so happy to get demos e-mailed to me that don't suck. Only 5 songs, but keep checking them out on their myspace. Be friendly, be pen pals.

Oh yeah, there's a lyrics sheet in the file too, so now you can have a Fall Is Here karaoke kegger.


1. America
2. Corpse Like Blue
3. Pizza Lovers vs. Religious Enthusiasts
4. Red Eyes
5. Beat Down

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